Tuesday, 6 June 2017

The Fall And Rise Of Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin is a 56 year-old 2 time Emmy and Grammy award-winning comedian. Not really a fan I am fascinated at how she can be a bit on the minging side yet have a banging body ... one of those contradictions of life. 

She recently made headlines which turned out to be the sort of headlines she could have done without. 

Is this funny? ... is it artistic or in anyway interesting?  Why can't she do a cleavage shot like normal people? I'd look twice at that.

Old Knudsen has never liked Donald Trump. Before becoming President he was just an irritant, one of those people you'd make a face at then turn the channel. It's easy to read him and I didn't like what I read. 

How did I know Americans would be stupid enough to make him President? Who next Bill Cosby or that pedo from Subway? What the fuck? This is who you want to represent your great nation and land of the free ... a draft dodger?

Now I totally approve of cutting the fucker's head off but I wouldn't let Barron see it cos that would be wrong. You guys have guns, overthrow him like an English tyrant for fucks sake, it's your right.

I'm not in the US anymore so I doubt the SS will be at my door to investigate me. MI-5 or even the police won't either cos the Tories cut their funding. Anyways unless someone *hires me* I won't be doing it. 

Some have compared the pic of Trump to how people treated Obama. They made Obama dolls they lynched or turned him into targets for shooting. This doesn't justify it cos when faced with an evil bigoted dangerous cunt like Trump we have to be better.  

He refuses to use science and logic so we use science and logic. He uses lies so we use the truth. We leave the dirty deeds for the darkness and only show the world what is right and just. 

Like when Giles killed Glory/Ben because a hero like Buffy doesn't kill ... did I just waste a Buffy reference on you? Not my fault you have shite taste in TV and haven't watched it.  

Justin Bieber has been killed at least twice on screen so Mr President you ain't that special. A beheading is obviously less acceptable to Americans than a hail of bullets. Getting gunned down is fucken American and Christian only ragheads decapitate USA USA! 

Griffin understood the line she crossed and apologized. She said that Trump broke her. I think it's the whole looking into the abyss thing. If all you see is negativity then that will affect you and your anger at this will give you a brain fart. How no one mentioned ... yeah this isn't funny to Griffin is beyond me. 
Is it like no one telling Trump not to blab secrets to the Russians, he's a big star no one tells him what to do or they get fired.

Griffin seems like a far nicer person than Trump and has known him on and off for years, she said he always seemed like a buffoon so yeah, she knows him. 
The picture was inspired by Trump's Megyn Kelly comment about blood coming out of her whatever when he suggested that she must be on her period ... ya know, the way men belittle women.

She has been fired from her New Years Eve job at CNN and has lost sponsors like Route 66 Casino and Squatty Potty ... what the holy fuck? ... so classy.

Trump is never held accountable for his words and only apologizes when caught and while campaigning for President. Grab em by the pussy!  

The Trump's circled the wagons over Griffin and used Barron saying how badly he took it. Firstly why did you let an 11 year-old look at it? Second how does Donald even know as he never spends time with him ... did the butler tell him? and thirdly I bet Barron and Melania would cheer if someone cut his head off.
You can tell there is a mutual dislike. Every weekend deadbeat dad Trump would rather spend his time on a golf course than with his young son. 

They should have done a bust of Trump spewing shit from his mouth rather than blood. Also with Giffin's tits showing. Maybe with 6 blokes standing around her wanking and a donkey getting fisted by a Paul Ryan look alike in the background. Does no one have any imagination these days?

Griffin is intelligent and a hard worker and will bounce back. She has further stand up material to use and is on people's radar, she'll probably write a book or something. After this I'd giver her a fucken job. 

*Due to the writer's abuse of alcohol and prescription medication nothing in this blog can be used as evidence and you will be tracked down and killed if you try ... JK see what I mean?*

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