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Stalin Makes A Comeback

Well this is awkward 
When the losers of history lose, the statues of them get torn down ... well in theory. Not in the US until now that is. Statues are a way to re-write history and to make that narrative a part of every day life. 

Perhaps Robert E Lee wasn't the bigoted racist his words and actions paint him as being, look he looks like a hero on yon horse so he must be alright. Confederate statues are for those people that get their history and information from memes.  

Trump strives to be like Putin in any possible way, being Putin and having the power to have the FAKE NEWS or political opposition killed off is Trump's wet dream. Lets hope he keeps his shirt on though.

One winner of history who was also a loser is Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili ... oh you don't know him? In 1913 he re-branded himself as Stalin which means man of steel. Hard-dick was already taken. 

Re-write the narrative 

In the Crimea that Putin has invaded he put up a statue commemorating the Yalta Conference of 1945. A masterful choice of subjects, this kinda trolls the US and the UK. Look at the figures, Stalin sits there without his hat on and what's that in his hand a pipe? He's sitting forward as if he's going to say something wise and important. 
FDR without cigarette sits listening with his head turned towards Stalin. Churchill sans cigar has a walking stick that he uses in order to sit forward to also hear these sage words. 

This pose of them hanging on Stalin's every word does not exist in any of the historical photos. Some photos change, cigarettes get smoked and Churchill removes his hat. No walking stick. Stalin always has that goofy as fuck looking smile on his face though.

I suppose having the two super powers looking towards Churchill would have been too much. When FDR and Stalin got together during the war they gave Churchill the cold shoulder as they were the ones with the power to stop Hitler. Churchill was the one that warned of Hitler before it was cool and he was the one to warn about Russia and what they would do after the war. 

The Nazis had destroyed many Soviet statues and put up their own. When victory in Europe came the Allies and the people destroyed those. Stalin having taken over large parts of Europe put up statues, taught their Soviet propaganda to the children and set about controlling the people with terror ... All Churchill had warned about had come true. Churchill was the one to coin the phrase 'Cold War'.

Nixon and the man from Del Monte give Krushchev some Pepsi to try, he shrugged and said Coke was better ... also it needed some vodka. 

Stalin died in 1953 and in 1956 Nikita Krushchev gave a "secret speech" to the Communist party. Some Stalinist fanatics diehards considered this a betrayal. 

He spoke about Stalin's cruel purges of the late 30's to kill off the old guard revolutionaries and any political opposition. He even cited a letter in which Lenin called for Stalin's removal as general secretary of the party. 
Stalin worried Lenin as he was making his move for power when Lenin was recovering from a stroke, he must have saw weakness and a void to fill. 

Lenin called Stalin a rude bully in his letter and really did not like the kind of volatile thug he was. He actually called for someone with compassion and manners for the role. 

 A new statue in the Georgian village of Zemo Alvan

In 1939 Stalin signed a nonaggression pact with Hitler. He annexed parts of Poland, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. He then set about invading Finland. In 1941 Hitler broke the pact and invaded the USSR. 
You never go for the vault and you never invade Russia. Napoleon was one of history's greatest leaders and he failed, I guess Hitler didn't read history, no memes back then. 

After the war the red menace was everywhere. Stalin wanted a Communist empire and his influence was all over the far east and as far as Cuba. Stalin gave Kim Il Sung permission to invade South Korea starting the Korean war for fucks sake. 

In Stalin's purges 75,950 anti-Soviet people are executed and 203,000 exiled to the Gulags. 36,671 Red army officers executed, including his top 16 Generals.

When he annexed parts of Poland 20,000 Polish officers, soldiers, border guards, police, and other officials are executed. In the Katyn Forest 4,500 military and government officials were executed and put into a mass grave. 

Workers had no rights and had to outproduce each other under the threat of terror. He manufactured famines in order to run a leaner country. It is thought that at least 20 million people died during his brutal regime. 

The anniversary of these purges 30th July never gets commemorated and obviously won't be mentioned on his statues.    

Putin also wants a great Russia

Putin admires Stalin. He remembers the time when the USSR was a super power that rivaled the US. The purges and Russian deaths ... terrible but necessary. Putin has used Stalin's model of silencing opposition but does it in a more modern and media savvy way. 

He might set up some tax fraud charges to discredit you and if that doesn't work he'll get some of his Chechen thugs to kill you on the street. He has plausible deniability. He also gaslights events, poor Russia is the victim, the mean US keeps getting in the way of our spy planes. He has control over the main news outlets which spews his slanted news leaving out the bad stuff. Call RT the West Is Bad channel instead.

Like I said, Trump's wet dream. 

Stalin wanted to more or less rule the world. He was a Communist like Hitler was a Socialist ... just by name. When Stalin died the USSR faced its history and shuddered. Then de-Stalinization came and in the 80's satellite nations broke free and broke statues. Many still remain and Russia warns them to not touch them.

Putin sees Krushchev as a traitor but won't say it, he sees Gorbachev as a weak leader that lost so much that he now has to try to get back. 
Control over the lands to the west of Russia prevents sweeping overland attacks as it's flat. If Ukraine had some decent mountains in the way it would have been safe.

He has said that attacks on Stalin are "attacking the Soviet Union and Russia" over 56% of modern Russians see Stalin as a big brother figure and mostly positive. 

This is how to re-write history with statues.



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