Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Democracy Get Over It

After wrecking the UK he helped out with the US

Ben Franklin wrote ~ "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch ... Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote."

Populism is politics for people that don't got the smarts as good as what we do. It's some outsider relating to the average pleb and supporting their world view and more or less just sharing in their whining and discontent. 

People like to moan and whine it kinda brings folk together. Look at the weather ... oh I know it's awful ... and the Jews are running everything too ... don't get me started on 'those' people. 

Brexit and Trump's election campaign focused on demonizing foreigners 

Talking to a Brexitard or a Trumptard is like yelling at the TV when Farage or Trump are on making speeches. You don't get anywhere, get ignored and hear the same old tired lines over and over. 

You just get angry and switch off ... mute or block if on social media. 

You lost ... get over it! ... it's called Democracy ... get over it! ... then the insults and rude words begin. Old Knudsen isn't a Liberal but he's been called a Libtard plenty of times for taking an anti-Brexit and anti-Trump stance. He's just anti-douchebag and dislikes bullies.

Now he puts tard in the names just so there isn't any confusion as to who he means. 

It's the same as the line that was popular during Bush's terms, "America, love it or leave it."

Adopted by the right to insult the nasty Liberals but originally it was said to American Nazi sympathizers who were protesting for the US to stay out of WWII.  

If you loved America would you not stick around no matter how bad it was in the hopes to make it better? Running away or putting your head in the sand achieves nothing. 

Same old tired memes

Old Knudsen can't get over Brexit because he isn't a racist and doesn't believe the British to be that special or smart enough to make it on their own anymore. We've been kicked out of more countries than you've had hot dinners for fucks sake. 

He understands how the world works because he's been around. He doesn't travel to other countries to get pissed for 2 weeks then returns home and starts saving for next year, he learns shit. 

The devolved governments of Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain in the EU. That didn't matter because England and Wales outnumbered them. 

So then you hear Theresa May's words ... the UK as a whole voted to leave ... no it didn't. We aren't a whole any other time so why are you starting now? 

Why should some chav in London dictate the actions of Belfast or Edinburgh? They've probably never been to either and they think we're all Irish in Northern Ireland anyways. Lets give some ned in Glasgow the power to rule over England why don't we. 

Only separated by a couple of hundred miles but each have their own attitudes, cultures and problems. Don't get me started on the dialects. 

David Cameron ranted on about only the English should make decisions on English matters as The Scottish MP's were annoying their plans to frak and privatize everything. Should that not apply to Northern Irish and Scottish matters too? 

Northern Ireland has the only land border with an EU country (Republic of Ireland) and then there is the whole terrorism thing ... our English overlords don't give a fuck and are poorly educated on our situation but can cast a vote for our future. 

That's like taking a test on a subject you have heard of but were never interested enough to study up on. 

Physics ... I had an aunt that could read tea leaves and she had tarrot cards ... wha? 

Both Brexit and Trump wanted to take their country back. Back from the immigrants their news outlets and leaders have told them are swarming over the border to rape everyone in the ass and steal their jobs. If an immigrant with no qualifications that can't speak English can take your job then it was going to go to a trained monkey eventually anyways. 

Old Knudsen has found immigrants to be harder working than locals and in the US he himself was an immigrant and only ass raped those that wanted it. He did the jobs Americans didn't want to do until their economy got bad enough then they played the old I gave your jobs to an American friend/relative that needed the money .... well fuck you! 

You can work harder and be more honest than everyone else in the room but sometimes that isn't enough. 

There is no take back our country. You can't time travel back to when everyone was white and you had jobs for life. Things have changed ... get over it! 

Populism is a tool that invokes your rose tinted memories and blames others for destroying your dreams. Farage went to pubs and drank pints ... the Queen Mother did that too it's the British way of saying, 'we're all barely functioning alcoholics together' the US has alcohol issues and never fully got over Prohibition. 

US politicians put on blue shirts instead of white to suggest working class and elegantly eat food on sticks just like average Americans do. 

The reason why Bernie Sanders supporters can't get over his loss is because they are fucken pussies angry that the DNC suppressed him in favour of putting Hillary forward. They all like Game of Thrones but not in real life. 

The reason why Hillary supporters can't get over her loss is because she got nearly 3 million more votes than Trump and was expected to win. 

The US is a Republic as the original Founding Fathers didn't trust the people to vote for the right person so you have the Electoral College deciding the winner. 

The populist method is merely to trick the gullible voter. We're with you, we understand your anger, you have been ignored and forgotten well vote for me and everything will be perfect cos we'll be in charge... you'll be in charge.
What populism uses is a seething undercurrent of nationalism and authoritarianism. Before you know it you have flag waving Nazis walking the streets like they own them. 

You have the we white people Brits/Americans are awesome! The best nation ever! Everyone wants to be us and to trade with us! 

The low and working class are emboldened, someone has heard their cries. Promises get made everyday and they feel like winners. All the while rights and healthcare get taken away but if the politicians have done their jobs right they'll have the voter hating those things. 

Healthcare, the right to privacy, employment regulations to protect employees ... sounds like things Liberals/Commies/Socialists/Europeans want. 

Remember when the government wanted Captain America to register for Amazon Prime or something? He heard the words of Peggy Carter telling him: 

"Compromise where you can. And where you can’t, don’t. Even if everyone is telling you that something wrong is something right, even if the whole world is telling you to move. It is your duty to plant yourself like a tree, look them in the eye and say, no. You move."

When a Nazi tiki bro tells me to move I say NO! When an ill-informed Brexitard tells me to get over it I say NO!

"Never Give In, Never, Never, Never ... Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy."

"Do not mistake majority for truth."

Democracies don't always work.When you have populism and other modern phenomenon influencing your views, opinions and what you think are facts then being an average voter not interested in the details makes them a pawn to achieve the candidate's agenda. 

The Weimar Republic didn't work well in 1930's Germany and that type of election campaign that made Hitler so successful keeps getting used today. From Obama in 2008 'Hope and Change' to Brexit 'leave, breaking pointand numerous others to May's lame 'Strong and Stable' to Trump's 'Make Germany America Great Again' and every time the people still fall for it. 

You can't get over it because it's never ending. You can give up and let them win ... nah, fuck em! 

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