Monday, 25 September 2017

Watching The World Burn

The mainstream media doesn't cover world leaders and other superior beings looking through binoculars, what are they trying to hide? Old Knudsen will cover this as well as some history that has a modern day application to it.

Since the 1960's North Korea has had good links with Syria. Back in mid 2000's many NK officials traveled to Syria often secretly for unknown purposes. Kim jong-il the really funny looking dude as opposed to his son Kim jong-un the un-funny looking dude was helping Syria build a nuclear reactor.

NK had also helped Syria in its wars against Israel and in 2016 there were reports of NK soldiers fighting for Assad ... NK has the 5th largest standing army in the world so they can spare troops. NK has backed the Palestinians for years against Israel as they do not recognize it as a state.

    It's not anti-semitic to call Bibi a cunt cos the man is a cunt

Old Knudsen can't tell you much details as it is still classified but when he was or wasn't at Langley teaching Americans the latest EIT's ... enhanced interrogation techniques to you civvies. I made learning fun by using yon Sexy back song and The hips don't lie, sorry can't tell you anymore but when Old Knudsen is wiggling it then the students are learning it ... my catchphrase.   

Some friends it was Israel from another nation came to us with photos taken inside a building in the  Deir ez-Zor region of Syria. It's in the middle of nowhere and we couldn't be sure what was going on but the photos showed us North Koreans and what looked like a nuclear reactor being built.

We studied the satellite images and could see they were putting the massive water cooling pipes underground rather than have towers so it could only be one thing. A nuclear reactor does not necessarily mean it's been used to make weapons though but it wouldn't be long.
Bush didn't want to try to bomb it or to send in a team in case they fucked up or got caught. He wanted to let Syria know we were onto him and to shame him into letting in inspectors.

UN Israeli troops 
If the US destroyed the big hut that looked like a Wal-Mart in the desert then Syria would retaliate. Dirty foreigners really really dislike Americans bombing them ... no idea why.

Bush was thinking about his ever falling approval rating but Cheney wanted to go in. If they sent a team in they could blow it up and Syria would be able to save face by saying it was an accident but if the US got caught then Syria would have to fight back.

Foreign policy is all about doing what you want but avoiding getting bogged down in a war. It took Bush 2 wars to figure that out.

Iran is in Syria's position today

When these cray nations get nukes then it is more difficult in dealing with them and trying to come to a peaceful agreement. Obama got Iran to give up its nuke ideas but that has gone now with Trump in charge. 

Israel didn't like the weak position the US was going to go with. They only shared Intel to give them other options but the US was hesitating. 

September 2007 Israeli special-forces commandos went in to highlight the target then Syrian radar was jammed and at least 4 Israeli planes went into Syrian airspace and bombed the fuck out of the place.

Can't tell you anymore without a level 8 clearance ... sorry.

The official Sana news agency said 15 Syrian military personnel were killed and it is thought that 10 of them were North Korean scientists. There wasn't much military personal at the site as they didn't want to draw attention to it so it makes sense that they were North Korean. 

Using Turkey as a bridge to pass on messages Israel told Syria they were willing to let this be the end of it if Syria was willing to let it drop.   

There was a media blackout of the event for 7 months. Syria complained to the UN but did not take military action, NK condemned Israel of course. That is how to do it but you need big balls and crazy Israelis who do have nukes. 

Now we have the chubby rocket man who has a nuclear reactor and nukes that he probably hasn't been able to put onto missiles ... yet. 

Trump and Kim are bitching at each other and Trump is putting the fat baby into a corner. It's reported that China has told some banks to stop trading with NK and considering China makes up 84% of NK's trade then this is serious ... if China is really doing that of course. 

  Trump can't do eclipse glasses never mind binoculars 

Everything Trump touches turns to shit. The only reason he's making gains against ISIS in Syria is because 1) they know where ISIS are 2) they have given up on trying to avoid killing civilians and 3) Russia are there too. ISIS were on the back foot from Obama's time anyways so thanks Obama, it took you long enough once you stopped messing about arming rebels in yer proxy war.  

Trump doesn't understand diplomacy never mind foreign diplomacy. He's the ultimate ugly American abroad. You can't run a nation like a business, a president works for the people not the other way round. You can't treat other nations like underlings even if they do depend on your trade that just isn't cool. 

Obama might have been a civvie but he wore the clothes well once he got rid of the mom jeans. NK was sending up the odd missile to test now that amount has tripled and there is a war of words going on with the US showing off military might in several displays of impotent rage. Every time Trump spends thousands for a NK bomber fly by lil Kim laughs. 

China is sitting there saying, oh we your friend we help you ... yeah like I trust them. The last thing that China wants is South Koreans or Americans right next door to them. There are limits to what China will let the US do to NK. 

Bush only attacked nations that didn't have nukes. 

Al-Qaeda hiding in Pakistan? The whole giving shelter to terrorists doesn't count on that one, lets give them millions of dollars instead. 

Hillary didn't mind getting her noccars out.

Pence let his daughters look at NK because seeing people far away up close scared him. 

No honey you go ahead and look I'm happy enough just squinting .... but dad it isn't witchcraft it's just binoculars ... I'll just stand here with a secure soul you go ahead and look. 

Everyone else has looked sir even Barry from the Secret Service, do you want to look now? .... has that guy had a look? .... he's North Korean sir .... well he looks Chinese are you sure? 

Are you sure this won't steal my soul like a Republican stealing healthcare from the people just to mess up those blue states? ... um it's safe sir but could you smile? ... I am smiling. Only homosexuals or sinfulsexuals as I call em smile.    

Someone is always watching

I did not invade Ukraine or Georgia. I did not hack or influence any nations and the Trump campaign offered us information when all we wanted to talk about were adoptions for liddle cute orphans.   

Wikileaks? ... I don't know where they get their stuff from we are just poor victims of western persecution. Oh bring me the head of Morgan Freeman, I shall teach him about the consequences of free speech. 

Brits look silly with binoculars they only use them at the horse races or to enjoy seeing a fox ripped apart by hounds ... such jolly good fun. 

Boris Johnson always looks silly. He has glasses that show him the future, they tell him such pretty things .... I can lie and not be held accountable for them and I'll be rewarded by becoming Prime Minister ... a modern Churchill.  

I was born in the US so unlike Churchill who was half American by his mother but born in Britain I could become President if I wanted too. I'm old fashioned and racist just like Churchill. I'm fat and a bit of a bumbler which endears me to the public so I'd be loved like Churchill was. Some say I lie but I don't I merely mis-speak it's politics biatches! 

Johnson is only like Churchill in his wet dreams. The people turned on Churchill several times and he did some major fuck ups but he's the greatest Briton of all time while Johnson will always be a twat.   
Where have all the decent leaders gone? Did we even have them before or do they only seem better because the ones right now are fucking up everything to excess? 

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