Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Tom Cruise Is The Next Doctor Who

It only just feels like we went through this, who is going to be the next James Bond Dr Who? There are many that want to spoil an already failing show by going the PC novelty route ignoring what made the 2005 re-boot popular in the first place.

A black Asian gender fluid a-sexual Australian has been what many have been calling for. Or we could just black up a white British actor and make them talk funny.  It's the BBC, anything goes.

Tom Cruise has been tipped as being the next Doctor. We've seen from movies like Far and Away  and The Waterboy that Cruise can do accents.   We've seen from War of the Worlds and The Mummy that his judgement in picking roles has been quite questionable so he might do it.

We caught up with him on the set of Mission Impossible 9: The Search For Spock.

"I always like to stretch my acting range and try something different so my Doctor would be the polar opposite to the one played by Peter Capaldi. People want explosions and to see the Doctor being thrown across the Tardis in slow motion. I see the Doctor being ex-Special Forces with a sonic blaster fighting for his family. I also want to put my stamp on him with an accent, I'm toying with making my Doctor Canadian."

Exciting stuff, I'm hoping for this to happen.  Cruise has been practicing time travel to get into the character deeper. 

 There has never been an orange Doctor

No one asked him but President Trump has said that he's considering the role.  

"I don't know what it is but everyone tells me I'd be great for it. I'd be the best Doctor Strange ever. When you are a Timelord the companions will let you do anything, kiss them, dry hump their leg and even grab em by the Cybermat!" 

Likely a dodgy looking not well known and not US friendly/acceptable Brit will get chosen. With 
Steven Moffat racing Capaldi to leave the sinking ship maybe we'll get a good Doctor this time. One that can act and gets good scripts instead of relying on speaking fast and a companion that nobody really cares about.

Yet again just like the last time Old Knudsen backs Damien Molony. There has never been an Irish Doctor ... wouldn't that piss off the DUP? He can do an English accent if Irish is too controversial.  

Molony is a good looking lad that can certainly act, his vampire Hal in Almost Human was awesome and fun to watch. Much better than that Poldork bloke with the hair. Molony could easily charm the US too. 

Dr Who writer Toby Whithouse has joined Old Knudsen in choosing Molony, lets make it happen cos the show is in sore need something interesting though not explosions and Tom Cruise.  

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