Monday, 12 June 2017

You Can't Ignore The DUP Any Longer

Theresa May with her folder of demands proposals from the UDA DUP

It was only just recently the Conservatives were calling Jeremy Corbyn a terrorist sympathizer for talking to Sinn Fein 30 years ago. Of course no one called them Sinn Fein, they called them the IRA for full effect. 

Then a radical Islamist attack in London and May was out in front of Number 10 saying enough is enough and how we've appeased the terrorists for too long .   

Then fast forward to a pitiful election win for the Tories that made them join forces with terrorist sympathizers and appeasers. The Labour voters cheered the result even though it was a loss, they then Googled the DUP. 

Like when someone doesn't care about an illness until they or a family member gets it and then they are all OMG I must raise awareness. The English didn't care about us stoopid Paddies  ...  until it affected them. 

Now the English are imagining Save Ulster from Sodomy protests and the criminalization of homosexuality. Maybe making abortion illegal as it is in Northern Ireland, maybe bringing back internment for terrorist suspects, who knows what these people who have never had to think about the DUP before are thinking now. 

The DUP website crashed because so many went to see what they were about. Hey lets call them the UFF (Ulster Freedom Fighters) or UDA (Ulster Defence Association) instead of the DUP like how Conservatives said Corbyn met with the IRA rather than Sinn Fein. 

 All Cops Are Bastards ... As like May the DUP only like the police when they need saved. 

The DUP are religious extremists. They are Christian ones so that is acceptable to the Tories. Those who formed the DUP have had long connections to Loyalist terrorists and since the British government colluded with those terrorists then it's all good. 

All about God, Queen and Ulster until they don't agree with something then they casually let their followers riot. The Queen doesn't want her flag flown 365 days a year? Silly bint we'll do it anyways cos we're loyal!  

 Our patrols will end at 3 O'Clock so make sure you behave until then 

Remember the conspiracy theory that British soldiers were driving around out of uniform killing people and blaming it on paramilitaries to stoke up tensions?  ... crazy huh, our government are the good guys. Yeah not so much that one turned out to be true. 

Along with surveillance tapes conveniently destroyed and the mysterious absence of patrols at the time of attacks there was definite government/Loyalist collusion. They fact that paramilitaries can break the law, paint murals and fly their flags out in the open is obvious appeasement. 
 DUP big wig Nigel Dodds.

These groups are proscribed terrorist groups and the glorification of them is illegal but when the various town councils and political parties are full of Orangemen who socialise with these thugs and who rely on their votes .... things get overlooked ... appeasement. 

The DUP are always quick to denounce an IRA parade or event but remain strangely quiet when their own side does it.  Loyalist paramilitaries "urged" voters to vote DUP. They no doubt made sure their people got to the polls in an effort usually only seen by Sinn Fein. 

Yes organized crime backed up the DUP and have now got them into government. They are helped by the fact that useless Sinn Fein refuse to take their seats at Westminster .... neither the DUP or Sinn Fein support all communities in Northern Ireland, that is how fucked up our political system is and why they do nothing but argue. 

The government in Northern Ireland is suspended over a DUP scandal and yet they are allowed to form a coalition of evil with the Tories. 

 Ian Paisley, Peter Robinson and a young Sammy Wilson supporting paramilitaries 

Theresa May gives her half hearted speeches about a fairer society after selling out to a party that relies on an unequal society in order to stay in power. 
The DUP are religious extremists. Not just their Free Presbyterian fire and brimstone teachings that take the Bible literally but there are a large number of Creationists in the party. They want Creationism taught in schools and to have science displays like how the Giants Causeway was formed to also give the Creationist theory about it. I guess the story about giants making the causeway so they could fight each other wasn't cray cray enough for them. 

The DUP does not support LGBT. Recently a DUP member (Jim Wells) was canvassing for votes and when he found out that the woman was a lesbian he told her they didn't support her sinful lifestyle but give us your vote anyways. 

When Edwin Poots was the health minister he wanted the lifetime ban on gay men donating blood to be upheld. The fact that when Northern Ireland runs low on blood and gets supplies from Britain that has no ban didn't stop him from wasting thousands of pounds of taxpayer money trying to fight it in courts. 

He also wanted a ban on gays or single people adopting.        

The DUP hates women. Abortion is illegal here. If you can afford it you can pay hundreds to go to England for a couple of weeks and have it done there. Otherwise buy some dodgy pills off the Internet ... illegally of course. 

 Paul Girvan lighting a bonfire on the 11th July purge night celebrations

The bakers that refused to make a cake supporting gay rights got DUP support and the DUP even tried to introduce a conscious clause to make it easier for Christian businesses to discriminate. 

It's also no surprise that the DUP deny that Climate Change is a thing.  

The DUP has to keep sectarian tensions in Northern Ireland stoked up. If there is no sectarianism then there is no need for the DUP and the likes of Sinn Fein will get a united Ireland. Also having trouble  here means that Westminster will send over money to combat it so it doesn't escalate into the Troubles with bombs going off in England again. 

That has been the main tactic for the British government and even the US one, fuck them up over there so they don't come here. It doesn't work.

While the English are freaking out at May's hypocrisy the DUP won't be changing any British laws. They will help the Tories achieve dominance over the people by doing away with human rights and privacy laws and now the Tories have total back up for pushing Tory friendly Brexit laws through. 

In exchange for their help I'm sure the DUP will be getting a stronger hand to play in Northern Ireland. What is good for the DUP is also good for the Loyalist terrorists.   

Like I say, Northern Ireland is like a test patch for the world. Think of the DUP as the GOP with full control to do as they please. The White Supremacists in the White House and that vote for Trump etc are the Loyalist paramilitaries. 

They rage against Islamic Sharia law but don't see that what they want to do is the same. Not big thinkers but big haters.  


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