Monday, 4 September 2017

Action Not Empty Words

There is so much going on in the world and so much we just either don't hear about or scroll past. As Crowded House said in Don't dream it's over: 'In the paper today tales of war and of waste but you turn right over to the T.V. page'. 

'I'm sick of hearing about politics, I just want kittens and to ignore bad things'.

And that is how the bad guy wins. 

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD which makes secretive government agencies cool again have had several political in jokes which have gone on into pop culture thanks to social media. One character turned evil has a female lead beaten up for torture and he says, "nevertheless she persisted" a shout out to Elizabeth Warren when she wouldn't do as she was told by the angry old white dudes.

Another has a slimy Fox News type host offering to take a female co-worker out to furniture shop, a shout out to Trump and his pussy grabbing chat up lines.

The show Timeless had a ranting Senator McCarthy who was very Trump like.

Salvation, a show about an asteroid on collision course with Earth has a female president. To mix it up they've made her ill and her staff are hiding the fact. Her judgement is lacking and others are moving in for a slow moving coup as it was called. She fires the head of defense and the new guy she asks for his loyalty. In an obvious shout out to Comey he offers his honesty instead.

Hollywood Liberals reminding us that fact and fiction can some times merge. If only the heroes that TV has could be a real thing. If only they didn't have to become martyrs to become heroes that inspire  us to be better like Jo Cox or Heather Heyer.

    These guys were anti-fascist 

Black Lives Matter became demonized and now so has Antifa. It seems that if you fight back against injustice the other side makes you the bad guys. They on the other hand can say and do whatever they want but if the protesters do it they get jumped on as mean liberals and also get called fascist too.

Are the US soldiers fascists because they shot fascists? This line of bad reasoning never holds up.

Looting and burning places down are not sanctioned by these groups, you'll always get some trouble makers or others trying to cast blame on them. The Sons of Liberty went blackface and wore Native American type clothes to throw tea into the Boston harbor in 1773.

Sometimes violence is the only answer, see the War of Independence or even WWII for examples of that. Evangelists talking about civil war if Trump gets impeached. The Reverend Ian Paisley used to say that Northern Ireland was on the brink of civil war for years ... um we were having a civil war at the time.

They've seen too many movies with large armies facing each other on the field of battle when in reality it's blokes in cars doing drive by shootings or blowing shit up. These good Christians and their war talk haven't thought through the fact that there will be death on BOTH sides.

The Bundy's in Oregon were all set for armed rebellion against the government until the government forces turned up with their guns then they wimped out and cried on Youtube about being homesick.

Reality for people that have never been tested in life.

If you aren't anti-fascist then you are pro-fascist. If you condemn violence against fascism then may be your heart or sense of reality isn't in it. If it can be done by peaceful protest then good but MLK, Gandhi, Mandela .... there was violence, not directly by them but it was that which furthered their causes.  

      Giant checks can't be cashed BTW

Trump got out of paying taxes for 2 decades and he thought that was smart. I bet he thinks giving away money is dumb. He claims to be a billionaire but has only given $7.8 million at the most to charity and that was since the 80's. 

2008 - 2016 he has had plenty of contact with charities but has only donated less than $10,000 and that was to the Police Athletic League of New York City in 2009.
He does what rich people like Zuckerberg does, he donates to those that can help him. His own Donald J Trump Foundation is used to renovate his own properties or pay $7 to register his oldest son as a Boy Scout.

He pledges money but never shows it was paid and obviously the charities don't want to piss him off just in case. His alleged $5 mil for vets wasn't paid out in full. After months of media shaming he paid out bits and pieces to various small groups.

Pledging and giving money isn't the same. Sandra Bullock is donating $1 million, Miley Cyrus is donating $500,000 and many other stars are stepping up and you KNOW they will pay it.

I'm so generous ... but that kids with cancer charity, I only like kids that don't get sick

Trump is like that person that says, sure I'll help you with that problem it's no big deal for me. You sigh a big sigh and thank them profusely for helping you out of a jam then organize a day that suits them. 

The day comes and they don't turn up. You call and when you eventually get them they make up some excuse and get angry that you called them. 

Do they agree for the buzz of being a hero for a few seconds as you thank them? Having been burned by these kind of people Old Knudsen only promises to do things that he intends on doing. It has become one of his many issues. 

Don't touch them Melania the water isn't clean

Like Joel Osteen being shamed on social media to open his church for hurricane Harvey victims, "I would have opened my doors if the city of Houston had asked me to" .... several mosques didn't wait to do the right thing and opened days ago. Even a furniture store opened its doors and let people sleep on the display beds and couches.

Trump has to be shamed into doing the right thing but he fucks it up as then he expects thanks and for people to forget he was made to do it. The scene in Buffy in which Spike the vampire tries to impress her by saying how there were people bleeding all over the place but he helped them instead of feeding, not a drop of blood for Spike ... she was not impressed.    

Hurricane Harvey was the first hurricane since Wilma in 2005 to make landfall. Hurricane Sandy made landfall in Cuba but was coastal in 2012. Sandy killed 157 people. Government money was slow to come and Senators like Ted Cruz from Texas voted against some of the money to rebuild.

Americans have been taught to be independent and if you aren't them you are a free loader which is why socialism won't take root in the US unless it gets re-branded. There are many socialist programs in the US but Americans get confused by it all and so call it evil. 

We socialists in Europe don't take offense when we go get our free medical prescriptions, good for you Yanks :::sniggers::::   

I've spoken to socialist hating Texans over the years. These poor people either think they are too good or not good enough to get a helping hand. Pride can be stupid at times. 

Now everyone in Texas including Ted Cruz is a socialist. While Trump cut FEMA's funding which includes future flood insurance for home owners he has called for congress to give billions for Harvey.

Like pledges it's easy to call for billions. Makes you look good huh. 

I'm gonna have to stop you there. Harvey is terrible with a current death toll of about 30 -ish and all but have you seen what is happening over in India? 

1,400 killed and about 41 million displaced in floods that have hit India, Bangladesh and Nepal. They have received a year's worth of rain within 2 days. 18,000 schools destroyed so there goes education for many kids. 

Farmland destroyed and not even any clean drinking water. These severe storms are certainly not what anyone would class as "normal". 

You'd have a WTF look on your face too so don't judge. 

China is a current big offender to polluting the environment but when Trump goes out of his way to hire climate change deniers for top environmental posts and pulls out of climate change agreements then the world will rebel and people will die. 

In Texas 6 people in the same family died when their car was swept away, fucken awful and that's only the shit we hear about. 

While Trump was tweeting about his Missouri win and advertising books for his abusive cop buddies these geezers needed rescued and 9/11 wasn't coming. The Rest home owner had to tweet this picture which was picked up by the National Guard who rescued them.  

Chemical companies in Texas are warning about their product (which they don't tell us what it is) is in the flood water along with alligators and snakes. The east coast of England had a mystery mist from the sea that made people ill. Perhaps from a French chemical plant they aren't sure.  


San Francisco usually has a temp in the 70's - mid 80's at this time of year, the other day they had 104 °F or 40 °C. 

SoCal which gets drought, fire then landslides when it rains is having wildfires in the Hollywood hills.
Greenland is also having a major wildfire ... GREENLAND!!!! so much ice has melted there that the turf and newly exposed peat is burning. 

The world is turning on us. Something the likes of Trump will never understand. People and even planets will not keep taking abuse, they will stand up and say, "enough" then shit gets serious. 

Cause and effect, these storms don't just occur at random and praying to an imaginary friend won't help. 
Some scripture says that prayers without action are pointless ... in other words God helps those who helps themselves but what does the fucker actually do then if the people are doing it? ... not fuck it up for them maybe? Cheers God for not randomly killing me as I earned a living to pay for that sex doll you won't get me. 

To go full circle Agents of SHIELD had scientist Holden Radcliffe's consciousness trapped in an artificial computer world that was collapsing bit by bit. 

He raises his glass to toast his oncoming fate of being deleted but like life the world isn't going to wait for you to finish.    

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