Monday, 18 September 2017

Is Donald Trump A White Supremacist?

Jemele Hill a presenter on the failing ESPN channel tweeted that "Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself w/ other white supremacists"

The US is famous for its freedom of speech ... unless it offends too many people that is. Sarah Huckabee Sanders the slack jawed dead eyed White House lie defender called for Hill to be fired. Sanders was then slapped with an ethics complaint. 

  Remove the head or destroy the brain

Sanders said it was ridiculous because she loves ethic people and in fact has a black friend. Osama, Obama no Omarosa that's it and she works at the White House. No one is sure what she does there but Kelly wants rid of her as she keeps trying to get into top level meetings ... the fucken racist eh. 

The right wing went nuts and nearly broke the Internet. Hill said she was sorry if her tweet caused trouble for her employer but didn't apologize for calling Trump a white supremacist. 
Many of the rocket scientists from the Trump side compared Hill to Curt Schilling. Schilling they said was fired from ESPN for being a Conservative ... wrong! He was fired for being a douchebag. Schilling had been warned by ESPN several times for his political statements and was eventually fired for a meme that slammed Transgender people and the bathrooms they use.   

Trump has been called a racist, white supremacist and Nazi but is he? If you say he is his supporters will demand proof from you. Links to video clips that have him announcing he's a white supremacist. 

The thing is that if a video of that existed they would find some excuse as to why it's ok or just say it was Liberal lies and he's just proud of being white. Lets face it folks it's awesome, the privilege gets us all sorts of free stuff and not killed by the cops. 

You can't reason with people that have poor critical thinking. I've told them: A person that fucks a dog is a dog fucker ... you don't have to have them tell you they are a dog fucker or to put it onto a t-shirt or something because they fuck dogs. 

Trump's father was arrested at a KKK rally that turned violent. Trump himself was charged with refusing to rent to black people ... TWICE! He demanded the death penalty for the Central Park 5 who were all ethnic, he took out whole page adverts in newspapers calling for execution. 

The 5 teenagers were wrongfully convicted for rape serving 6 - 13 years. Even after DNA cleared them Trump denounced their $40 million settlement.   

For years Trump accused Obama of being Kenyan born and when the birth certificate was produced he called it a fake. Trump has even called Obama a racist. 

When Trump was asked about getting an endorsement from David Duke and white supremacists he pretended to not know who Duke was and pretended not to know anything about white supremacy. 

He had mentioned Duke years previously and a 70 year-old not knowing what white supremacy was? .. bullshit!

Even the boy wizard Harry Potter knows what white supremacy is and he's British. It is thought that Potter went through depression after suffering from EDL, not even magic spells could get his wand up. He now blames Jewish sorcerers because well, they run everything. 

Trump has given the benefit of the doubt to racists but instantly condemns people that go against them, very odd huh? 

Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio targeted Hispanics even after the Supreme court told him not to.  America's Toughest Sheriff which should really be the most cruelest Sheriff. 
He set up a tent city for prisoners that he described as a concentration camp and when they complained about the 110 °F melting their shoes he told them to suck it up as soldiers in Iraq were in 120 °F and they hadn't done any crimes. 

Rapes and pedo cases went un-investigated if the crimes were against immigrants. This was the guy that Trump pardoned and holds in high esteem. 

Sheriff David Clarke who is a white man trapped in a black man's body may join Trump's team as a token ... watch out Carson you may be surplus to requirement. 

He likes his tokens

Clarke has also tortured prisoners like  Arpaio which resulted in the death of one inmate who was denied water for 6 days and the death of a newborn baby. Clarke has called for a suspension of habeas corpus, he has labeled Black Live Matter as racist and is probably a great fit for the Trump admin. 

Then of course there is Bannon who edits the Neo-Nazi Breitbart News and Gorka who is a dumb as dirt security analyst with ties to an anti-Semitic Hungarian political party. Both Introduced to Trump by shady billionaire Robert Mercer both fired but not because they were bigots. 

White supremacy: 

'The belief that white people are superior to those of all other races, especially the black race, and should therefore dominate society.'

Trump certainly surrounds himself with these people. They claim to not be racist but only want the advancement of the white race, a concept which they don't see as being racist at all. They play the victim and yell about perceived threats from ethnic groups. Immigrants want our jobs, illegal aliens are rapists, Muslims from everywhere except Saudi Arabia want to kill us, Jews want to replace us. 

So therefore white people need help to survive ... nope, not racist at all. 

Talking to Don Lemon about Mexican immigrants. 

So not having come out and said that he hates ethnic people we have to judge him by his words and actions. He has supported that mind set and the people that have it. He has rewarded and protected bigots. 

When he had the job of denouncing Neo-Nazis at Charlottesville ... one of whom if you remember killed Heather Heyer. It's fucken easy to denounce them as no one should be able to say anything nice about Nazis right? They are the ultimate bad guy of history. 

No he stood up for the Nazis because they have a right to freedom of speech and had a permit for their rally ... unlike those evil Liberals that turned up to get killed and cause trouble. 

Americans are hypocritical when it comes to the Constitution. They ignore all the well armed militia shit as that looks like hard work and just demand guns by screaming shall not be infringed upon. So why not pick and choose about free speech? They are already doing it with Jemele Hill. 

Nazis should not have their words heard. We know what they say and what they think and they are fucktards. Free speech but with some common sense for fucks sake. 

The Jews won't replace them but they will own their image in photographs, well played the Jews.

Don't go hurting yourself by looking for those nice people just out to quietly protest the removal of pro-slavery statues. I've looked at photos and video and failed to find any fine people on the Nazi side but there were plenty on the anti-fascist side. 

Back in my day the president would pin medals on your chest for fighting Nazis, now he tells you off 
because Nazi Lives Matter. 

It says a lot when white supremacists and Neo-Nazis are attracted to your politics and ideas. In Germany their WWII shame is so great that it's illegal to deny the Holocaust and to fly Nazi flags, that's why many Neo-Nazis there use Confederate flags. 

There isn't an issue with the removal of Nazi statues, they were happily destroyed when Germany lost the war. No one said 'how can we learn history if you remove our Nazi statues?' ... what an idiot line of reasoning, statues are propaganda not historical records. Crack open a history book ya mongo. 

Trump enables white supremacists, he emboldens Nazis so they feel confident enough to steal their mom's tiki torches and march in the streets. He's a racist apologist and they return the favor by making excuses for him ... oh just locker room talk or stop focusing on what he says so much you really do make a big deal out of nothing. 

He has stopped short of declaring hatred for ethnic people but his actions and what he wants to do (travel ban, deporting Dreamers) all point to it. Would a person that wasn't a white supremacist put so much effort into trying to rid the country of brown people? 

His tacit support for these groups, for these people certainly do indicate that he is a Nazi sympathizer
and is a white supremacist so therefore a racist. Racism isn't just drunken rants from your creepy old uncle it can also be racism when you don't challenge it when it's done or when you turn a blind eye to it or share racist jokes. Knowing a black person and being nice to their face doesn't override you being bigoted elsewhere, it just means you are a two faced coward. 


Donald Trump is a White Supremacist!

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