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Should Angry Racists Have Free Speech?

Kim jong un watching the American menace at Mar-a-Lago 

Last week Old Knudsen was trying to calm the world down as they fell for all the Trump rhetoric on NK.  The Washington Post ran a story with an un-named source saying that North Korea had been successful in making miniature nuclear warheads that would fit onto ICBM's ... OMG they could possibly hit Alaska ... is that good or bad?  

Old Knudsen could see what was happening as clear as day. The White House complains about leaks but totally use them for their own agenda. They disrespect the media probably because it constantly falls for the fake leaks. 

Lil Kim at the new hamburger factory, strangely enough NK has no cows

Trump was hoping to goad un-stable Kim jong un into attacking first. Even a missile fired near Guam would have been enough provocation. If NK fired first then the US would be justified in attacking and China would step back and say 'you asked for it Kim' but if the US fired first which they are unable to do then China would say, 'no way US we'll fuck you up'.

China involved would be WWIII because NK won't have a launching nuke capability for years. Now Trump is slapping China with trade deals, this is the only real action impotent Trump can take. 

Probably for China's lack of loyalty to the US but an unhappy China means they'll be totally helping NK to get nukes. 

Worship me or die ... well I'll tweet about you at least

As you've seen Trump is very two faced ... he thinks it makes him unpredictable and clever but it's very predictable. He also likes to talk big and threaten military action. On US allies in Europe or in chaotic Venezuela.

He has talked tough to the media, stage actors, TV show hosts, anti-Trump protesters, Nordstroms, Apple, Obama, Hillary the Dems, FBI Director, Attorney General and many more. He doesn't hold back or mince his words. He'll point and spew "FAKE NEWS! ... enemy of the people!"

When Trump hates or even dislikes someone you know it, there is no doubt.
The wave right now is to fire Steve Bannon even though he hasn't said a word in public

Unless it's about Putin, Nazis, White Supremacists and other extremist hate groups then it's ... well the counter protesters were pretty bad too so lets share the blame. Only after a backlash does he actually condemn them the way he should have in the first place. 

Remember when Dick Spencer and friends gave him Hitler salutes at some hate fest event and he gave a luke warm ENOUGH! tut tut don't do that?        

The far right/Alt-right which doesn't mind trampling on the Constitution when it suits them now ask about their 1st Amendment right of free speech. They had a rally to 1) stir shit up 2) denounce the removal of a Confederate statue 3) show their muscle to the country. 

Like it or not the Trump campaign and the Trump supporter mindset is the same ... not similar but THE SAME as Hitler's campaign and his supporters are the same too. 

The reason why Trump isn't a dictator is because he is weak, not as good a communicator as Hitler and the fact that he doesn't have a fanatical private army or the will to use it. The checks and balances do work for some things.

The typical Trump supporter feels like they've had a rough deal and that others who seem to be doing better or getting more help are to blame or at least someone to vent about ... usually a minority but one that is bound to take over at any moment. 

The typical Trump supporter is poorly educated. This doesn't necessarily mean a PhD ... I've known some very academic people who are as thick as shit with no real life experience. 

Low social status, limited outlook ... these people are followers, the kind of folk to easily end up in a cult or organized religion. Not the brightest of individuals they repeat what they've heard that has matched their world view or the world view of those around them. They like to join in.

The jingoistic patriotism of covering everything in red white and blue while humming a Toby Keith tune is always aimed at these kind of people. You have to love your cuntry and if anyone points out a fault in it then they must be a Commie. 

You are either with or against, they people don't do nuance.   

David Duke is still a keen Trump supporter  

But they do have passion, a therapist would call it anger. They don't know why they are angry because that would require some self-awareness, all they know is that they don't like what you are saying ... the truth does hurt but to them it isn't 'their' truth so it must be Commie lies.   

You can get fanatics on many sides ... on many sides. The left, the right everywhere. One tactic used is pointing out the faults in others which means they don't have to address their own faults. What about those e-mails and the unmasking huh?  

The whataboutery never solves anything it's just used as a tool for arguing. Like Trump and his Obama golfs too much ... the ones that use abuser tactics such as belittling, gaslighting and whataboutery are often guilty of what they blames others of.  

After Charlottesville a wave of pro-Nazi trolls tried to do damage control online. You can tell a troll by the fresh account and lack of followers etc. They probably have numerous accounts that spout the same message. Pauses in between replies may mean they are using Google translate or switching accounts ... use different browsers for fucks sake. 

 Heather Heyer, may she be at peace.

What about the violence of the Antifa and BLM? ... you have to point out that it was the Nazi side that actually killed Heather Heyer. Not cool using a dead chick to make a point but I suspect that she would not mind.

Blaming counter-protests is like blaming the Allies for all the death and destruction because they landed at Normandy. Or is it like blaming the French and the BEF for standing up to the Germans in 1940? 

Yeah if you had appeased the Nazis and let them march peacefully then no one would have been hurt or killed ... seriously? 

Churchill may have been a bit of a racist being the product of the Victorian era and all but even he was dead on with his views on the Nazis. He was proven right that appeasement does not work.  

   Douchebag alert

Should the rights and the feelings of the Nazis be taken into account? After their identities were revealed some were fired from their jobs, Peter Cvjetanovic the 20 year-old studying at the University of Nevada insists that he isn't an angry racist.

Yes the douchebag at the Nazi rally wearing a polo shirt with a White Supremacist logo on it isn't a racist. He saw the tikki torches and all the other white bros and thought there was a BBQ going on or something.

To explain himself he used the same reasoning the KKK have used for years ... like I said they just repeat shit. He isn't racist he just prefers to promote the white race as the coloreds niggers others seem to be taking over.

"I came to this march for the message that white European culture has a right to be here just like every other culture. It is not perfect; there are flaws to it, of course. However I do believe that the replacement of the statue will be the slow replacement of white heritage within the United States."

I'm pretty sure that the majority of Union soldiers and the president at the time of the Civil war were white. Americans aren't European, they fought the British to get away from that. No taking it back. The US and Europe ... very different places, very different attitudes, you mean European descent. 

Yeah go over to socialist Europe and feel at home why don't you. 

You know what the Southern states that fought against the North were? ... traitors that's what. At the time of the civil war they were seen as traitors.

The Confederates and the Nazis are two of the world's losers, they were on the wrong side of history. Not everyone in the south were slave hating racists and not everyone that fought for Germany were Nazis but they did their part to advance that evil mindset ... it's what happened.

The US fought against both of these groups and many others fought against the Nazis. There are very few wars where you can look back and say 'this side is good and this side is bad' ... Lots of other wars have both sides being bad.

There are always atrocities on both sides in war but if you choose to decide you deserve to be the master or the master race then you are a cunt and automatically the bad guy.  

The ideology of the Nazis or White Supremacists needs to be respected and heard as much as the words of ISIS does ... it doesn't. Children need to be protected from that shit until they are old enough to distinguish between right and wrong. They can learn about the rebellion of the southern states and how they wanted to keep slavery going from books, not heroic looking statues.  

They can learn about the Holocaust from books too so they can tell the Holocaust deniers how full of shit they are. 

No one needs to hear chants of Blood and Soil or the Jews will never replace us ... that shit needs to be shut up immediately and denounced by the president as viciously as if they were TV show hosts. 

The right complains about the PC Liberals but then calls them fascists when they want to shut Nazis up ... which one is it? Snowflake or extremist?

If you can't see that this rally was wrong from the get go or that they shouldn't be allowed to disrupt the lives of a town and take the lives of counter protesters then it's YOU that is wrong with society.

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