Tuesday, 4 July 2017

A Profile Of Putin

Oliver Stone's Putin Interviews has been very much blasted by several critics for being too soft on Putin and being anti-American. What the fuck do critics know? Did they watch it with their rose colored glasses on after watching a load of John Wayne and Cunt Eastwood movies? What the fuck, why isn't Putin speaking English, speak English ya fucken foreigner cos I don't read subtitles too gud.

Don't everyone speak English like wot we do over there in Europe?

America is only the good guy in the movies just like how British people are only super polite and quaint in the minds of those who have never gone to the UK.

Oliver Stone is that Liberal that makes long boring conspiracy movies right? If you think Oswald fired 3 shots in 6 seconds from an old crappy rifle from 82 metres away with a tree obscuring his view and was able to hit a moving target with two of those bullets .... then you'll believe anything.

The JFK movie was boring though. His Snowden movie wasn't a conspiracy either. Two of the CNN journalists that recently resigned for not checking their facts before publishing uncovered the NSA spying and the Stuxnet malicious computer worm they used to infect Iran with. One of the journalists even got a Pulitzer for all the stuff corroborated by Snowden. 

Not conspiracy but rather inconvenient truths as then you'd have to admit your government, the people you voted for are sneaky lying fuckers that cause trouble worldwide. Terrorists out to destroy our freedom? Lets train them and sell some weapons so we'll have someone worthy to fight for the next 10 years.

Stone joined up and served in Vietnam, he is what you'd call a war hero. He got a Bronze Star with "V" device ... V stands for valor as Americans don't do victory. He also got a Purple Heart with one Oak Leaf Cluster, the clusters are in lieu of another medal so that means he was wounded twice. 

Not only has he seen shit but he learned from it. War isn't a jolly romp it's 10 hours of boredom with 3 minutes of intense violence. Not everyone learns from war. John McCain is still a douchebag after going to war he'll never learn. 

We learned that Putin has videos of airstrikes on his phone

As a people "expert" and renowned body language analyst (anal FTW!) Old Knudsen learned a lot from Stone and Putin. It's what they say and what they don't say. It's the little micro expressions, the shifting in their seat. Stone was often diplomatic and praised him because he wanted more interviews and calling Putin a true son of Russia, well it's a matter of perspective how you want to take it. Many of Stone's seemingly innocuous questions were designed to trap Putin and he noticed this but he was intrigued by it.

If you don't know Putin or he has yet to size you up what you'll get is his bloke mode. This is his default setting. A bloke is an emotionally stunted male that fears looking weak and equates 'different' and compassion with being weak. Talking about your feelings is for poofs. 

Very often mommy's boys and man/childs that marry someone to look after them like their mom did.

 Soldiers are pretty when they smile

Putin's attitude to women is that they make nice arm decorations and are subservient to men. He speaks about equality a lot though. During the program it was discovered that this was the first time the female regiment had been allowed to march in the veterans parade.

Putin's attitude to homosexuals is that they are abominations. He told Stone the anti-gay laws were to protect children. His attitude was don't expose homosexuality to children ever as it was wrong. Same sex marriage, what was the point if they can't breed and he said they certainly shouldn't adopt even if there are orphans in the country. 

 Difficult to tell who is gay here since the military dress like this.

All the while saying that once someone is 18 they can be gay with no problems, there are no restrictions. If someone is gay in the military then fine. He made a joke at how he'd not be in communal shower with them though and mentioned how he knows judo if they couldn't control themselves. 

So he's a sexist homophobe that plays to the strong straight macho role expected from a Russian leader. He made it a point to show Stone that he exercises and works out everyday and has been doing so since the age of 13. He even showed off playing ice hockey that he just learned to do a couple of years ago. 

Real men play golf and tennis not ice hockey

Putin plays badminton but doesn't look like a total pussy showing off his tighty whities in see through shorts. He also dives, hunts and rides horses, sometimes he even sits on the horses too. 

Something to prove? More like cultivating an image which is why you'll also see Putin crying and petting puppies. He wants to be all things to everyone. 

He jokes with deadpan humour and doesn't need a spokesperson to announce that he was making a joke. 
He owns it and you know he's joking. On a second meeting Stone asked if Putin had missed him and Putin replied that he did and how he cried a little. Unlike Trump, Putin can do humor. 

Putin really doesn't like Mikhail Gorbachev but has a soft spot for drunken ol Boris Yeltsin.  Putin was picked by Yeltsin to be PM after he resigned.

He blames Gorbachev for giving too much of Soviet Russia away. All those satellite countries that suddenly became independent when Communism fell.
He claims it was because it stranded millions of Russians who now had to live in a foreign country but that's just an excuse for losing valuable territories. Putin waged war in Georgia and Ukraine on the grounds of helping Russians cut off from the Motherland ... it makes a good tale though, Hitler used that one too.

This event and the constitutional crisis of 93 had a big affect on Putin. He dislikes the old guard mind set. He values flexibility and being able to see 25 - 50 years ahead. He firmly believes that the fall of the Soviet Union should have went differently and Gorbachev is still a figure he resents for it all.

It says a lot that Putin studied law on purpose as he knew it would lead to a job in the KGB. What kind of person wants to be in the Secret Police? ... one that craves power over others. 

Putin likes to say how the people are all Russians and come together as Russian. Christian, Jew, Muslim all just Russians. Yeah he doesn't mention the discrimination faced by ethnic Russians or how gays are seen as outcasts and he certainly didn't mention the Anti-Jewish pogroms ingrained in Russian history.

It's bullshit but he knows about diplomacy and what to say for the public. Trump should learn that you can get more flies with honey than you can vinegar .... no idea why people collect flies but I guess they do.

Stone's talks were from 2015 - 2017 a month after Trump got in. Putin says he would like better relations with the US but knows he can't trust them and they often refuse his olive branches. 

He believes in balance. The US has nukes so then Russia must have nukes. The US does something so then Russia must do something else. 

We get stories about Russian probing and US spy planes getting buzzed by MiG Su fighter jets. If you look at where US weapon systems are and where they do patrols you'll see that the The Monroe Doctrine no longer applies and the US goes where it wants to. 

The US also uses NATO as a tool. To Putin joining NATO is like selling your soul and suddenly you have US bases on your soil. Why does NATO exist today? To fight Russia is Putin's answer. 

Putin points out that the US sees other nations as vassals not partners or equals. This is true which is why the US has involved itself in over 80 elections in other countries and has hacked into infrastructures to flip a switch and cut power in those countries if needed. 

Putin laughs at how the American taxpayer is fine with the billions they spend on war defense. Russia doesn't pay that much for its military. Putin claims to be bombing in Syria everyday with about 100 bombs ... I think Putin exaggerates and maybe down plays his military budget. Russia would be totally broke if they bombed that much. 

Old Knudsen thinks the US must have loads of corruption and waste going by the size of its military and how crap they are at winning. 

America isn't the good guy ... but neither is Russia, don't mistake that by getting all defensive as to what Libtard Stone says. Don't let your own issues cloud the truth, it may not be what you want to hear but it won't go away if you live in denial of it. 

Like those that yap about what a great president Obama was ... aye unless yer an expendable foreigner that is. He fucked up the world just as Bush and now Trump is doing and unless I'm mistaken the US is still in the world.

The Obama admin had a hard on against Russia. So much so they used NGO's and disgruntled journalists to meddle in the Russian elections of 2012. They also used NGO's controlled by the State Department to influence the Ukraine elections and the Crimea referendum. The Obama admin helped put a Neo-Nazi but anti-Russian party in charge of Ukraine for fucks sake, they are durty!

The Scottish referendum for independence in 2014 had a voter turnout of 84.6% but was defeated with a 55.3% no vote. 

A yes vote could have possibly weakened the UK so Putin was no doubt not happy with the result. He cried foul! and said that 84.6% was too high of a turnout so it must be rigged (Good Friday Agreement referendum, 1998 in Northern Ireland was at 81.1%) 

The Crimean referendum in 2014 had 83.1% turnout and 97% voting to stay as a part of Russia. In
Sevastopol the turnout was 89.5% .... no outside monitors were allowed to make sure is wasn't rigged and reports of people not being allowed to vote or had their ID papers confiscated was common.

As to giving their side of the story about the US elections or hacking, Putin doesn't care what the US or rest of the world thinks it knows. If it has proof then show it. He denies all wrong doing and even denies having the capabilities to fight cyber warfare.

The hackers that hacked Estonia's systems and government websites in 2007 ... just some patriots that objected to Russian war memorials being removed.

The Russian soldiers invading Ukraine just patriots on leave. 

The hackers that tried to hack 21 US states ... again just patriots, private citizens.

Now many places but mostly Ukraine are under malware attack again, probably just some more patriots.

 I have mint juleps on the veranda with many people, I don't recall any Russians.

Bluffing it out isn't new. Some are better at it than others though. Putin has a Russia against the world thing going on. He wants the Russian people to think they have power and their vote matters. He also puts on the 'why they so mean to us' act. 

Putin admires Stalin because he was strong. He goes through the motions of denouncing all the Russians Stalin murdered but he doesn't really care, it was a different era. Stalin is the kind of person Putin admires. 

Putin gives away that he isn't just a gay hating know your place woman bloke, he is very intelligent and well read on his history. 
He can talk about the Roman senator Cato the Elder who when he wasn't fighting in wars went into the fields and worked like a farm hand. A frugal, simple life with discipline, this appeals to Putin and even with millions in secret bank accounts this is how he tries to live.

Strict, regimented, precise!  

He is well read on Oliver Cromwell, Napoleon Bonaparte and Winston Churchill. Seeing a pattern yet?

Putin has children and even grandchildren but hardly spends time with them. He knows this should bother him but he can't and won't make the time for them.

While Americans run around tweeting and blaming everyone he laughs. He is flexible, adaptable and looking 25 years ahead while US presidents come and go. He's on president number 4 and sees how they are all the same, tied up with bureaucracy and an inefficient system.

He has elections next year and has already jailed the opposition leader. 

He is careful with what he shows the world but at the same time doesn't completely hold back. In the later interviews with Stone he was more relaxed even though Stone's questioning was more demanding.
While Stone tried to direct Putin for a walking shot (is is making a movie) Putin reminded him that he had no fucks to give and didn't come out walking when they shouted "action!" after 4 calls and a wink to the camera Putin appeared but holding 2 little cups of coffee but still no fucks.

Putin has also put on a little belly, no more daily workouts for Stone to observe.

Putin is cold. ruthless and devious but is is also better at what he does than all the other world leaders. We do not have anything like Putin.
Macron, Merkel and even Trudeau are good to a point but democracy and public opinion ties their hands.
The West does not have anything remotely close to a Putin. He is above and out of their league.

He doesn't just have nameless faceless people killed from above thousands of miles away he also has his opposition gunned down not far from the Kremlin courtesy of his pal Ramzan Kadyrov. He then looks the nation, the world and the family in mourning in the face and denounces the slaying indignantly.  

A nemesis to the west, a tyrant to anyone that opposes him. Loved and feared by his people and no matter what, hated or liked he'll always have respect.     
This is what Trump yearns to be, keep dreaming lard ass.


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