Tuesday, 22 August 2017

A New Tactic

The face of war constantly changes. With every technological leap the US does in its ability to kill people the likes of Russia and China will create an old school method to get around them.

Terrorists are now mainly brown people, no one thinks of the IRA or Eastern Bloc people when terrorists are mentioned now. Cars and vans are also a low risk high yield method to kill folk. Making bombs can be difficult not to mention unpredictable. More chance of getting caught before you do anything.

With ISIS in retreat there will be less Middle Eastern battles and more white van driver attacks. The kind of people that can't get over the Confederacy losing. 

 USS John S McCain

First there was the Destroyer USS Fitzgerald that had a collision that left 7 sailors dead. Now there is the guided missile destroyer USS John S McCain that has 10 sailors missing at the time of this writing.

Shit that shouldn't happen, a senseless waste of life since there isn't even a war. Trump has continually sent more ships to join the 7th Fleet to show US strength but I fear it has exposed a US weakness.

USS Fitzgerald

Two different civilian ships with no apparent connection to each other, accidents do happen it's just coincidence that the civilian ships used the strongest part of their hull to ram the US ships and that the civilian ships barely had any damage. On The Fitzerald it was the US crew at fault.

I bet the Chinese took note though. The Chinese have been expanding their territory and have been taking over atolls and rocks in International waters building bases and airstrips on them. No one is going to go to war over rocks.  They also use civilian ships to spy on the US and test their defenses with.

How close will they let us get before telling us to go? It's called probing, how much can you get away with without actaully starting a war? ... they all do it.

The next time tensions heat up and they will perhaps there will be a few more "accidents" at sea. Rather than firing on civilian ships the US are bound to try to avoid them. Large ships do not turn very easily.

Crippled ships that need repair cannot fight. If there was a war the ports in Japan or Singapore would be destroyed or guarded to avoid ships from getting in. Repairs at sea can only do so much and all it would take would be a storm to finish these sitting ducks off.

The high tech navy that supplies and defends would be vulnerable so far from home having to sail thousands of miles to Australia.    

Ships sailing to various ports and being days away from each other. So much potential for things to go wrong.


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