Wednesday, 5 July 2017

I Can't Take This World Seriously

Monalisa Perez 19, and her boyfriend Pedro Ruiz, 22 wanted to be famous YouTubers ... you gots to have yer dreams right?

It's all about content that's fresh, different and new. Or you can do the same old shit day in day out like Old Knudsen does on his blog. Stay tuned for my next post, 'Why Are People Such Stupid Cunts?'  

Remember when a wannabe rapper shot himself in the mouth? Kasper Tha Phantom used a small gun with a low velocity round which travels slower than a standard bullet. Mr Tha Phantom swallowed the bullet before being rushed to hospital. He wanted to use a different gun a 9 mil cos that's what rappers go on about but his friend said no, that's armor piercing.

No, guns are not armor piercing, you'd have to be the Hulk to achieve this with a very hard throw and you don't have to use an armor piercing round. I believe AP bullets for handguns have been banned since 1986 anyways so why waste one if you had it on some fool's ugly bake?

 You should shoot me, that would be cool

Pedro Ruiz came up with the idea that his girlfriend Monalisa Perez would shoot at him with a handgun while he held thick book in front of him.

Law enforcement agencies did consider the use of books instead of kevlar at one point so I see how he thought this could work. He also allegedly tried shooting a thick book at least once to test it.

If Mr Tha Phantom could do it then ..... Theodore Roosevelt had a thick boring speech mostly stop a bullet and in the movies a Bible or hip flask always stop bullets, it's fact! 

So the young couple with one brain cell between them set it up. Neighbors watched through the windows of their house and their 3 year-old daughter got to watch this fine example of young adulthood too.

So use a little caliber bullet, use a 9 mil perhaps.
No, what they went with was a 50 cal Desert Eagle. One of the most powerful handguns. I guess they couldn't get an even more powerful 50 cal Smith & Wesson revolver so they made do.

Why have a 50 Desert Eagle? You can kill someone just as dead with a 40 or 45 if stopping power made you hard.

You have a 50 cal Desert Eagle if you are a fucken poser. No military in the world issues these. They are over kill and obviously more expensive to shoot. You can stop a truck with one of these or just shoot through things like um ... thick books.

Testing a bullet proof vest in 1923

Perez who is pregnant with their second child fired from a foot away. I don't know how this was a good idea at all.

Adults that still have child like mentalities that can breed and own guns. She got out on $7,000 bail. I don't what will happen to the children you may see them on YouTube getting tattoos or something, maybe this notoriety will get her the 300,000 subscribers she yearned for.

The lesson of this story is if you are going chase your dreams don't aim so big.   

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