Monday, 11 September 2017

The CIA Will Turn On You Eventually

The CIA have always been sneaky buggers. They monitor, influence and shape foreign powers to benefit the United States of America.

Probably the most important of all the agencies as it is them that have contact with all those dirty foreigners types across the world.

While American snowflakes can cry outrage at Russians hacking their election you can be sure that the CIA have done this many times before but that doesn't count because it's um outside of the US.

Like Obama's drone strikes. He was such a good president, yeah good at killing civilians that weren't American. We'll just ignore that shall we ... and how he collected data on Americans.

Remember that the US (sometimes with the help of the Brits) has meddled in 81 foreign elections including Russia and Ukraine so Brexit, Trump, this would be karma.

With the CIA we shall free Tibet! 

In the 1950's the CIA trained Tibetans at Camp Hale in the Rocky mountains and at Camp Peary in Virginia to be terrorists guerrillas to liberate Tibet from the Chinese. Over a 5 year period 259 Tibetans passed through those camps.
That doesn't sound like a lot to take on the massive Chinese military .... don't be silly, it was just to annoy and to keep the Chinese busy, the only ones that didn't know that were the resistance fighters.

America did what it's famous for and made a deal in order to have diplomatic relations with China and cut off supplies to the fighters. Yep left them high and dry.

As if the US was interested in freeing Tibet, they just didn't like the Chinese having it but didn't want to fight over it, like Ukraine I suppose.

Didn't have a pic for Albania so fuck em, here is a hot chick instead. 

Then there was the Free Albania movement in the late 1940's. The CIA backed rebels to overthrow the Communist government led by Enver Halil Hoxha. The rebels thought the goal was to topple that regime but the CIA stopped helping them in the final moments and after 1954 (Stalin died in 53) they couldn't be arsed and moved onto other things, those rebels having fought for nothing were left high and dry.

Don't forget the Bay of Pigs in 1961. When you think about it the CIA are kinda shite.

Reagan's mates the Tallyban, that was a CIA success story. Remember when Bush snr stopped short of toppling Saddam in 91? Like Albania all over again and the Kurds were left high and dry.

That great president Obama had a hard on for overthrowing Assad. Not because he is a bad hombre but to weaken Russia and Iran by fucking up the Middle East even more.

Obama got $500 million from Congress to arm and train militants to fight Assad. That's $500 mil in US tax payer money ... it's like 3 of Trump's golf weekends or something.

The CIA used a private company called Purple Shovel LLC  to buy weapons from Belarus.

Belarus had sanctions on them for human rights violations and for selling weapons to Assad but this one time the US government said you can buy 700 anti-tank missiles ... Obama may not have tweeted like a toddler but he was dodgy as fuck.

Straighten up and get that retard look from your face, I want to see your war face

So that $500 million program, after 8 months it had trained 60 fighters. Some of them along with their commander Col. Nadim al-Hassan were captured by the Jabhat al-Nusra group ... awkward!

Not long after that it was confirmed that only 4 - 5 US trained militants were fighting ISIS.

Doesn't anyone ask to see receipts anymore? What was that really about and where did the money go? Was it to enable the US to fight a proxy war within Syria? Trump put an end to those plans. The program to arm rebels was an Obama thing so .... undo it!

If Obama had the cure for cancer Trump would throw it out. All those turkeys that Obama pardoned every Thanksgiving .... all slaughtered now.

Trump also intends on getting rid of abortion and same sex marriage, incest will be legal within consenting families daddy always knows best ask Ivanka and he plans on swapping back Sgt Bergdahl to the Tallyban for a better deal which cost 5 top level Tallyban prisoners and $988,400.

Trump knows about deals ... especially settling out of court but we won't get into that FAKE NEWS!

The CIA have done so much damage and have made so many enemies. They'll turn on you eventually. Expresslane is a program developed by the Office of Technical Service which is a dept within the CIA. OTS developed Expresslane to spy on the other agencies like the FBI, DHS and the NSA.

While sharing some Intel is routine if it crosses into their domain but the Intel community is a paranoid suspicious lot and rightly so. Expresslane was physically put onto computers as a fake upgrade but what it really did was help themselves to whatever bio-metric data those agencies had on Americans.

Get bio-metrics done for a passport or to get welfare guess what? The CIA got it. No wonder they are all paranoid.

Back in the real world that most Americans aren't interested in learning about. The CIA are propping up US friendly fighters and governments. All to stop the growth of the likes of Russia and Iran not because they believe in freedom.

The CIA are also one of the world's biggest buyer of the AK-47. All the war torn countries have been flooded with them for years. While ISIS will take the equipment from the Iraqi soldiers or from the $500 million program, other groups prefer the Russia weapons so then it isn't so obviously they are getting help from the CIA.      

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