Friday, 2 June 2017

The Truth Behind The Trump Administration

No one thought that Donald Trump would win the election. Not even Hillary could be that much disliked for Trump to become President and she'd just kill anyone that got in her way right?

If you look throughout history you'll see conspiracies that have turned out to be true. What I am about to tell you is so complex and far reaching that you'll probably dismiss it and go watch a cat video in your wee werld of denial.

Why does Trump compliment dictators, reverse any and all good that Obama did, talk smack to allies, hate the free press and generally create mistrust and division? 

  Nothing to see here, just St Petersburg Square in 1987

It started when Donald Trump took his first wife Ivana to Russia. Don't get her confused with their daughter Ivanka as the names are similar, this has confused Donald for years. 'Are you my wife or daughter, never mind you'll do.'  

Trump was talking to rich Commie Russians about setting up hotels in Soviet Russia ... like you do but in reality it was a ploy to get him there. The KGB had other plans. Operation Trump Cardski was a long play set up by a young KGB agent called Vladimir Putin.  

Trump was subjected to intense brainwashing. Brainwashed soldiers who went missing in Nam were secretly held captive in Russia and used to turn Trump. This is why he doesn't like soldiers that got captured (except Andrew Jackson) it's his programming. 

Trump was broken, his insecurities exposed and a thin shell of ego was created around him. Easy to do with rich pampered twats. His business deals in Russia didn't pan out since they didn't really exist. He returned to the US with Ivana his handler.

Trump's marriage to Ivana faltered when he cheated on her with Marla Maples. This marriage only failed because of the fall of Communism. Russia had other concerns at the time and so their grip on Trump weakened. 

The advances in technology had DNA samples taken from Trump taken out of Storage in 1999 when Putin became Prime Minister. His rise to power had already given him enough clout to send a Russian asset (Melania) to tempt Trump with the trigger command words in 1998. Three months after their first meeting they started to date. Furnace - Daybreak - Seventeen - Benign ... I'll not type the rest of the activation words in case any sleeper agents are reading this.

When Old Knudsen destroyed the cloning installation when trying to get rid of his own evil Soviet era clones many of the newer Trump clones escaped and are living all over the world. On an interesting note the clones do not cope well without a wealthy father to back them up so no rags to riches stories there.

Harold Bornstein another Russian asset was set up as Trump's doctor. His weekly cocktail of drugs would keep Trump on edge and susceptible to suggestion.  

This is why 40 years ago Trump could hold conversations and use words other than for glib filler. Now drug addled Trump makes words up and says nothing of substance. He's still highly susceptible to suggestion which is why if you want Trump to do something it's best to be the last person he talks to. 

Since just after World War Two, aliens have been steadily infiltrating humanity at all levels. From butt probing hicks to world leaders the Greys are among us. Our world war destruction got their attention and when the Greys found out about rectums they became obsessed.  As everyone knows Greys do not have arseholes, all waste comes out of their little mouths. 

Speaking of which Ivanka and Jared Kushner have been put into place to watch over Trump and to build an empire of future leaders. Their tall slim bodies, long necks and wide set eyes are a giveaway, under those meat suits they are aliens.      

You've seen too much, now you must die

They have that stand offish sinister vibe that Greys can't get rid of.  They are not the only non-humans in the Trump admin. 

Out of his meat suit Steve Bannon is a Zorgoff slug beast. They have lived under the surface of the ground and under rocks for millennia. Zorgoff's also love butt holes .... can you blame them? 

 Putin is an important asset for the Greys
Greys have a special communication system via ties. There is a reason the red Commie tie is worn by Republicans. Also different clones will have different ties.

Putin and the Greys have other world leaders in their pocket. Xi Jinping sometimes needs a refresher program but for the most he's on board.  

Some eyebrows were raised when Putin took his wife and two kids to Disneypark (a Russian ripoff) in Moscow. People didn't know he had a knew wife or children. Vlad is so complex and mysterious, no wonder Trump loves him.  He later denied their existence ... he also denied interfering in any election anywhere and has still totally not invaded parts of Ukraine and Georgia.    

Well I trust him .... not enough to fly in a plane near Russian airspace, use the St Petersberg subway, criticize his government while in Russia or eat sushi with him but for the most yeah I believe him. 

 Almost human but you can tell it isn't 

Years of mental manipulation and drugs has damaged Trump's capacity to think good smarts. There is only so much a mind can take and Trump wasn't very strong willed to begin with.  

As well as clones the Russians have created Trump bots. Some can walk and talk and almost appear human while others will just use fake accounts on Twitter and write fake news stories. 

Melania refuses to hold hands with them as they often malfunction causing them to just walk off or seem confused and she fears that her hands may get crushed. Trump bots have small hands but have vice like grips. 

Many malfunctions tend to happen during handshakes which is unfortunate.

There can be problems with the flesh and blood Trumps though. Remember when red tie Trump (possibly the original) tried to drill into his head to relieve the pressure and shouted "this is not a drill!" ... Spicer announced that it was just a routine thing to do and that many in the White House knew the real meaning so it was perfectly fine and stop asking questions. 

You may not believe any of this, that's probably because the chemtrails have made you docile. Ever wonder why the fuck Americans have all those guns and yet have never tried to overthrow the government? 

Here have an PRG and look there is Trump ... hey why you firing it at that school? ... fucken Americans and their conditioning huh.

We're all just a load a fat rectums doing as we are told. Most outrage comes in the form of hashtags these days.   

Plot twist: Hillary is behind it all. Hillary is a Sinalust Queen from the planet Scrunchy 5. The Greys fear her and do as they are told. Sinalust command has various groups like the Illuminati, Big Bankers, Big Pharma, Deep State and Deep Dish that control everything ... oh and of course they are Jewish duh! 

Hillary only pretended to lose the Presidential elections twice, if we were exposed to the grand plan all the details would probably overload our small ape brains and kill us. 

ISIS, chocolate, sport, reality TV all distractions. Your vote matters ... yeah right. You have freedom ... until a Grey takes a liking to your bumhole that is. 

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