Wednesday, 6 September 2017

The Secret War

Sonic cannons are real and being used around the world and even on the streets of the US. They emit high-power sound waves can disrupt or destroy the eardrums and can cause pain and disorientation.

This technology has been around since the 90's and is used as a non-lethal method of crowd control as seen at the G20 summit in Pittsburgh and at Standing Rock in South Dakota.  

Some ships use them to deter pirates. The frequency causes vibrations that disturb your vision or on a lower setting can cause nausea or discomfort. Like the microwave ones that slightly cook people so they do not want to be there. 

As per usual the US makes this stuff and then years later Russia and China create their own knock off versions. 

The US Embassy in  Cuba reopened in 2015 when Obama helped heel heal diplomatic relations. Of course many are against this as Cuba has always been the bad guy in league with the Soviets and too close to the US for comfort. 

In late 2016 some US embassy officials complained of feeling ill and had a loss of hearing. In May the US expelled 2 Cuban diplomats in retaliation. 

Trump will believe foreign agents are using ray guns on Americans but disbelieves foreign agents helped get him elected.  
Cuba has an obligation through the Geneva Convention to protect foreign diplomats they always know the every move of Americans using their intelligence agency the Intelligence Directorate some times known as DI or G2. It is thought that around 15,000 people work for DI. 

The homes the foreign diplomats are living in  are owned and maintained by the Cuban government. 18 people including spouses have been affected by this attack. 

Cuba denies all involvement in any sonic attack and there is a theory that a third party possibly those pesky Russians might be the ones responsible . 

DI have always had a close working relationship with the KGB so are we really to believe they don't know what's going on? Looks like plausible deniability to me.  

Cuba, Russia, Iran and China are also some of the US rivals attempting to influence an outcome that suits them in near by Venezuela which explains why that nation has recently become another enemy to the US. 

If the US and Cuba are getting along then that upsets some people and their plans. The main people that it upsets is Russia and for some reason Putin puppet Donald Trump isn't on board with good US-Cuban relations either.  

Trump has done business in Cuba despite the embargo. He used loop holes and charity groups in order to make his money. Embargo means less US competition in Cuba so an open field for him. He has gone about undoing all of Obama's good work in Cuba under the guise of being tough with these murderous Commies.   

If Obama made a law that made locating and convicting pedos easier Trump would undo it, he isn't fooling anyone he's just a petty fuck wad. 

This secret war continues. Hacks, strange sudden deafness, career diplomats dropping dead and warships having collisions. The kind of creativity that was seen during the Cold War. 

The divisive nature of right wing Bible bashing politics goes in favour of Putin. He doesn't want strong nations he wants nations at each other's throats. belittling minorities, making people less free because your scripture says so won't make anything great again.      

The man who has been on the Iron Throne for 17 years is laughing at us. All his plans are being realized and so many fine patriots are helping him achieve his goals and don't even know it. 

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