Thursday, 22 June 2017

Lone She-Wolf

I am Sanne Alexandra Andersson from Sweden, I am a model, fashion designer and blogger. I enjoy a healthy lifestyle with meditation and yoga, I love to take long walks on the beach and kill peelers ... Fuck the police! 

The weird story of Christine Connor who used fake profiles and photos "borrowed" from a Swedish model to lure men into her own personal war against the police.

As you can see the Republican dissident from North Belfast could very easily pass for being a Swedish model .... or two.

Two men that had no terrorist leanings were manipulated into helping her to try to kill police officers, they were caught and both committed suicide. One of the men was an American that had sent her cheques and had written to her. The FBI raided his home, he was arrested when he visited her in prison.

You talk to this woman online, you've got blue balls just thinking about her so yeah, you agree to join her armed struggle for a united Ireland cos yer gagging for it and your mom won't let you have friends in your room ... not that you have any friends.

Blue balls soon turns into erectile dysfunction when you visit your Swedish goddess in prison. No wonder those blokes killed themselves .... seriously dude, yuck!

31 year-old Connor was sentenced to 16 years in prison for attempting to kill PSNI officers with hand grenades. She admitted the attacks which happened in 2013. She lured police to a house with a fake 999 call and she and one of the blokes that killed himself threw grenades/pipe bombs injuring one officer.

 Tiocfaidh ár lá I'll blow ya if ya help me kill some peelers mate!
It's like those Nigeria scams and Trump University scams, if it's too good to be true or promises you amazing things then it's probably bullshit.

Sure there is the chance you might have a rich long lost relative that died in a plane crash and didn't know anyone else but made sure a banker had your e-mail addy .... Sure that after you spend thousands learning how to get rich like Donald Trump you may also get a small loan of a million bucks from yer da too.

Sure there might also be a hot blonde Swedish model that wants to rim strangers online and is well into having a united Ireland.

Even if she said she was from Belfast ... seriously people, don't be silly.

Like Trump's marriage to Melania a honey pot trap is so obvious. Her Face Book group United Struggle had only one member for fucks sake, her.

Old Knudsen gets hot chicks that only have a handful of friends on their newly created page send him Face Book requests out of the blue all the time. They are probably just really hot chicks that want my cock though ... but Old Knudsen ain't that fucken easy.


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