Monday, 21 August 2017

20 Things Donald Trump Doesn't Understand

1) Reality: Just because someone wearing a suit and tie presents a news segment on a channel known for bias doesn't make it real. Youtubes are not reliable sources either. Life is also not a TV show and treating it as such with teasers and saying "stay tuned" and making shit happen on Thursdays and Fridays only shows you up as an attention hoor.

He also spreads false Internet stories like the one about General Pershing and would no doubt fall for the evil plans of hacker Jayden K Smith. 

2) Why giving secrets to a rival nation is bad: Russia and China have been insidiously planting themselves into western countries in all manner of ways. No one ever sat down with a young Donald and explained 'Stranger Danger' so it was just assumed he was at the top of the ladder and no one would dare try to pull a fast one.

His need to want to fit in and be one of the big boys outweighs his common sense. Showing off what he knows only showed the world to not tell him shit. If Israel had wanted the Russians to know things they'd tell them.  

3) Treating people like shit isn't good leadership: Even a toady will hold a grudge and one day the tables may be turned. Trump publicly berates the Intelligence community as a motivational tool to say to them, 'I'm watching, work harder' but it back fires and you get Comey writing notes and testifying. He is so used to treating people like shit that his compliments always sound false and insincere.

One week you might be getting publicly shamed and the next you are a terrific guy. Bad mouthing FBI directors to Russians isn't smart either and shows how weak and undisciplined you are. You only fired a nut job? In Russia they get wrapped in tarps and dumped.  

4) The American people are not represented by his white ego validation rallies: These white enclaves of support are like those little backwards towns where white folks are still the majority and like it that way. Sun Down towns had their day and these little groups of bigots are ever decreasing in size. Now he has to go to the likes of Arizona for support, what's next Kansas?

He has underestimated the American people and even his supporting bigots. 3 quarters of a nation is out to get him.  

5) The Internet: From the people that think handing over a server is providing valuable evidence. If your mail was stolen would you give the police yer mail box? Since he doesn't trust the NSA he is talking about setting up a Cyber Command department ... probably because it sounds cool.

Trump doesn't use a computer and probably had someone else set up his Twitter account. 

6) Work ethic: It turns out that his Scottish and German blood was faulty, not enough Protestant guilt over being sinful probably. He thinks that people running after HIM to have a meeting and taking some phone calls is work. Trump puts more effort into golf and Twitter than he does running the cuntry ... and it shows.

Everything is a parade or ceremony caught on camera for Twitter. He even lies about working when he's really playing golf so he knows what he's doing, he's just lazy.

7) The military: Having never been to war he thinks of it as a young inexperienced man does, as a great adventure. Soldiers are supposed to be killed in a glorious hail of bullets saving their buddies not captured or made disabled. He says he respect the military, police and veterans but when he has to live up to that you can see he only respects those he can use.

Ceremonies to honor those serving their country is often just a big long Trump event all about him. He can't even properly speak to Boy Scouts without making it about him. 

No good or decent soldier condones the torture or execution of prisoners. Torture doesn't work as they'll tell you whatever you want to hear, executions only goes to make YOU the bad guy and to give the enemy something to rally around. 

8) Allies & NATO: He treats allies as if they are lazy slackers that work for him. No one pays membership fees in NATO but they do have to spend 2% of their economic output on defense but there is no running tab.
By alienating allies and berating them in public he forms a divide that only weakens the US and the world. He plays into Putin's hands and is seem as a dangerous joke by other leaders.

9) Nazis: Plot twist, Nazis are bad! Nazis, White Supremacists, kkk, White Nationalists, Economic Nationalists the Alt-Right .... all the same fucken thing no matter how you dress it up.

The Nazis killed well over 6 million people in their death camps, they did cruel medical experiments on children and pregnant women, they believed that white people were superior and the other inferior races should either be wiped out or made into slaves. White blokes in polo shirts holding scented candles as they chant Nazi slogans .... not the good guys. Such an easy concept to grasp it shows you what a lack of morals Trump must have.

People attacking Nazis are not the same as Nazis. WWII vets would have an issue with that logic. 

10) History: Trump mixes up time lines and doesn't understand the importance that a few decades make. Andrew Jackson never warned Lincoln about a civil war. Jackson died 16 years before Lincoln took office.
Trump admires Jackson even though crazy ass Jackson would have hated Trump and would have probably dueled him for his derogatory remarks about women.

Comparing Washington and Jefferson to Robert E Lee is clear that Trump doesn't do history. Washington, Jefferson and Lee were all white males and all owned slaves. Only one of them is a traitor to the US though.
Compare Benedict Arnold to Lee if you want to go there. Both slaves owners, both Generals, both traitors to the US and both losers.

Trump thinks 1863 Gettysburg is the address where Lincoln lived. You don't learn history from statues that depict a traitorous loser douchebag looking heroic on a horse, losers don't get statues. 

11) Pop Culture: For being a part of pop culture having been in many movies and his own TV show with a catchphrase and all he doesn't know about pop culture. Being fooled into Re-Tweeting serial killers Fred and Rose West and serial pedo Jimmy Savile is one thing as you can put that down to being a clueless Yank.
However I bet he doesn't know that winter is coming and Daft Punk was totally wasted on him.

12) Women: Somehow he seems to think he's irresistible to women. For every one women attracted to his money and fame I bet their are 20 that are revolted by him. He doesn't value women as people and puts a higher value on beauty.
He certainly doesn't understand the power that women can have when enough of them are angry, if he isn't worried he should be.

12) His Wife: Wife number 3. He cheats with a younger model then marries them. As like the Kennedys the women in Trump's life just have to put up with shit until he says otherwise. Melania hates him but doesn't hate the lifestyle. Complicit in his rantings against Obama she will play along but I suspect it costs him money to have this united front in public. She does the bare minimum as First Lady and probably voted for Hillary.

13) Why he is hated: Trump has had a pampered life with people telling him how great he is even when he wasn't. Now he is held to a different standard. He abused Obama for years with his birther crap yet somehow didn't think he'd be on the receiving end because hey, it's The Don!

The American people need to respect him because he's President ... respect the office!!! Even though he constantly disrespects it himself. Respect has to be earned and he doesn't know how to do it.

The Trump brand has quickly become poison, people are even giving their Ivanka unoriginals to Goodwill.

14) The border wall: His lie about the border wall got whittled down so much that now it's only going to be some keep off the grass signs stretched out over 40 feet and there won't be any grass.

He says that walls work and points to tiny Israel of all places as an example. He never says how the Great wall of China failed or even the Berlin wall. A 50 foot wall just needs a 51 foot ladder.    
It all connects with his great white plan to get rid of as many brown people as he can from the US.

15) Foreign Policy: One thing you should never do is over play your hand. For many nations the only thing the US can do to them is hit them with sanctions. To get to the point in which you talk about military action and then back down from it only shows you as being weak. This is why he wants to invest in cyber warfare more.

Russia and China are the main threats in the world, you can't appease them. The reason why China is such a good trading partner is the vastness of the Pacific ocean and the fact that China already owns most of the US anyways. North Korea does not have nukes it can hit the US with, they just won the pissing contest with the US by doing nothing at all.

Trump has shown the world just how weak and impotent the US is. Rival nations probe with flybys and missile tests to see how much of a declining power the US is, Trump goes out of his way to show them.

16) His own image: It isn't the strong successful businessman that can get the best deal possible. Trump is a shallow, glib, insincere, pampered, misogynistic bigot. He's the guy that isn't racist because he has a black friend.

He has been known to harass people that put up unflattering images of him or say negative things about him  ... yeah he's a petty bully too.

He surrounds himself with white people that are mostly male and the few women he has really do try to look good either with tons of make up or plastic surgery ... people he can identity with and that he can manipulate because he doesn't get the ethnics ... unless it's a non-threatening white friendly one like Carson. 

Speaking your mind and being honest can be valued but not when you spew bullshit and lies. His mind sees a different set of optics than others do. His attitude that people should be grateful to him blows up in his face.

17) Spelling: Trump went to expensive schools and came out of them with a third rate education, not an easy thing to do. It can be unprecedented/unpresidented, heel instead of heal or covfefe instead of coverage. We all do typos and lucky for us there are always some helpful people out there to point out our mistakes.

He uses the same words over and over but when he uses others he isn't familiar with such as positive words like heal ... what the fuck is that? Heel on the other hand is what he makes his Russia hookers or underage sex slaves do. Heel is also old timey slang for a scumbag criminal.

He typed 'heel' twice in a tweet, deleted that tweet reworded it with 'heel' typed twice again then deleted that and replaced it with heal which was what he meant. It took him 37 mins to do all of this. If only he had put heil, then we'd really have some fun.   

18) Obama: If you think that by undoing everything that Obama did will make America great again then you are clueless. Trump measures himself against Obama and is driven to be better and bigger, it isn't a help America thing it's a showing up the black guy to prove that Trump was right all along.

Obama is Trump's great half white whale. Obama got the US back on it's feet and helped mend its reputation after 8 years of Bush. He was however pretty shite at foreign affairs but at least he knew to be worried about Putin.
Trump also uses Obama and Hillary as distractions by claiming Trump Tower was bugged or something stupid. Maybe it's because Russian mobsters have operated out of Trump Tower in the recent past. 

Trump's constant undoing of Obama era rulings will only make the former president even more popular.

19) What is appropriate: There is a line of not knowing and not caring about what is and what isn't appropriate. When Trump has to think and speak for himself he always goes for something that isn't appropriate like banging his daughter.    
Trump thinks he can do whatever he wants but now the public eye and due process gets in the way of that. Having his daughter stand in for him and lining the pockets of the Trump family is probably seen as a perk of the job to him.

Trump has always hired the best people but now he hires family and those who have shown loyalty to him, good isn't a factor anymore because he's at war from all sides.

Ignoring fallen soldiers he tweets about job numbers and the stock market ... things no one really cares about. A healthy economy is great but not worth repeatedly tweeting about, fallen war heroes and people killed by Nazis however.

20) Being human: A fool at 71 is indeed a fool. Good leaders are made, you really think he's able to become one? He probably doesn't think that there is anything wrong with his leadership skills, the Dems or the FAKE NEWS media are the ones at fault. 

Trump isn't a warm and compassionate person, he's an asshole. He uses people and throws them away when they are of no further use to him. Going by his mannerisms he's probably on the autism spectrum and has possible early dementia.  He sees such things as weaknesses which is why he doesn't like his youngest son who is probably autistic ... maybe he reminds him of himself.

Like those type A personalities that have a mental disorder but refuse to admit it and so it has to be everyone else's problem not theirs.

He is 71, he'd be forever alone if he didn't have his power and money. He'd live in a trailer, his kids or ex wives wouldn't visit nor would any so-called friends. No one enjoys his company they enjoy the perks of it.
He thinks a fake orange tan, dodgy hair and ill fitting suits look good ... he chooses to look like that for fucks sake.   

What Trump does understand is whatever gives him a chubby and turning people against each other. Also giving the appearance of being strong but that doesn't last for long.

Instead of building a Trump dynasty that would rule the US for generations to come he himself is ending it in his short first term.
He likes to go on about winning the election but remember that he lost in 2000 and chickened out after that. Obama's second term ending was the best time as the US would be vulnerable not having an incumbent candidate. Even with the Russian Twitter bots and how easy it is to hack voting machines without anyone knowing he got lucky, nothing more. Gullible voters as blinded by hate as much as he is did the rest.   

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