Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Why We Can't Kill Off Kim

Looking at a nuke ... not a real one as standing that close would be dangerous. 

Kim jong un plays the media. He releases pictures knowing that foreign governments will be pouring over every detail to not just name everyone but to also to get clues on whether or not the weapons he looks at are real. 

North Korea has issues. They hate the Japs because the Japs invaded them and ruled over them from 1910 - 1945. Japan has few natural resources while Korea has plenty. Japanese rule was harsh and brutal because well the Japs are just cunts at heart ... hey it took TWO nukes to make them surrender. 

Korean comfort women 

Korean farmers had to pay half their crop as rent to the Japanese landlords and Korean tenants often had to send their wives and daughters to work in factories or as prostitutes in order to pay taxes. In 1939 the Japs banned Korean family names and made them adopt Japanese names.

These guys all look the same to me. 

Shit like this isn't easy to forget. North Korea doesn't have any diplomatic ties with Japan while the South has some but only because they share a common foe. South Korea does that thing kids do, they might be in the same room but they'll say to the Americans, please tell Japan this and this rather than tell them themselves.

Kim jong un is a fucken pussy magnet

 After WWII and freedom from the Japs, north and south Korea formed with separate governments. Both sides thought they both had a claim to the whole Korean peninsula. North Korea aligned themselves with Soviet Russia and Communist China so went total darkside. 

The north invaded the south. The US along with UN nations came to the aid of the south and pushed the north Koreans back up north. 

The Chinese panicked because having US forces so close to the Chinese border and the potential for a peninsula ruled by the south and helped out by the US they attacked. Russia helped out the North Koreans with equipment and weapons. 

The US flattened North Korea. Thanks to China getting involved no one won and a ceasefire was called. The US helped re-build the south. Today there are around 30,000 US troops in South Korea. 

This is why North Korea hates the US. I'm sure they hate the UK, Canada, Australia, France etc but their real hatred is for the US. Nationalism and a military slant has kept that hatred alive for generations in North Korea. 

Today along the 148 mile DMZ there are 10,000 artillery pieces pointing south. Many of them are in range of Seoul. About half of South Korea's 50 million population lives in that area. 

It has been calculated that in the first hour of attack 500, 000 rounds would be fired then the ground troops sent in. The US with its much hyped THAAD missiles would not be able to prevent a substantial loss of life. There would also be missiles fired at Japan too. 

 South Koreans guarding a ....

The north would not last long in a war but again China needs that buffer zone from US friendly nations so yet again they might help NK. 

Twitter has some North Korean trends as Kim tested a nuke again, many people are saying how SEAL team 6 should assassinate Kim. 

All those people in Seoul is why the US cannot do anything like that. If the US attacks NK China will help them again. If Kim has a brain fart and hits Guam by mistake then China might not help NK. 

If North Korea was defeated and flattened again I wonder if the Chinese would swoop in and annex a large chunk of NK to have as a buffer zone.   

It's easier to negotiate with nations before they get nukes. This is why a dialogue with Iran is necessary but Putin's puppet in the White House is against that since it's what Obama did.  

All the US can do is test missiles and do drills in response to Kim jong un. He holds all the cards and is the one that decides how far things will go.     

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