Monday, 25 September 2017

Watching The World Burn

The mainstream media doesn't cover world leaders and other superior beings looking through binoculars, what are they trying to hide? Old Knudsen will cover this as well as some history that has a modern day application to it.

Since the 1960's North Korea has had good links with Syria. Back in mid 2000's many NK officials traveled to Syria often secretly for unknown purposes. Kim jong-il the really funny looking dude as opposed to his son Kim jong-un the un-funny looking dude was helping Syria build a nuclear reactor.

NK had also helped Syria in its wars against Israel and in 2016 there were reports of NK soldiers fighting for Assad ... NK has the 5th largest standing army in the world so they can spare troops. NK has backed the Palestinians for years against Israel as they do not recognize it as a state.

    It's not anti-semitic to call Bibi a cunt cos the man is a cunt

Old Knudsen can't tell you much details as it is still classified but when he was or wasn't at Langley teaching Americans the latest EIT's ... enhanced interrogation techniques to you civvies. I made learning fun by using yon Sexy back song and The hips don't lie, sorry can't tell you anymore but when Old Knudsen is wiggling it then the students are learning it ... my catchphrase.   

Some friends it was Israel from another nation came to us with photos taken inside a building in the  Deir ez-Zor region of Syria. It's in the middle of nowhere and we couldn't be sure what was going on but the photos showed us North Koreans and what looked like a nuclear reactor being built.

We studied the satellite images and could see they were putting the massive water cooling pipes underground rather than have towers so it could only be one thing. A nuclear reactor does not necessarily mean it's been used to make weapons though but it wouldn't be long.
Bush didn't want to try to bomb it or to send in a team in case they fucked up or got caught. He wanted to let Syria know we were onto him and to shame him into letting in inspectors.

UN Israeli troops 
If the US destroyed the big hut that looked like a Wal-Mart in the desert then Syria would retaliate. Dirty foreigners really really dislike Americans bombing them ... no idea why.

Bush was thinking about his ever falling approval rating but Cheney wanted to go in. If they sent a team in they could blow it up and Syria would be able to save face by saying it was an accident but if the US got caught then Syria would have to fight back.

Foreign policy is all about doing what you want but avoiding getting bogged down in a war. It took Bush 2 wars to figure that out.

Iran is in Syria's position today

When these cray nations get nukes then it is more difficult in dealing with them and trying to come to a peaceful agreement. Obama got Iran to give up its nuke ideas but that has gone now with Trump in charge. 

Israel didn't like the weak position the US was going to go with. They only shared Intel to give them other options but the US was hesitating. 

September 2007 Israeli special-forces commandos went in to highlight the target then Syrian radar was jammed and at least 4 Israeli planes went into Syrian airspace and bombed the fuck out of the place.

Can't tell you anymore without a level 8 clearance ... sorry.

The official Sana news agency said 15 Syrian military personnel were killed and it is thought that 10 of them were North Korean scientists. There wasn't much military personal at the site as they didn't want to draw attention to it so it makes sense that they were North Korean. 

Using Turkey as a bridge to pass on messages Israel told Syria they were willing to let this be the end of it if Syria was willing to let it drop.   

There was a media blackout of the event for 7 months. Syria complained to the UN but did not take military action, NK condemned Israel of course. That is how to do it but you need big balls and crazy Israelis who do have nukes. 

Now we have the chubby rocket man who has a nuclear reactor and nukes that he probably hasn't been able to put onto missiles ... yet. 

Trump and Kim are bitching at each other and Trump is putting the fat baby into a corner. It's reported that China has told some banks to stop trading with NK and considering China makes up 84% of NK's trade then this is serious ... if China is really doing that of course. 

  Trump can't do eclipse glasses never mind binoculars 

Everything Trump touches turns to shit. The only reason he's making gains against ISIS in Syria is because 1) they know where ISIS are 2) they have given up on trying to avoid killing civilians and 3) Russia are there too. ISIS were on the back foot from Obama's time anyways so thanks Obama, it took you long enough once you stopped messing about arming rebels in yer proxy war.  

Trump doesn't understand diplomacy never mind foreign diplomacy. He's the ultimate ugly American abroad. You can't run a nation like a business, a president works for the people not the other way round. You can't treat other nations like underlings even if they do depend on your trade that just isn't cool. 

Obama might have been a civvie but he wore the clothes well once he got rid of the mom jeans. NK was sending up the odd missile to test now that amount has tripled and there is a war of words going on with the US showing off military might in several displays of impotent rage. Every time Trump spends thousands for a NK bomber fly by lil Kim laughs. 

China is sitting there saying, oh we your friend we help you ... yeah like I trust them. The last thing that China wants is South Koreans or Americans right next door to them. There are limits to what China will let the US do to NK. 

Bush only attacked nations that didn't have nukes. 

Al-Qaeda hiding in Pakistan? The whole giving shelter to terrorists doesn't count on that one, lets give them millions of dollars instead. 

Hillary didn't mind getting her noccars out.

Pence let his daughters look at NK because seeing people far away up close scared him. 

No honey you go ahead and look I'm happy enough just squinting .... but dad it isn't witchcraft it's just binoculars ... I'll just stand here with a secure soul you go ahead and look. 

Everyone else has looked sir even Barry from the Secret Service, do you want to look now? .... has that guy had a look? .... he's North Korean sir .... well he looks Chinese are you sure? 

Are you sure this won't steal my soul like a Republican stealing healthcare from the people just to mess up those blue states? ... um it's safe sir but could you smile? ... I am smiling. Only homosexuals or sinfulsexuals as I call em smile.    

Someone is always watching

I did not invade Ukraine or Georgia. I did not hack or influence any nations and the Trump campaign offered us information when all we wanted to talk about were adoptions for liddle cute orphans.   

Wikileaks? ... I don't know where they get their stuff from we are just poor victims of western persecution. Oh bring me the head of Morgan Freeman, I shall teach him about the consequences of free speech. 

Brits look silly with binoculars they only use them at the horse races or to enjoy seeing a fox ripped apart by hounds ... such jolly good fun. 

Boris Johnson always looks silly. He has glasses that show him the future, they tell him such pretty things .... I can lie and not be held accountable for them and I'll be rewarded by becoming Prime Minister ... a modern Churchill.  

I was born in the US so unlike Churchill who was half American by his mother but born in Britain I could become President if I wanted too. I'm old fashioned and racist just like Churchill. I'm fat and a bit of a bumbler which endears me to the public so I'd be loved like Churchill was. Some say I lie but I don't I merely mis-speak it's politics biatches! 

Johnson is only like Churchill in his wet dreams. The people turned on Churchill several times and he did some major fuck ups but he's the greatest Briton of all time while Johnson will always be a twat.   
Where have all the decent leaders gone? Did we even have them before or do they only seem better because the ones right now are fucking up everything to excess? 

Thursday, 21 September 2017

The War Of Words

Look at the size of it and it's not even erect 

In the movie Invasion of the body snatchers Kevin McCarthy runs through traffic yelling that aliens are taking over the world. The people in their cars look scared, did they take the wrong turn and end up in Florida? Wind up your window it might be a Floridian face eating zombie.

Old Knudsen feels like that at times. He warns the world on this blog and on social media only to get ignored for months and eventually people start saying the same thing then the media eventually reports it.

Wow you people are so fucken smart to figure all this shit out months afterwards. Welcome to the party pal.

Why are you Libtards so triggered lol!

  Global conspiracy:  

Yes there is one. Not from Hillary or the EU ... not even from Obama who wanted your guns and to put UN troops on American soil if you remember correctly. There is no Illuminati or New World Order. The Americans are only competent in the movies, in real life the CIA have to stop doing their covert shit when a new president comes in and changes things.

Or you'd get a constant stream of leaks about black sites, Enhanced Interrogation Techniques, spying on allies, collecting data on your own citizens, losing thousands of weapons from storage facilities ... the US can't keep secrets and GCHQ are usually caught up in it too. The amount of terror suspects that have had to go free in the UK because the US gets caught abusing them. You have to set them free or settle out of court to shut them up or you get court orders demanding to know national security secrets.

  Hillary deleted e-mails and killed people about to testify lol

The conspiracy doesn't feature the dumb US or UK it features the devious Russians. Go on, roll your eyes because everyone blames the Russians, that is what they'd like you to do. Just dismiss it all I'm sure you know better. You don't even worry about climate change that much either, just wait until they can't grow anymore coffee then you'll be concerned.

It isn't just the 2016 US election it's Brexit, it's Germany, France, the Netherlands, Hungary, Montenegro, Georgia, Ukraine, Estonia, Greece, Italy. As well as Latin American cuntries.

Yes the US has meddled in elections and governments 81 times since 1946 but if you are living in the west the US is on our side at the moment. It's like Israel or Saudi Arabia, total cunts but they are cunts that are on our side. For now.

In the old days you'd fund groups that have your mindset or at least share some of your goals. You might plant people to compromise politicians so you can blackmail them or just give them a bank loan.

Trump got Russian loans when other banks wouldn't loan to him and the likes of Flynn are open to being compromised too. What the Trump admin are doing is getting rid of those open to be compromised as they may bring Trump down with them. Bannon, Gorka, Priebus. It was smart to get rid of them, Miller will probably go too. Conway and Sarah Huckabee Sanders are losing their usefulness and might go the way that Spicer did.

A White House spokesperson has their integrity all used up so a fresh set of lies is what is needed.

Then he made a speech slagging off Obama, it was hilarious 

The old school method of funding NGO's and other groups is well used by the US and Russia. Far right nationalist groups like Golden Dawn, Northern League, Jobbik and Freedom Party of Austria all receive mysterious funding. Euro-skeptic parties are encouraged and guided in order to spread social unrest and instability. 

As well as dismissing the reds under the beds scare they also count on nationalist stupidity and pride. They use being a patriot against you. The reason that Brexit doesn't get mentioned very much when it comes to Russian influence is that there is only the circumstantial evidence from computer bots ... who can say just how much influence they had?

The odd low ranking politician that does mention it gets told to shut up and that's the end of it. Nationalism and British pride will be our downfall. The Russians couldn't have hacked our democracy cos we're British damn it!  Our Windows XP is special.

A load of old white men trying to get their heads around the effect that social media can have ... we need to upgrade our world leaders to people that can actually set up a Facebook, Twitter or Grindr account or that can actually turn a computer on.

The same in the US. While more social media savvy they still think that computer stuff is magical and has no effect on the real world.

 I've just offended some and made others quite pleased with this one picture ... in the real world

The Brexit mentality is that British people (mostly white ones) are superior than others and that the EU which gives the average Brit more human and basic rights and more recourse to getting justice etc than British law is somehow plotting against us. 

Yes it's a them and us scenario. There used to be the British Empire but half the people that voted Brexit either don't know their history or just can't imagine the resources and brutality needed to maintain an empire ... but they think they'll be great again if they leave the EU. 

It doesn't make sense. No one is clambering to trade with the UK unless the UK makes it really worth their while. Inviting the devil in or in real world terms China. 

Bots and Trolls: 

While Russia uses bots and trolls to guide the narrative they will use words and the terms that right wing Conservatives use to attack their perceived enemies. With Google translate the only thing that gives a foreign troll away is the length of time between replies.  

Russia has employed thousands of trolls to steer conversations. You can find them on sites like RT and even Fox News. They back up and defend news articles if you question them. They do it a little too much though which gives them away. Usually another one joins in to back up the first troll, probably the same person with another fake account. 

Bots are a computer program designed to mimic human activity. They can sign up thousands of e-mail accounts to send spam on or used for online gaming to simulate a human player. Spider bots can search for new websites or news articles using search engines. 

I've noticed many responses being the exact thing that Trump or someone like that would say. This would explain why if in doubt you get weird comments of whataboutery. What about Hillary? What about Obama? Always the same points. 

Many responses are dumb and poorly spelled but since they have annoyed you by questioning your excellent point you are too angry to think that maybe it's a set script using algorithms or that maybe English isn't their first language. 

Twitter egg bots, they can't even be arsed to get a profile pic

Remember that right before the EU referendum one third of Twitter traffic was bots. They can push trending hashtags and shift the consciousness of the people. Deep down most people are herd beasts that like to see what others think before giving their opinion. Mob mentality is another way to put it.

Facebook has had a lot of bots and shitposters as they aren't too picky on who buys up ad space as long as they pay. More older less media savvy people are on Facebook because it's more gentle for them and you don't have to think in snappy 140 characters like Twitter. 

How many times on FB has a friend passed on fake life saving information or panic about a fake virus or hacker? How many times on FB has a friend friended some hot chick who then sends you friend requests? ... oh she's hot I should friend her. 

After gym I think I'll go online and friend some random men

If yer a 60 year-old man that looks like they've had a hard life then what are the chances of a hot 23 year-old wanting to be yer friend? Would they give you the time of day in the street as you stare at her perky breasts? Perhaps yer a young bloke who wears sunglasses indoors on yer profile pic, yeah chicks dig that cos it's so cool. 

If it seems too good to be true then it probably is. Besides why does she only have 24 friends and all male? On Twitter why does she have 240 followers but hasn't Tweeted yet? 

Aye the smell test. A request or a follow does not mean instant reciprocation, if you do that then yer too stupid to be online. 


We get lied to all the time. It can be exhausting just wading through all the crap. Those commenting lie, it isn't just other people being wrong because they might not even be people. News articles lie, not just the likes of Breitbart News, Fox, RT, Sputnik, China Daily, Daily Mail, The Express that push their agenda but other mainstream news sites might leave out key parts of the story. Like when you read about a US cop shooting and unarmed black guy and it leaves out that he was high on the crack and just raped 4 nuns and a lapdog.

Melania Trump does not speak 5 languages. Just one of Trump's many bragging lies. If Melania speaks fluent Italian then why say Bonjour to the Pope? She spoke English in France and Italy only using words you'd learn in the first week of language class. If she could speak German then why did Putin need his translator... yes I do know what his official translator looks like. Putin speaks fluent German and has done so on camera many times ... unlike Melania who has never spoke it in public.

Trump's Twitter feed spews lies all the time, he announces things as facts and they go on to become a part of the troll bot legend.

It's tiring having to check everything or reading several accounts of the same story. Sites that look like real news sites also fool you. U-boats raised from a lake intact, a Viking burial mound found where it shouldn't be.


Many people from pampered or privileged backgrounds don't know they are being played and neither do the rabid nationalists that cry to patriotic songs. It could never happen to them because they are too smart and also special.

Trump thinks that someone like Putin would respect him because he isn't Hillary. He walked right into Saudi Arabia's trap and wrongly condemned Qatar for terrorism links and all it took was a glowing orb and an arms deal to make him look good.

The right has the same goals as Putin and as China which is to attack anything liberal. No freedom and no individuality ... but the right wing groups don't think that applies to them so when they are no longer of use they'll be thrown out too.

The right is doing a form of appeasement without realizing it. Destroy Liberals, destroy the EU, guns and soldiers good! wind turbines and ghey avocados bad!

The Democrats, Labour and the other liberal parties are playing into their hands by not being able to judge what the people want ... they are weaker than weak, fucken useless. They need to nut up but not be a carbon copy of the other side.

The enemy is out there and online line. They use our social media accounts against us. They've either paid Google and FB a ton of money or they've set up thousands of bots in the Eastern Bloc. If you are online you are being tracked by someone.

Their goal is to weaken resolve and to set nations against each other. Nations fighting themselves all the time and failing as a proper government cannot fight the enemy.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Is Donald Trump A White Supremacist?

Jemele Hill a presenter on the failing ESPN channel tweeted that "Donald Trump is a white supremacist who has largely surrounded himself w/ other white supremacists"

The US is famous for its freedom of speech ... unless it offends too many people that is. Sarah Huckabee Sanders the slack jawed dead eyed White House lie defender called for Hill to be fired. Sanders was then slapped with an ethics complaint. 

  Remove the head or destroy the brain

Sanders said it was ridiculous because she loves ethic people and in fact has a black friend. Osama, Obama no Omarosa that's it and she works at the White House. No one is sure what she does there but Kelly wants rid of her as she keeps trying to get into top level meetings ... the fucken racist eh. 

The right wing went nuts and nearly broke the Internet. Hill said she was sorry if her tweet caused trouble for her employer but didn't apologize for calling Trump a white supremacist. 
Many of the rocket scientists from the Trump side compared Hill to Curt Schilling. Schilling they said was fired from ESPN for being a Conservative ... wrong! He was fired for being a douchebag. Schilling had been warned by ESPN several times for his political statements and was eventually fired for a meme that slammed Transgender people and the bathrooms they use.   

Trump has been called a racist, white supremacist and Nazi but is he? If you say he is his supporters will demand proof from you. Links to video clips that have him announcing he's a white supremacist. 

The thing is that if a video of that existed they would find some excuse as to why it's ok or just say it was Liberal lies and he's just proud of being white. Lets face it folks it's awesome, the privilege gets us all sorts of free stuff and not killed by the cops. 

You can't reason with people that have poor critical thinking. I've told them: A person that fucks a dog is a dog fucker ... you don't have to have them tell you they are a dog fucker or to put it onto a t-shirt or something because they fuck dogs. 

Trump's father was arrested at a KKK rally that turned violent. Trump himself was charged with refusing to rent to black people ... TWICE! He demanded the death penalty for the Central Park 5 who were all ethnic, he took out whole page adverts in newspapers calling for execution. 

The 5 teenagers were wrongfully convicted for rape serving 6 - 13 years. Even after DNA cleared them Trump denounced their $40 million settlement.   

For years Trump accused Obama of being Kenyan born and when the birth certificate was produced he called it a fake. Trump has even called Obama a racist. 

When Trump was asked about getting an endorsement from David Duke and white supremacists he pretended to not know who Duke was and pretended not to know anything about white supremacy. 

He had mentioned Duke years previously and a 70 year-old not knowing what white supremacy was? .. bullshit!

Even the boy wizard Harry Potter knows what white supremacy is and he's British. It is thought that Potter went through depression after suffering from EDL, not even magic spells could get his wand up. He now blames Jewish sorcerers because well, they run everything. 

Trump has given the benefit of the doubt to racists but instantly condemns people that go against them, very odd huh? 

Former Sheriff Joe Arpaio targeted Hispanics even after the Supreme court told him not to.  America's Toughest Sheriff which should really be the most cruelest Sheriff. 
He set up a tent city for prisoners that he described as a concentration camp and when they complained about the 110 °F melting their shoes he told them to suck it up as soldiers in Iraq were in 120 °F and they hadn't done any crimes. 

Rapes and pedo cases went un-investigated if the crimes were against immigrants. This was the guy that Trump pardoned and holds in high esteem. 

Sheriff David Clarke who is a white man trapped in a black man's body may join Trump's team as a token ... watch out Carson you may be surplus to requirement. 

He likes his tokens

Clarke has also tortured prisoners like  Arpaio which resulted in the death of one inmate who was denied water for 6 days and the death of a newborn baby. Clarke has called for a suspension of habeas corpus, he has labeled Black Live Matter as racist and is probably a great fit for the Trump admin. 

Then of course there is Bannon who edits the Neo-Nazi Breitbart News and Gorka who is a dumb as dirt security analyst with ties to an anti-Semitic Hungarian political party. Both Introduced to Trump by shady billionaire Robert Mercer both fired but not because they were bigots. 

White supremacy: 

'The belief that white people are superior to those of all other races, especially the black race, and should therefore dominate society.'

Trump certainly surrounds himself with these people. They claim to not be racist but only want the advancement of the white race, a concept which they don't see as being racist at all. They play the victim and yell about perceived threats from ethnic groups. Immigrants want our jobs, illegal aliens are rapists, Muslims from everywhere except Saudi Arabia want to kill us, Jews want to replace us. 

So therefore white people need help to survive ... nope, not racist at all. 

Talking to Don Lemon about Mexican immigrants. 

So not having come out and said that he hates ethnic people we have to judge him by his words and actions. He has supported that mind set and the people that have it. He has rewarded and protected bigots. 

When he had the job of denouncing Neo-Nazis at Charlottesville ... one of whom if you remember killed Heather Heyer. It's fucken easy to denounce them as no one should be able to say anything nice about Nazis right? They are the ultimate bad guy of history. 

No he stood up for the Nazis because they have a right to freedom of speech and had a permit for their rally ... unlike those evil Liberals that turned up to get killed and cause trouble. 

Americans are hypocritical when it comes to the Constitution. They ignore all the well armed militia shit as that looks like hard work and just demand guns by screaming shall not be infringed upon. So why not pick and choose about free speech? They are already doing it with Jemele Hill. 

Nazis should not have their words heard. We know what they say and what they think and they are fucktards. Free speech but with some common sense for fucks sake. 

The Jews won't replace them but they will own their image in photographs, well played the Jews.

Don't go hurting yourself by looking for those nice people just out to quietly protest the removal of pro-slavery statues. I've looked at photos and video and failed to find any fine people on the Nazi side but there were plenty on the anti-fascist side. 

Back in my day the president would pin medals on your chest for fighting Nazis, now he tells you off 
because Nazi Lives Matter. 

It says a lot when white supremacists and Neo-Nazis are attracted to your politics and ideas. In Germany their WWII shame is so great that it's illegal to deny the Holocaust and to fly Nazi flags, that's why many Neo-Nazis there use Confederate flags. 

There isn't an issue with the removal of Nazi statues, they were happily destroyed when Germany lost the war. No one said 'how can we learn history if you remove our Nazi statues?' ... what an idiot line of reasoning, statues are propaganda not historical records. Crack open a history book ya mongo. 

Trump enables white supremacists, he emboldens Nazis so they feel confident enough to steal their mom's tiki torches and march in the streets. He's a racist apologist and they return the favor by making excuses for him ... oh just locker room talk or stop focusing on what he says so much you really do make a big deal out of nothing. 

He has stopped short of declaring hatred for ethnic people but his actions and what he wants to do (travel ban, deporting Dreamers) all point to it. Would a person that wasn't a white supremacist put so much effort into trying to rid the country of brown people? 

His tacit support for these groups, for these people certainly do indicate that he is a Nazi sympathizer
and is a white supremacist so therefore a racist. Racism isn't just drunken rants from your creepy old uncle it can also be racism when you don't challenge it when it's done or when you turn a blind eye to it or share racist jokes. Knowing a black person and being nice to their face doesn't override you being bigoted elsewhere, it just means you are a two faced coward. 


Donald Trump is a White Supremacist!

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Democracy Get Over It

After wrecking the UK he helped out with the US

Ben Franklin wrote ~ "Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch ... Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote."

Populism is politics for people that don't got the smarts as good as what we do. It's some outsider relating to the average pleb and supporting their world view and more or less just sharing in their whining and discontent. 

People like to moan and whine it kinda brings folk together. Look at the weather ... oh I know it's awful ... and the Jews are running everything too ... don't get me started on 'those' people. 

Brexit and Trump's election campaign focused on demonizing foreigners 

Talking to a Brexitard or a Trumptard is like yelling at the TV when Farage or Trump are on making speeches. You don't get anywhere, get ignored and hear the same old tired lines over and over. 

You just get angry and switch off ... mute or block if on social media. 

You lost ... get over it! ... it's called Democracy ... get over it! ... then the insults and rude words begin. Old Knudsen isn't a Liberal but he's been called a Libtard plenty of times for taking an anti-Brexit and anti-Trump stance. He's just anti-douchebag and dislikes bullies.

Now he puts tard in the names just so there isn't any confusion as to who he means. 

It's the same as the line that was popular during Bush's terms, "America, love it or leave it."

Adopted by the right to insult the nasty Liberals but originally it was said to American Nazi sympathizers who were protesting for the US to stay out of WWII.  

If you loved America would you not stick around no matter how bad it was in the hopes to make it better? Running away or putting your head in the sand achieves nothing. 

Same old tired memes

Old Knudsen can't get over Brexit because he isn't a racist and doesn't believe the British to be that special or smart enough to make it on their own anymore. We've been kicked out of more countries than you've had hot dinners for fucks sake. 

He understands how the world works because he's been around. He doesn't travel to other countries to get pissed for 2 weeks then returns home and starts saving for next year, he learns shit. 

The devolved governments of Scotland and Northern Ireland voted to remain in the EU. That didn't matter because England and Wales outnumbered them. 

So then you hear Theresa May's words ... the UK as a whole voted to leave ... no it didn't. We aren't a whole any other time so why are you starting now? 

Why should some chav in London dictate the actions of Belfast or Edinburgh? They've probably never been to either and they think we're all Irish in Northern Ireland anyways. Lets give some ned in Glasgow the power to rule over England why don't we. 

Only separated by a couple of hundred miles but each have their own attitudes, cultures and problems. Don't get me started on the dialects. 

David Cameron ranted on about only the English should make decisions on English matters as The Scottish MP's were annoying their plans to frak and privatize everything. Should that not apply to Northern Irish and Scottish matters too? 

Northern Ireland has the only land border with an EU country (Republic of Ireland) and then there is the whole terrorism thing ... our English overlords don't give a fuck and are poorly educated on our situation but can cast a vote for our future. 

That's like taking a test on a subject you have heard of but were never interested enough to study up on. 

Physics ... I had an aunt that could read tea leaves and she had tarrot cards ... wha? 

Both Brexit and Trump wanted to take their country back. Back from the immigrants their news outlets and leaders have told them are swarming over the border to rape everyone in the ass and steal their jobs. If an immigrant with no qualifications that can't speak English can take your job then it was going to go to a trained monkey eventually anyways. 

Old Knudsen has found immigrants to be harder working than locals and in the US he himself was an immigrant and only ass raped those that wanted it. He did the jobs Americans didn't want to do until their economy got bad enough then they played the old I gave your jobs to an American friend/relative that needed the money .... well fuck you! 

You can work harder and be more honest than everyone else in the room but sometimes that isn't enough. 

There is no take back our country. You can't time travel back to when everyone was white and you had jobs for life. Things have changed ... get over it! 

Populism is a tool that invokes your rose tinted memories and blames others for destroying your dreams. Farage went to pubs and drank pints ... the Queen Mother did that too it's the British way of saying, 'we're all barely functioning alcoholics together' the US has alcohol issues and never fully got over Prohibition. 

US politicians put on blue shirts instead of white to suggest working class and elegantly eat food on sticks just like average Americans do. 

The reason why Bernie Sanders supporters can't get over his loss is because they are fucken pussies angry that the DNC suppressed him in favour of putting Hillary forward. They all like Game of Thrones but not in real life. 

The reason why Hillary supporters can't get over her loss is because she got nearly 3 million more votes than Trump and was expected to win. 

The US is a Republic as the original Founding Fathers didn't trust the people to vote for the right person so you have the Electoral College deciding the winner. 

The populist method is merely to trick the gullible voter. We're with you, we understand your anger, you have been ignored and forgotten well vote for me and everything will be perfect cos we'll be in charge... you'll be in charge.
What populism uses is a seething undercurrent of nationalism and authoritarianism. Before you know it you have flag waving Nazis walking the streets like they own them. 

You have the we white people Brits/Americans are awesome! The best nation ever! Everyone wants to be us and to trade with us! 

The low and working class are emboldened, someone has heard their cries. Promises get made everyday and they feel like winners. All the while rights and healthcare get taken away but if the politicians have done their jobs right they'll have the voter hating those things. 

Healthcare, the right to privacy, employment regulations to protect employees ... sounds like things Liberals/Commies/Socialists/Europeans want. 

Remember when the government wanted Captain America to register for Amazon Prime or something? He heard the words of Peggy Carter telling him: 

"Compromise where you can. And where you can’t, don’t. Even if everyone is telling you that something wrong is something right, even if the whole world is telling you to move. It is your duty to plant yourself like a tree, look them in the eye and say, no. You move."

When a Nazi tiki bro tells me to move I say NO! When an ill-informed Brexitard tells me to get over it I say NO!

"Never Give In, Never, Never, Never ... Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy."

"Do not mistake majority for truth."

Democracies don't always work.When you have populism and other modern phenomenon influencing your views, opinions and what you think are facts then being an average voter not interested in the details makes them a pawn to achieve the candidate's agenda. 

The Weimar Republic didn't work well in 1930's Germany and that type of election campaign that made Hitler so successful keeps getting used today. From Obama in 2008 'Hope and Change' to Brexit 'leave, breaking pointand numerous others to May's lame 'Strong and Stable' to Trump's 'Make Germany America Great Again' and every time the people still fall for it. 

You can't get over it because it's never ending. You can give up and let them win ... nah, fuck em!