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Terrorism Is A Mild Inconvenience

I like you terribly ... I say, don't go making a scene, people are watching. 

Being uptight and emotionally stunted has served the British well. We once ruled a quarter of the world through sheer stubbornness and the idea that we were superior. Centuries of repression is starting to crumble but on the whole we are still pretty fucked up or as we like to call it stoic and reserved. 

The recent Manchester bombing upset us because it targeted children and the recent London attack may have upset us too but it has also made us jolly well angry. 

When a nation like the British or any other western nation that doesn't have daily attacks like Kabul gets attacked a couple of times the last thing it wants is other nations trying to score points off the misery. 

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is a Muslim who has previously expressed disappointment at the US letting reality TV star and con man Donald Trump get as far up the food chain as he has. 

Trump is a petty bloke that holds grudges for decades. He probably has a book of people on his shit list. The Mayor said something like 'there will be an increased police present in the streets after this attack no reason to be alarmed'.

A pretty innocuous statement in the context it was used in but Trump took it out of context. Like he did with Khan's other statement about terrorism being part and parcel of living in a big city. The bit Khan said about how we have to be prepared for attacks when living in a big cosmopolitan city never gets mentioned by Trump. 

Trump wants support for his Muslim ban .... oh that's right he stopped calling it that, it's now a TRAVEL BAN. He wishes to paint Muslims as people with a secret agenda to stir up his supporters. He also wants distraction from James Comey's testimony because Trump is as guilty as fuck.

Khan is a Muslim, he therefore (according to Trump) wants white people to put up with and accept attacks from ISIS ... Hitler used division to stir up hate against the Jews. Them and us and they can't be trusted. 

Yes the UK does have a problem with integration. That's what happens when you have a government of rich white people running down services and also have a state religion. Portions of the nation will feel like outsiders in their own cuntry. People will look for someone to blame and rather than the rich white people with magic money trees in the Bahamas they look to the hard working immigrant ... why are they doing so well and we aren't?  A perceived sleight blown out of proportion by our right wing newspapers. 

I point to the Catholics of Northern Ireland, a lack of education and job opportunities, I point to the black communities in the US too. An unequal society will cause division and hatred. 

What we don't want is some bloody American trying to stir up trouble in the UK as he has done in the US. We go to the polls tomorrow and will hopefully vote our cuntry to become a more equal place to live for all colours and religions.  

Or we'll just have the same of shit because voters are either apathetic or stupid.

The Nazis bombed the fuck out of us and it didn't break us ... America never got bombed. We then had to scrape through years of rationing as the US bloomed and as Germany had money thrown at it and was rebuilt. We've had to make do with less. 

We refused to acknowledge our feelings and did what any normal person would do, we drank and became a nation of functioning alcoholics. We didn't have the cutting edge therapists that the Americans had and mental health was seen as a weakness and not addressed properly. Stiff upper lip old chap.

Not very healthy but this suck it up, pull your boot straps up attitude made us different to the Americans. Now thanks to cultural infection we object to Theresa May cutting police numbers and telling them to work harder. We sort of address our feelings now so the likes of Nigel Farage can run on the old 'political correctness is bad' wagon, the same one Trump rode on.    

Ah the good old days of calling the wogs niggers and they respected you for it and they loved a jolly good flogging but now Liberals have gotten the cuntry totally gay except you can't say that now, how retarded huh? 

The older generation is dying out and soon enough we'll all be wusses respecting each other and have equality an shit. The only problem is that those in the Middle East, Russia and China etc will still be tough fuck you up people. 

We lost the battle because our self-throwing grenades wouldn't work and the IT guy had been shot.

Until we become total wusses we still have our pride. The American media has London under siege and the UK reeling from terrorist attacks ...fuck off! 

We don't cower and reel we go to those places that were attacked the day after and live life as normal. 

Old Knudsen only pulls the Troubles card because that has given him decades of experience of terrorism. As a civilian and as a soldier. 

When 9/11 happened I thought it was tragic but the non-stop media coverage afterwards probably fucked up more people than the event. I could see from American reaction that they hadn't a clue about terrorism.  Their society was open, soldiers would walk about in uniform when off duty.

In Northern Ireland police stations and military barracks were like fortresses, you couldn't drive into Belfast city centre because there were checkpoints and barriers. Men women and children were patted down if they wanted to go do some shopping ... it was like how Israel is today I suppose. Walls were built to divide Protestant and Catholic neighbourhoods ... they were called peace lines or peace walls. 

If you were a member of the security forces you had to keep your job a secret. Never wear your uniform, try not to look like a soldier and check your car for bombs before you leave home. You and your family were targets. 

Bomb evacuations were a part of life. A suspect car parked on your street would have police going door to door to empty houses. Your place of work had drills like fire drills and everyone knew where to go. Buses and trains were always disrupted.

Every year we have the 11th July and the 12th ... otherwise known as get drunk and carry out grudges time. Windows get broken, bottles of paint thrown at houses and vehicles set on fire.   

Terrorism isn't scary to us, it's a pain in the hole. People you know also happen to be the terrorists from one side or another.

Police never do anything fast. Everything takes 3-4 hours. Clearing a traffic crash, blowing up a suspect car, removing a suspect device ... and it's never done during nice weather, it's always freezing.

Living a few streets from a police station might have your windows shattered from the blast of bombs if they get attacked. A small blast might just bend your windows in a little without them breaking if you are lucky. Seeing a glass window bend in then snap back into place is very odd. Houses on the Short Strand part of Belfast got strengthened glass onto their houses as they were stick of people throwing bricks through them. 

Also try getting a taxi during periods of civil (rioting) unrest. Many taxi firms just won't go to some places. If you are hourly paid you may lose money as your place of work could get closed early. No customers and too dangerous for employees to be there.

There were army and police checkpoints and patrols that would stop you and search you.

 The Twatwaffle people's front

The terrorists didn't break us. The cunts are still going around shooting each other it hasn't stopped. There has been some peace and change and what that did was give us time to think. Suddenly it turned out that a whole generation or two had PSTD. Health services struggled to cope and our suicide level continued to stay high.

We still drink and we still don't let these bullies dictate our lives. The people on the mainland are the same but without the daily experiences. 

Sadiq Khan might be brown and Muslim ... whatever ... he's British and he's one of us so back the fuck off. Tony Blair didn't publicly attack Rudy Giuliani the day after 9/11. What kind of cunt does that?   

Keep your guns if you think it keeps you safe though I bet the majority of Americans would piss themselves during an attack and not fire a shot. We headbutt terrorists, we fight off their knife attacks with battons or chase them and throw things at them. A bloke attacked one with a skateboard and he was Spanish for fucks sake. 

 Trump white knuckling it

Trump can't even intimidate a Frenchie who is half a foot shorter than him. We really do not need him or his draft dodging opinion. 

We'll mourn our dead, tend our wounded and ask why our Prime Minister cut police, MI-5, MI-6 and GCHQ funding over their years while in power. 

We'll root out any further terrorists and stay alert for the next attack for there will be a next attack. For every civilian we kill with our bombs in the Middle East 40 new enemies will be created. Of course there will be more attacks with those kind of tactics. 

Insanity doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. 

Trump and the US media are like that hysterical women in the movies that you slap to calm down. Shut the fuck up and have a cup of tea.      


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