Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Trump's North Korean Impotent Rage

Admiral Harris in front of Congress in April 2017

It was only in April of this year that Fox News was mocking the military of North Korea. During their massive parade it was pointed out how many of their weapons looked fake or out of date. 

Plastic or out of date guns, wobbly fake missiles and cheap sunglasses on the Special Forces troops.

   The dildo brigade 

In April Admiral Harris was explaining the might of the US to be able to shoot down anything that NK has to offer, "if it flies it dies" was his catchy phrase. 

The parade not only showed weapons and missiles that weren't battle ready but also ones that had military experts scratching their heads at. They had never scene such missiles before. 

This shows you that while the US Intel agencies are one of the largest and best funded in the world there is only so much they can do. Satellites can't see under covers and with so few foreign visitors to the country it's difficult to plant someone. 

Kim jong un likes to exaggerate his nation's ability. When the movie The Interview was about to be released Kim jong un said there would be massive retaliation and that the movie was an act of war ... so Sony was hacked. 

Kim jong un and Donald Trump seem to have a lot in common. Both are dicks and both need to carry a Snickers about with them especially before they speak. Both are overweight fuckers with bad hair that relied on their daddy for everything and neither have served in the military.  

It went from NK doing missile tests, some successful and some not to them having ICBM's and miniature nuclear warheads for them that could reach the US. All within 4 months. Trump with the second wealthiest nation in the world does fuck all but play golf in 4 months. 

I've yet to see any head of NSA or CIA confirm the miniature nuclear warheads I've just read it mentioned in the media. So far it feels like Bush's WMD's lie. 

Trump woke up wet and grouchy so announced to the media he'd give North Korea fire and fury like the world has never seen.

"I will rain down fire and fury upon their little heads ... very small heads and they will regret they ever threatened America as they burn ... tremendous very tremendous burning. Let this be a lesson to anyone else that says bad things about America, only nice things will be tolerated unless of course it comes from me."    

Trump has made more anti-American/America comments than Kim has this year. 

I'm not actually sure when they did threaten the US. They did a missile test in July and then the sanctions were voted upon. It's not like lil Kim woke up and said 'we'll fluck you up America' he did say the UN sanctions were illegal. 

North Korea said they were thinking about striking at Guam after Trump's fire and fury remark. Kim having more of a level head (not his hair cut) than Trump has not attacked anywhere as of yet.  

Trump scared the world with NK again. Talk about war filled social media and the news cycle and so not noticed that Robert Mueller released his financial records to preemptively thwart Trump's smear job as the investigation into Russia gets closer. 

You hear words like the 'North Korean threat' being mentioned and guess what? I don't feel threatened but it's hard to motivate the US if it's just Japan and South Korea in danger. Quick, point out how many Americans are on Guam.  

Probably more Americans in harms way than Obama had there. Suck it Obama, Trump's numbers are bigger!

It wasn't a 'oh he misspoke' or 'it was a joke' the back peddling came from Tillerson who said in a straight faced manner that Trump was using words that Kim jong un might understand nothing more. 

It almost feels like he is trying to anger and provoke North Korea so he could have a justified military reaction.

Cowards and bullies often try to goad you to hit first so they can call the police and have you charged with assault. 

Only when North Korea can't take any more will they strike, they are being painted into a corner on purpose so the chances of a strike sooner or later is very high. 

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