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Putin Is Laughing At You

Look at Ryan grinning like a foolski

Vladimir Putin has long denied any Russian involvement in the 2016 US election. He has just come out and said "we don't do that" he then said that maybe the hackers who did hack the DNC and who did unleash thousands of  hashtag and fake news bots were patriots, private citizens. Like an artist that wakes up one day and paints ... it's up to them. 

He kept referring to national interest as a vague umbrella term for doing whatever. 

Why yes my bag is always heavier when I leave work at the end of the day

In politics this is called plausible deniability and is very widely used. 'uh I didn't know he needed updated clearance for a new job cos Obama gave him clearance' . This is why there are protocols and ignorance of them can only work so many times. 

The trump admin explains giving Intel to the Russians and back channels to them as being "routine" yet can't accept that unmasking a US citizen that talks to spies isn't routine for the Intelligence community.

If a signature can't be traced back to you or any witnesses etc then you can deny it and demand to see proof, even if you are as guilty as sin. Russian collusion? Show me the proof! If the glove don't fit acquit!

In 2008 just weeks before the Russian invasion of Georgia their internet came under attack, websites were swamped and disabled. Most of their Internet traffic was re-routed to servers in Russia and Turkey and diverted or blocked. 

The Georgian president's site was flooded with pro-Russian messages and compared him to Hitler. He has since moved to US servers. The Russians hacking other states ....

We don't do that

Female Russian soldiers take part in beauty pageants

What are your hopes and dreams?:  I want world peace and a piece of Georgia and a piece of Ukraine, I would like to meet and marry the President one day.

Earlier this year Russian defence minister Sergei Shoigu made a statement about getting new weapons. These included 41 intercontinental ballistic missiles,10 launchers, 170 new aircraft, 905 tanks, 17 new ships and a load more personnel by 2018. 

Also the formation of a unit of dedicated information warfare troops. He said,  "propaganda needs to be clever, smart and efficient."    

He said those words for fucks sake. Retired General Vladimir Shamanov was also vague about the mission of these troops, "protect the national defence interests and engage in information warfare."

Again with the national interests. 

Putin can be charming and even make sense at times. There are YouTubes of him talking about how Russia didn't bother the west for years but then they kept building up tanks and troops on the border of Poland and pointing missiles while poor liddle Russia did nothing. 

You think what the fuck? He's so calm and reasonable. Then you remember he's KGB trained, has been in power for 17 years and probably has people that fail him have accidents. 

I bet he has a large collection of tarps and plastic sheeting. 

  National Interest
For years in the early 1930's Winston Churchill was one of the few voices warning about Hitler. No one listened to him. They dismissed him as a war monger. 

He also warned the world about our ally Russia once the war was over. A life-long anti-Bolshevik Churchill knew the WWII alliance was an enemy of my enemy thing. The Soviets had tried a pact with the Nazis so could these guys really be trusted? 

"There I sat with the great Russian bear on one side of me with paws outstretched, and, on the other side, the great American buffalo. Between the two sat the poor little English donkey, who was the only one who knew the right way home."

Once together FDR gave his buddy Churchill the cold shoulder and focused on Stalin. Britain was reminded about how small and irrelevant they are. Like what happens when the UK leaves the EU, not so much clout anymore so why listen to them?  

Churchill wanted a United States of Europe. The US and the countries of Europe together along with the UN to hold regular talks with Russia. His aim was to avoid nuclear war. Only one conference with the Russians happened during the Cold War and not much came from it. 

Remember in 2014 when the little green men appeared and invaded Ukraine? Putin denied military action. After a while it was obvious the invading soldiers were Russian. Putin then said that if Russian military soldiers want to go and fight in Ukraine on their vacation then there isn't much he can do about it. 

Russians were also in Syria helping Assad long before they announced they were there .... Putin lies and he doesn't care. Blame NATO, blame Ukraine, blame patriots, blame Germany.

He owns Russian news outlets Russia Today and Sputnik so he can drive and guide pubic opinion. This is why Trump hates the free press so much. 

Russia invaded Ukraine when their economy collapsed. Some of that collapse was because of fracking. Obama with his Secretary of State Hillary Clinton helped border states become less reliant on Russian fuel ... the Russians had always been threatening to turn the supply off as a means of political pressure. 

Russia also annoys other nations by doing flybys near their airspace or anchoring just off the Delaware coast. They aren't so innocent. Everyone spies on each other and remember the 10 Russian spies caught in Trump's beloved New York? He has recently given Russia back their seized property from that event.

He is very kind to the Russians. 

Other nations have reported Russian influence and this has become a very real security concern during elections and referendums.  

Yes Russia hacks this is fact. Yes they play the voter with the old herd mentality and algorithms used on social media. 

The Russian national interest is a divided US, a fractured Europe and a weak NATO. They want the sanctions put in place by Obama lifted and who has been busy un-doing all of Obama's work lately? 

They want an EU made weak because together they are a force to be reckoned with. Divide and conquer. They love that Trump is President because he has the same goals, he just doesn't know it.

 Trump called Kimberly Guilfoyle from Fox News for advice on the Paris Agreement 

If Trump was your stooge would you tell him the plan? .... of course not he'd blab to some chick on Fox in order to get into her gunties. White House advisors, he only listens to 8's and over. 

It says it all that Putin thinks that if you attack the US then you must be a patriot. If you think that Russia is a friendly nation you can blab classified Intel to and set up back channels with as "routine" then you are a fool.  

The people of Russia probably don't hold any ill feelings towards the west, sure there are always some. Do not ever be under the impression that Putin, the current dictator of Russia is in anyway our friend.



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