Monday, 19 June 2017

Undercover Special Forces Day Drinkers

MP7 cunningly concealed in his bag

If you see a homeless man on the streets of London don't give him money. I'm not being heartless they'll just use the money to buy drink. No I'm not being judgemental it's just that according to some newspapers there are special forces soldiers posing as hobos. 

The fucken SAS will use that money for drink, I know those elitist cunts. It's all true about the SAS living on the streets. In a bid to prevent terrorist attacks they send them out to be undercover day drinkers. 

Old Knudsen was too dangerous for the SAS, he was in the SNAF the Special Needs Assault Force. If there was a job that had a special need for violence then that was who the SAS called when they were too ascared. 

I was living on the streets at one time but I'm a fucken professional, a method actor. I had a fake divorce, fake nervous breakdown, fake restraining orders, lost my house and my fake cover job at the bus depot after a fake drunk driving incident and lived on the streets to prevent terrorism ... my real assignment. 

I took my legal highs and drank my litre of cider followed by a 6 pack of extra strong brew ... just to fit in. I even took my turn at Fat Jenny when she passed out .... just to fit in. She usually charges so I was being frugal like a hobo would be. 

I jumped up to bother nice people for 20p. I shouted "God bless you" in a passive aggressive tone when they didn't give me anything.          

SAS Captain Rodney "Rodders" Wilkinson and his attack dog Fang 

I may be exposing some special forces personel working undercover but Old Knudsen is more fucken special than they are!

I've seen them sitting there with their regulation hair cuts and shiny Nike shoes as they shit into bags they carry with them to avoid detection. If they were serious hobos like Old Knudsen they would be throwing that shit.

 Sgt Charlie "chucky" Robinson ready to attack Al Qaeda 

Their SAS colleagues pretend to be members of the public and give these fake hobos food and drinks in order to keep up pretenses.   

If you see a civvie giving a hobo a bag from McDonald's and a coffee, pay attention for they might say, "it's rather chilly today old chap, you should wrap up"  and the hobo would reply, "the wind is from the east today and may bring rain later around noon" .... obviously it's code. I can't tell you for what as that may put lives in danger. 

Major Tom "Tom Tom" Billingston and Colonel Jim "Jimmy Jam" Mustard

People go on about immigrants stealing jobs but what about SAS members stealing turf? A good British or Romanian hobo could use that money to buy crack or have a go at Fat Jenny but those SAS cunts are no doubt wasting it at the pub while laughing about being paid to sit around in a blanket. 

This leads to a question, are there really homeless vets on the streets or are they all undercover? 

This explains the Tory "sorry we can't fund helping homeless veterans as that is a matter of national security" .... it makes so much sense now.  At least they didn't say, 'we hate those fucken veterans and refuse to help them' like they have done with nurses, doctors and the police etc. 

So if you see a hobo shouting obscenities and trying to fight people just leave them to it as they are probably highly trained professionals keeping you safe from terrorists. 


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