Monday, 14 August 2017

American Nazi Bros

101st Airborne Division taking the Nazi colors at Normandy 

One thing that triggers Old Knudsen ... Lemurs! ... gooey cherry pie ... people being wrong on the Internet ... the amount of air in crisp bags ... cold callers ... Bible thumpers ... vegans ... restraining orders, well ok then, there are several things that triggers Old Knudsen but one big trigger is NAZIS!!

I hate these guys ...

You piss on the memory of all those who fought the Nazis and died in WWII when you celebrate these cunts. This is how you repay them and use your freedom that they gave to you? 

  American Bund Rally 1939

Nazis are a big trigger because it contains all those other triggers like bullies, racists, bigots and generally just stupid mean people. Old Knudsen didn't die fighting the Japs at Normandy just so some inbred white person with mommy issues could try to revive all that stupid again. 

The Earth is getting warmer, Caucasian birth rates are dropping ... it's nature and humans adapting to warmer climates, we'll all be brown, black or yellow in the future, get over it. 

In Charlottesville, Virginia a group of Neo-Nazis stole their mom's tikki torches and had a Unite the shite Right protest because a statue of Robert E Lee was going to be removed. 

Oh hold on, wrong picture, that's Ukrainian Nazis ... shit,  angry white people all look the same. 

Bro-test 2017

Chanting crap like blood and soil, white lives matter and the Jews will not replace us the mostly white male crowd interrupted their togo parties, beer pong and date rape to display their out of date impotent rage ... these young men of fighting age who would probably fail military or law enforcement standards decided to intimidate some local Liberals who didn't want a statue of a loser in their park. Lee fought to uphold slavery and wanted to destroy the Union. 

In Russia Nikita Krushchev tried to removed Stalin from day to day life but since 2015 Putin has been erecting Stalin statues and invoking his politics to make Russia great again. Ignore the millions he killed with his manufactured famines, the deportation and the Gulags ... You don't get history from statues. 

That is the usual right wing excuse for statues of historical cunts. You don't see statues of Hitler going up in Germany or Austria do you? These statues are like big cocks to mark territory and to rub in your face. 
You get history from BOOKS and these statues were usually erected by bigoted biased wankers anyways that talk about honor and sacrifice like they would know. 
Many Americans can't come to terms with the fact that 200 years ago their ancestor fought for the wrong side, imagine how Germans must feel as it might have been their father, uncle or grandfather not too long ago. 

Kids do not need to see a heroic looking bigot on a horse, they need to see him for what he really was. That shite normalizes bigotry for them, maybe the Confederacy was about freedom after all ... oh slap yer idiot face for fucks sake. 

Dick Dispenser was there stirring up the shit. He complained that a restaurant was refusing him and his mob service. He don't reed two gud, the place just hadn't opened yet. He was really gagging for some adobo duck legs with saffron rice pilaf and chive crema too. 

If you go out with hate in your heart that's what you'll find. Some shops in Charlottesville did opt to close. 
It's like Northern Ireland during the 12th July. No one wants to stay open and serve the drunken bandsmen. The chances of someone going into a restaurant and calling staff Fenian fuckers for working on that day before ordering their Happy Meal is quite high. 

This may be fake ... nobody knows. 

Trump and Pence condemned the hate, violence and bigotry ... of course it wasn't just aimed at the Nazis there to cause trouble he added "on many sides" ... what??? He added that no child should be afraid to go out and play and have a good time, he then started to sing, celebrate good time c'mon! 

Neither Trump or Pence named the trouble makers just like how they didn't mention the Jews on Holocaust memorial day just vague low energy condemnation like when you have to say something but don't mean it. 

Like Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May campaigning against Brexit, neither of them meant it. They just went through the motions. 

Reason #587 why Old Knudsen trusts neither of them. 

No mention of the car that rammed counter protesters injuring many and killing one woman but if the same thing happened in France with Muslims involved then Trump would totally tweet about it as he recently did. 

Two state employees died when their helicopter that had been observing the rally for most of the day crashed. Nazis bring trouble and bad mojo. 

After Old Knudsen posted this pic on Twitter some bloke said that Trump's family had died in the death camps. 
Trump is of German heritage and Jewish too, perhaps some long lost relatives did die in the camps. I asked for links and sources and they came back with 'lazy millennial I've given you the trail to follow I'm not going to do your work.'

After laughing at the Millennial bit Old Knudsen schooled them in 140 characters on how if you make claims you should be able to back them up.  

The rise of Trump and Brexit has enabled and emboldened the right who turned far right or just appeased those who did go full retard by remaining silent.

Old Knudsen can't punch these Nazi fucks so if he can harshly mock them and use his superior wit against them on Twitter then he will ... no silent enabling or appeasement here! 

Though punching them out would be sooo satisfying. 

Douchebags wear sunglasses at nigh or indoors ... FACT! ... Hey wait a minute, isn't that Jared? Those Jews even run the Neo-Nazis, Mel Gibson was Alt right!

The Kush, ready for war. 
Trump is Jewish like he is Christian, he just ticks those boxes to appeal to a wider audience. Remember when Romney went brown face for Mexican TV? Remember when Hillary claimed to be a woman? .... they do try it on. Oh and Hillary is 100% animal ... oh yeah. 

All Presidents claim to be of Irish descent too ... except for Trump, that says a lot right there. Instead he comes from the Scottish clan Macleod on the isle of Lewis. Old Knudsen doesn't think he appreciates this history as they were poor, it is of note though that the Lewis clan tartan is yellow, their version of tacky gold perhaps. 

Luckily other politicians understand leadership and the optics better than Trump does and have condemned the Nazis as evil domestic terrorists. 

Terry McAuliffe, the governor of Virginia said, "Go home, there is no place for you here."

The polite version of fuck off and die scumbags.

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