Monday, 17 July 2017

Bucket Of Deplorables

Old Knudsen can't go anywhere on Twitter without being called a Dem or a Libtard and getting asked why he hates America and having others demand that he defends the actions of Obama or Hillary from years ago.

I comment on current affairs only to have people say well what about crooked Hilary who gave Russians uranium or Obama who opened all the borders .... there is always some silly shite.

Thankfully many of these morons have put the word 'deplorable' in their name so we can tell they are mongs straight away. Is mong not acceptable? sorry snowflake I meant spaz. Hillary Clinton called half of Trump's supporters a basket of deplorables, I prefer bucket as in they must have climbed out of the abortion bucket.

This condemnation of these American voters is deplorable as it is probably way more than half .    

Deplorable means something deserving strong condemnation or is completely unacceptable. Something shameful, dishonorable, inexcusable ... you get the idea.

There isn't that thing in which young people have taken the word deplorable and turned it around. 'Hey dude that bike you have is totes deplorable' or 'I just had deplorable sex with your mom, the thing she does with her feet is beast.'

Young people are idiots. Nope deplorable means deplorable. These deplorable people should just get a cock and balls tattooed onto their foreheads and be done.

The master race for Trump!

Deplorables fall into my bully and poorly informed stubborn arsehole categories which as they would say 'triggers' me though there is no butthurt as I am not emotionally invested in their opinions. The fact that they are so dumb and possibly believe the crap they type offends me. I get frustrated that I can't stab them in the neck repeatedly. 

Sure I've met Liberals just as dumb and rabidly blinkered but I've met more good Liberals than I have bad ones. Keep me away from those women that demand equality but stop acting human once they talk to a white male ... they refuse to get your jokes and look for something to be offended about, they really bend my shite, such issues. Like hating all dogs cos one bit you. 

If the US has any self respect left this will be the President in 2020

Trump called Hillary a 'nasty woman' though it has been around longer than Trump. Janet Jackson used nasty in the sexual meaning much like how freaky is used.  Some Libtards have been calling themselves Nasty Women (including men)  and Samantha Bee has raised over a million dollars for Planned Parenthood by selling Nasty Women t-shirts. 

Unlike deplorable, nasty does have the meaning of something being excellent, good or even cool. 

 Your mom is nasty, her stench trench smells nasty but she gives a nasty diddy wank. 

More like a Nazi Woman .... such a damn waste.  

The Deplorables communicate online the same way their leader Trump does, as if the election is still on. They are stuck in a hateful time loop in which Obama and Hillary are still constantly in the news cycle. 
Perhaps the sites and news outlets they frequent keep them this way so when Old Knudsen is discussing Donald jr colluding with former Soviet spies and how it all happened during the DNC leaks which is more than mere coincidence they are ranting on about it being Obama's fault or why Hillary should be in jail for deleting e-mails. 

Lets ignore the 22 million emails the Bush admin deleted 2003 - 2005 but who cares about that cos um ... Hillary!

The Trump admin and his followers, cronies and employed family members have made their own problems. They and the Deplorables will never accept that and so continue to blame others for their ills.

Excuses get made for treason and whatever questionable things they get up to. When these Deplorables comment on Twitter you have to accept that they are coming from a damaged point of view, their moral compass has been gang raped in the prison shower.
They are still to be held accountable for their words but beating a dog for not reminding you to take yer pills gets boring after a while.

Harsh mockings and wit are wasted on the Deplorables but as long as Old Knudsen is entertaining himself then that's ok.

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