Tuesday, 8 August 2017

How Do You Solve A problem Like North Korea?

Who should have nukes and who shouldn't? Who should say who is to have nukes? The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons was signed in 1968 but things change. North Korea pulled out of that in 2003. Then you have nations like Israel that keep their nukes a secret or Argentina that suddenly decided to have a nuclear submarine.

The basic premise for being allowed nukes is being a mature and stable democracy ... that's basic bullshit and really depends on whether the US wants you to have nukes. Does the US seem very stable?  

States like Japan and South Korea are said to be a screw driver turn away from making nukes if they so desired to do so and the GOP in 2016 said they'd allow them to have them.

To distract the world away from anything Russian you have the panic about North Korea. If anyone can panic it's the Americans, wall to wall coverage of nukes about to hit Alaska and possibly Callyfornia ... OMG we must act NOW!!!!

Calm down Americans and grow a pair. NK can barely keep it up and it would be the end for them. Would they risk a possible missile failure on the US which would mean probable destruction of NK?

Nukes for NK are like a status symbol. In the 50's America flattened their nation so they have issues about being weak. They want to brag and do tests and feel like the big man but war ... that's just silly.

The US over plays its hand all the time. Eight years of Obama the allies didn't know if the US was with them or not. The Obama admin tended to focus on a few of things like killing children with drones, arming extremists to fight Assad and showing strength on the Russian border. Other nations were left wondering if they had back up and so started to arm themselves.

Poor Ukraine didn't have any alliances down on paper so the US weren't obligated to fight for them. We like you but not that much.

The US has THAAD missiles in Alaska, Hawaii and Guam to protect US interests, they recently put them in South Korea too.

The Obama deal was that SK would provide the land and the US the missiles and people. Trump said that SK would pay the US for the missiles but that was Trump bullshit ... like Mexico paying for the wall, it's always the US that pays.

Many don't want the THAAD missiles there as it is seen as provoking NK and China has complained that it gives the US a chance to spy on them as the range of the missiles reaches well into China.

Every test and every move that NK does is seen as a possible attack. It was recently reported that missiles were being loaded onto patrol boats, anything routine the NK military does gets blown out of proportion because that's what the US does and that is also how they justify military action by letting the stories run wild.

They hate us because we are free ...  not because we meddle and kill all over the world. 

The situation gets ramped up by flying bombers or carrying out military exercises each time NK tests a missile. The US tested THAAD missiles in Alaska and also launched an ICBM from Vandenberg Air force base in Callyfornia. Missile testing from Vandenberg are not uncommon, you always see the weird smoke trails in the sky but thanks to NK the tests now make national news cos the US must look strong.

China also just completed huge sea and air exercises in the South China sea to remind everyone that they have weapons too.  

To give each story/panic legs other things get discreetly talked about. Discreetly as in it makes the news. The US is casually talking with SK about increasing the range and yield of the THAAD missiles ... don't tell NK.

Checking the slabs of frozen fish. 
If China sticks with the NK sanctions they are really going to hurt NK. China imports Iron Ore from NK, hard to have a world wide steel business without it.

NK will obviously try to get around the sanctions or look for other buyers. NK forces thousands of people to work abroad and to send their earned money back so there are other ways to get money and the black market is always there for goods ... wealthy North Koreans won't suffer too much but the people will. That's the only way there will be regime change, the people.  

The first Korean war didn't go too well.   

The US can't touch NK first. If Trump orders a strike then it's game over man. If NK hit first then there is reasonable cause but China and Russia are the ones that have to be convinced.

Trump wakes up grouchy and sees the Mueller investigations are getting too close so he orders a strike on NK as he knows they are still years away from an ICBM that can hit the US with a nuke.

A North Korean warship, sub or fighter jet gets blown up. Kim jong un needs to show strength and it gets to the point that China can't stop him. He launches at South Korea and Japan causing great destruction mostly to SK the US strikes back, troops are mobilized. China isn't going to sit back and watch the US unload on NK again or to even send troops in and they'll attack with Russia, Iran and Turkey on their side ... lets not forget Cuba.

Russian warships often dock in Havana. Russia is currently helping Cuba out with its oil needs due to the trouble in Venezuela.  

A Korean war would be WWIII if allowed to escalate from one incident. MacArthur wanted to use nukes on NK but that was when no one else had them which is why the "dumb son of a bitch" (to quote Truman) was fired.  

Yeah just launch them all and could someone get me a diet Coke ... and some Cheetos

Russia, China and even NK do not want a nuclear war or even a war that could escalate into one. Trump's Generals don't want it either ... Trump, well he isn't playing with a full deck, nor is his "evolution is still just a theory" VP.

Would it be Mattis or Kelly that double taps Trump for national security? I'm taking bets.

Russia doesn't plant people and influence elections if they wanted WWIII. China has been systematically expanding east and west, they want to rule and expand not destroy.

The range of Chinese state radio in DC

Both Russia and China have bought radio stations in Washington DC. CRI a state run Chinese company has 33 radio stations in 14 countries around the world, they want the world view of China to be improved and you won't hear anything negative about China on their news. Sputnik is doing the same with its DC radio station.

Even though the FCC clears the broadcasting licences they don't look into them unless there is a complaint. They just get rubber stamped.

James Yantao Su on the left with the CRI chief Wang Gengnian

James Yantao Su moved to the US from China and became a US citizen in 1989. His company G&E is 60% owned by CRI. He owns real estate and radio stations including condos at the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas, he's worth $15 million.

State owned citizens legally buying and selling for them and the US doesn't notice. Yes it does go on in the UK and Europe too. Chinese real estate is big worldwide.

It's always real estate ... that's because you don't have to declare certain income from it and can sell property for way more than it's worth if it's a state run bank or foreign national keeping you afloat. 

It's not a coincidence Anna Chapman moved into real estate. 

So what are we going to do about North Korea? .... not get distracted or obsessed by it, that's a fast track to WWIII if you push it. Let Kim have nukes, he'll probably put his eye out. NK doesn't have the resources to invade anywhere so just let them be. It's all about perceived respect and being pushed around. Let SK and Japan have nukes too, they could easily get them and it would save the US money from all the look at the size of my dick exercises. 

The real game is being played on social media and news outlets pushing their rumours and fake stories. Once you infect a nation with panic or get them to believe a lie it's hard for sense to be heard. 

Armed teenagers may be the only thing that can save us. 

China wants to rule, they'll do it along side Russia if they have to, they've always been close. 

Destabilize Europe, make it weak by breaking up the EU. Buy properties provide services and equipment. Want Internet security? the others all get hacked so here, try Kaspersky they haven't worked for the Russian government at all ... oh no.   

Besides setting the tone for discussions on China, Russia and what ever orange president or referendum they favour, having a communications network within a rival country is half the battle. 

WWIII won't come with a bang but rather with the wimper of an acquisition.  

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