Monday, 10 July 2017

The G-20 In Pictures

The very first G-20 back when it was only a G-14, they grow up so fast. 

This post is for my readers that don't reed two good. While Old Knudsen hates the poorly educated he is werking on being a more tolerant person. Even morons need to know what is going on in the werld as Fox News doesn't tell you half of it. Here is a post on the G-20 meeting in Hamburg otherwise known as Awkward Fest 2017. 

The Democrats spared no expense and flew in thousands of paid protesters to disrupt the meeting. You lost, get over it snowflakes! 

Angela Merkel the sexiest thing that has cum out of Germany since Eva Braun fended off the EU and wondered if Juncker stuck his tongue down slutty May's throat too. Does she get tongue after Brexit? 

She had to talk to President Trump as she was the host. Trump has German ancestry and is fluent in ... no languages actually not even English. Never trust a US president that can't claim direct Irish ancestry. Even Obama made the effort there for fucks sake. 

Merkel who can also speak Russian and English forgets how to speak English when Trump talks to her. 

Putin can speak German but the only English he knows is 'please, no more, I'll tell you everything' and 'my daughter has a banging hot body, it's tremendous'

There were other leaders people at the summit but we only know the main ones and the hot ones like JT and Macron.  

Trump got to meet some old friends like Xi the king of China. 

And again. Maybe Xi has a twin brother???? 

And again. Seriously though they should have name tags or something. 

But everyone wanted to see the will they or won't they moment. If yer a fan of the X-Files then you'll know how important the tease is, as soon as they do it though who cares huh? 

Trump was overly gushy probably nerves and the fact he is intimidated by the much smaller Putin who is a stone cold killa .... no literally he's a killer. Trump congratulated Putin on his election win which is to take place in 2018. I hear it'll be a great voter turnout.  

Trump touched Putin's arm and patted his back like counting coup but it wasn't in a confident way as a dominant Trump pulls the other person towards him and doesn't pat arms from below.

The first handshake was photobombed by that speccy EU cunt. Old Knudsen wasn't for Brexit before but since that speccy cunt spoiled the moment Old Knudsen has gone full Brexitard. 

Trump even styled his mullet special for the occasion. On the next handshake he made sure his handshake was underneath and subservient. Putin likes to be on top. 

They spoke for 2 hours with Putin's people taking notes and Trump having to be reminded by his staff about certain codes etc. The KGB can make you think you are having a polite conversation while they are actually doing some light interrogation.  

The line up for the group leader photo had Trump standing on the very end. As like when the President of Poland's wife shook hands with Melania while snubbing Donald, Marcon of France who is a confidant and compassionate male felt sorry for Trump's ego and moved from beside his bestie and new love Justin Trudeau to take the end slot.

As like in the traitorous war for Independence the bloody French cum to the rescue again. I pity anyone that needs the French.

At all the G-20's Obama has attended he was never that far away from the host nation. Trump was definitely put on the naughty step.

Trump had plenty of time to sit and think. How could he make them rue the day? Perhaps with trade tariffs and angry tweets like a real man would do. He could bomb some caves in Afghanistan again that got him hard before.

The foreign crap they serve for dinner had Trump on an extended visit to the toilet or as he said 'a meeting with the Indonesian leader' .... does Indonesia even have a leader? ... nobody knows.

He let the next just as qualified as he is person to stand in for him. The First Lady daughter/wife Ivanka the owner of a fashion brand who recently stated she had no interest in politics was an obvious choice.

As she says 'life never hands you things, you have to work for it' ... so wise and self-aware.

Like a president she sat on her own with no one talking to her and blamed Obama. She took the time to repeal all trade deals that Obama had set up with Poland, luckily she was only President for 20 minutes as her father's business all came out rapidly and only ass juice was dripping now. You can function with an ass juice drip but the tighty whities are gonna need bleached.

A staffer apologized to Poland and the trade deals are still on. She may have also nuked a country but couldn't remember which one. Is it Iran or Iraq that is the bad guy? .... who knows? Those European place names all sound the same to me.

A most successful summit, we aren't sure if anything was agreed upon though Trump has been tweeting how he wants to form a US/Russian cyber unit to prevent any future hacking. Trump has repeatedly said the US Intel community are shite and believes Russia more than he does them.

After numerous derogatory and very public remarks about the Intelligence community Old Knudsen wouldn't be surprised if some interesting info comes to light very soon.  Perhaps the file the FBI are bound to have on Trump dating back to his visits to Soviet Russia.

Trump may have a friend in Putin but sure knows that the rest of the world hates him. He'll be needing a ton of MAGA rallies to get his confidence back up after this.

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