Wednesday, 26 July 2017

The Best Trump Lies to Believe In Right Now

As the dragnet of justice moves in on Trump and on those around him the random threats and accusations increase. Did Trump collude with the Russians? ... possibly ... probably not but we know he really wanted to.

He did say he had a bombshell to drop about Hillary while his lackeys were setting up the meetings. He certainly took advantage of these mysterious hackers helping his side.

I suspect that like Al Capone it won't be the Russian connection or a life of crime that gets him but some random boring detail instead.

Why would Russians want to discuss Russian adoptions with his son and Kushner? They wouldn't. We aren't being told the full truth about the meeting.

It could have a nefarious blackmailing Hillary angle, it could be to plant bugs or infect computers in Trump Tower with an infected USB drive that gives them remote access or it could just be a meeting with some dodgy ex-KGB types they can compromise or use as leverage against Trump with.  Don't do what we want we'll make shit up about the meeting.

It's all possible.

  Certainly guilty of having a hideous coat. No pics from Trump Tower I see. 

As Old Knudsen navigates Twitter trying to put his calm version of sanity out there he gets constant demands by random strangers that insist he justifies something that Hillary or Obama might have done. 

Why? ... Do I like Obama or something? If Hillary wasn't so fucken sexy I wouldn't give her the time of day.  Also they aren't in the news right now so what does it matter?  

Hillary met Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko. As you can see it was filmed and not in secret. The rumor being that she colluded with them to sabotage Trump.

Yeah nice try, do you even reason bro?

Ukraine can't keep the Russians out of their elections, computers and oh cuntry. They are poor and beleaguered, they aren't going to be able to help you at all.

It takes a lot of resources to hack and then carefully time the release of the info. Something a government with a lot of money would be able to do.

The Democrats while in power did help the Ukrainians by funding NGO's that fought against Russian influence. If Hillary did work with them then it would be against Russian influence ... oh are you saying the Trump campaign is Russian friendly?  

It's just dumb and hey she lost so this is about as valid and newsworthy as her kill lists, illnesses, pizza pedo rings and her membership in the NWO.

Wise the fuck up and go take yer meds!

This guy is terrible at golf! ... I'm sorry, I get nervous, I'll try harder, I'll be more loyal. 

Attorney General Jeff Sessions is becoming more popular cos Trump is raging against him.

Megyn Kelly, James Comey and John McCain all received praise when Trump attacked them. Kelly is still a bigoted bimbo asshole, Comey is still an ex-Republican with a mass of issues about reputation who did help get Trump elected and McCain is still that asshole that has been trying to sell off Injun land to mining companies.

Oh sure he's a war hero with brain cancer but he's still a total douchebag that learned nothing from going to war. Dropping bombs on a nation that barely have an air force, is that really brave?  

Sessions was supposed to be a Yes-Bigot. Trump likes loyalty especially when it comes to people who work with the law. He doesn't want people to just do their jobs, he wants favoritism towards him.

He says Sessions is weak on Hillary but it was Trump that said to leave her alone during his first interview for 60 minutes ... no wonder no one sane wants to work for him. The State Dept is missing all those deputy positions because he hasn't got anyone for them, no one knows what the fuck is going on in this admin ... except Putin, he knows it all.  

The Russian investigation worries Trump for some reason, there is definitely something to find but will it be about Russia? Probably vast loans made to him when US banks wouldn't lend to him.

 I would totally interrogate her

Real Estate is great for hiding funds. Anna Chapman one of the spies caught in New York in 2010 worked in Real Estate. Her business was in debt for years then suddenly she was employing 50 people and didn't have to declare the mysterious money.

Vnesheconombank (VEB) the Russian government-owned development bank certainly had talks with the Trumps/Kushners. 

Sex offender Bill O'Reilly Tweeted something dumb about how Jared Kushner couldn't possibly collude with Russia because he looks too young and fresh faced ... looking for a job Bill? Kushner only sounds like a child when he speaks but he's all man.

Trump calls his son Don Jr a boy or a kid. Donnie Jr is a 39 year-old elephant killing adult. Cut the shit they are adults and know what they've done. The only reason Junior came clean with his e-mails and meetings with ex KGB types is because they keep getting caught out and that hasn't worked so bluffing it out and claiming incompetence helps you avoid jail.

I didn't know the meeting was about Russia cos I didn't read all of the e-mail ... the one titled RE: Russia.

It's gonna be terrific, beautiful, the biggest poo ever! 

Blame shift and gas light .... Hillary, Obama, Democrats, CNN, Joe in the fucken morning. Never Putin or Trump's fault.

The media is so focused on Russia because shit actually happened and the current Commander in Chief doesn't seem to be taking it seriously.

Trump asks his lawyers about pardoning ... his lawyer's spokesperson resigns, probably with a facepalm.

Obama never needed lawyers. Trump has to sign a bill or not sign it about more sanctions on Russia. If he signs he's fucked over Putin and Exxon, which is probably why Tillerson wants to leave now. If he doesn't sign then that may be the thing that makes the GOP finally revolt as it shows that Trump loves Putin's cock.

Both ideas have been floated. The new guy Scaramucci gets the truth and dawn of the dead Sanders gets undermined once she makes a statement as Trump is ready to retire her too like he did with Spicer.

Trump has his aircraft carrier send off's, his Hitler Youth Scout jamborees and ego validation rallies but his time is coming. He'll blanket pardon his family and friends if it looks like they'll get caught with something and when he resigns or gets impeached President Pence will pardon him like Ford did with Nixon.

The world isn't standing around and waiting for something to give. While the US bickers, Russia continues to hack and phish and to set up a nearby observation points in Venezuela, North Korea will launch whatever it wants, Iran will take hostages and head off boats in the Straits of Hormuz and China ... they'll make all the money while taking over the South China sea one rock at a time.

Iran and China have already been engaging in probing, that's seeing what you can get away without starting a war. This activity happens in all the disputed territories that the US always seems to be in.

A bickering US, a weak UK government and a divided Europe. All of the rival nations smelling our weakness like a shark smells blood.  

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