Monday, 31 July 2017

The More Things Change

One of the most shocking things about the Watergate scandal wasn't Nixon spying/hacking the DNC, it was the swearing. The straight laced, Quaker, square swore like a sailor ... oh that's right he was a sailor during WWII. Bone spurs or religious beliefs didn't stop him from serving.

The current admin has pussy grabbing Trump who doesn't mind swearing, he hangs out with  Rudy Giuliani for fucks sake, that baldy cunt makes Old Knudsen blush.

Now as a White spokesperson and all round arsehole there is suck your own cock Anthony Scaramucci .... seriously is sucking your own cock an insult in Jersey? Old Knudsen thinks that would be 'achievement unlocked' I'd put on latex gloves and shake that man's hand.

Weemen would be obsolete (paper plates and a Roomba for the housewerk) we'd finally be free. Men can grow boobs and also don't forget the many uses of sheep and jars of raw liver.

Who is Old Knudsen kidding we'll never be free, they have a hold over us like butt fingering witches!

Anyways if Old Knudsen could suck his own cock he'd never see the outside werld ever again and would end up a drained, dried out shell like yer fella in the movie Seven with all the air freshener trees, you know the one, an icon fucken scene.

When people aren't pointing out the similarities that Hitler and Trump share they compare the Trump admin to the Nixon one.
The two families were long time friends. Nixon had people making fun of him on SNL and Nixon made a General (Haig) his Chief of Staff, they both resented the elites of society. Also neither Trump or Nixon were crooks. They were misunderstood patriots and Ivanka is the White House's cum bucket conscience so back off you mean Liberals.

During an event for Readers Digest a singer (Canadian trouble maker) held up a sign and asked Nixon to stop bombing the slopes gooks people in Nam. She said that Nixon was supposed to be a Christian and if Jesus was here he wouldn't dare drop another bomb.

If Jesus was there he'd say, 'Quaker, what the fuck is that?'

She put the sign away and then they sang 'Ma, he's making eyes at me' ... barely any applause then someone said 'throw the bum out'.  

Ray Conniff the brave band leader then asked that she leave which she did without further hassle. It reminds me a little of Trump throwing people out of his rallies. Also how no one good wanted to perform for him at his Inauguration.
The singer, Carole Addesso, nee Feraci had also been on civil right marches, she only sang at the non-paying event so she could speak out.

Nixon compared it to when Eartha Kitt who was asked to give a speech at a luncheon did so and explained why young men would rather dodge the draft or protest than fight. Lady Bird Johnson may have cried a little thanks to this evil dark skinned woman that spoke the unpopular truth and didn't know her place.

The secret recordings that Nixon made (bet Trump has too) were used at the Watergate hearing. Nixon had thought they were his tapes, turns out they belonged to the people. To be able to publish transcripts in the papers, Expletive Deleted became the term used. It became a popular catchphrase like Fake News I suppose. The lying and the spying he might have gotten away with but the cussing.

Hell and Christ were classed as Expletive Deleted so his swearing seemed worse than it was. Nixon said his swearing was nothing compared to LBJ and considering Johnson used to whip out his Johnson I'm sure he was right.

JFK was also a bit of a foul mouthed cunt and according to Nixon treated his staff like dogs.

Someone who seems to be at the ear of everyone since Nixon is Henry Kissinger. A Jewish immigrant who fled Nazi Germany with his family in 1938 he joined up in WWII and mostly due to his ability to speak German was put into military intelligence.

In the late 60's and early 70's the Soviets had banned Jews from immigrating and even taxed the ones in important jobs to prevent a brain drain. Nixon didn't want anything like this to hurt Cold War peace talks so they decided to ignore whatever discrimination was going on there.

Kissinger said during a conversation with Nixon:

"I’m Jewish myself, but who are we to complain about Soviet Jews? It’s none of our business. If they complain, if they made a public protest to us for the treatment of Negroes, we’d be ..." 

It's bad when the government knows how they are treating people but do it anyways. 

The line they took with another minority group 'the gays' is as Nixon put it "they are born that way". 


 "The Greeks. And they had plenty of it. . . . By God, I am not going to have a situation where we pass along a law indicating, “Well, now, kids, just go out and be gay.” They can do it. Just leave them alone. That’s a lifestyle I don’t want to touch ... "

With President Ford who pardoned Nixon like Pence will do with Trump


"It’s one thing for people to, you know, like some people we know, who would do it discreetly, but to make that a national policy ... "

Sort of like. You can't have Transgenders bravely serving their cuntry so that Bubba in butthurt Kentucky has the right to discriminate and hate them. Fucking over one group to maintain the status quo or achieve something else. Trump also recently fucked over the Syrian rebels fighting against Assad.

Kissinger wormtongue has been advising every president (unofficially) for decades. He's a part of history. While he's been attached to CIA human rights abuses he is also credited with negotiating a ceasefire for the Vietnam war. 

He advised Trump to accept "Crimea as a part of Russia"  like a little bitch ... pleased to meet you, hope you guess my name. He has met with Putin many times. If he didn't have a rep he'd be totally investigated. He's a member of those rich people groups mentioned on conspiracy websites that go on about Deep State and New World Order. 

Burying some bodies

Hillary Clinton described him as a "friend and a source of counsel" and Kissinger has praised her stint as Secretary of State. She helped crash Russia's economy for fucks sake, you won't see Trump 'strong on Russia' do such a thing. 

Bernie Sanders who doesn't have Clinton's way the wind blows moral compass said, "I am proud to say that Henry Kissinger is not my friend. I will not take advice from Henry Kissinger." ... oh snap! 

Kissinger is estimated at being close to 3,000 years old but is probably much older. He'll no doubt die now that I've hinted at him being Satan ... time for another body. 

What we need from the current admin to really be like Nixon is some dodgy CIA action. Remove lil Kim from power in North Korea maybe, chances are we'll find out. 

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