Thursday, 6 July 2017

Corbyn To Be PM Any Day Now

Jeremy Corbyn took time away from dropping acid in the teepee in his garden to remind the British people that he still has a chance of becoming Prime Minister.

"Any day now Theresa May will just give in. The crying the u-turns the pressure will be too much for her and she'll give me the keys to Number 10 .... any day now."  

John his neighbour who is fed up with these outlandish claims keeps shouting over the fence, "you lost you hippy!"

Corbyn thinks that if he blames lots of things on the Tories they'll just give up and Labour being the biggest loser in the election will get power by default.  

Corbyn turned his attention to his garden fence and reminded his neighbour whom he calls a negative ninny that he didn't lose, he just didn't win with style which is totally a victory in his rose tinted mind. 

"Any day now, just you wait and see." Corbyn added before re-joining the drum circle.   


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