Monday, 26 June 2017

ISIS Aren't Done Yet

Brave Iraqi soldiers fending off radicalized attack pigeons 

The Monday morning quarter backs are starting to question the wars of terror after like 15 years of it. 'What we are doing isn't working' ... well duh!   

So it's Monday morning (unless it isn't) so Old Knudsen who is usually known as a wide receiver will be the star quarter back and tell you what the score is. Not the official line or the social media scuttlebutt. With the use of experience, black mirrors, bowls of water and prescription medication I will tell you the * truth* cos I respect you an shit.  

 Yeah but they are going to be big bombs right? 

Mosul which is possibly in Iraq ... you know, that place we freed the shit out of. It's the last ISIS stronghold and is of great tactical importance and IS are losing it. 

You have people cheering at the defeat of the Caliphate, those people still think in terms of large armies facing each other and decisive victories. Americans in general just don't get terrorism either. 

During the Cold War the NSA/CIA could find the enemy anywhere in the world no problem as troop and tank battalions are hard to hide but they couldn't kill them for numerous reasons like starting WWIII. Now the NSA/CIA can't find the enemy but when they can they are quite easy to kill.
Terrorists use civilian populations as cover and don't have a big carbon foot print. They prefer their pick up trucks to be white as that gets covered in dirt and easier to camouflage. They have put thought into this and understand the terrain. 

If you look at the news covfefe coverage of Mosul you'll see Iraqi forces in tanks, on the streets and giving vodka to small children ... I just assume it's vodka, kids love that stuff. 

It's almost as if the media outlets which have to have their covefe coverage and pictures approved are trying to put out a message. Trying to write the narrative. 

 M-16's are still being found on IS fighters that they got from the fleeing Iraqi military.

Coalition forces and the US are giving air and ground support. They have people there, you can't leave something so important to the Iraqis but it's Iraqi troops always shown. 
The Iraqis are taking control of their cuntry, they are stepping up and fighting. No need to join ISIS to fight the invaders, maybe the US can actually leave ... that's the narrative. 

But they'll never fully leave. The US still have bases in Japan and Germany after WWII, they never leave. 

US soldier on the right.
We know the western invaders are still there, they just put on Iraqi uniforms now. Most uniforms used are US in nature anyways. 

ISIS and Al-Qaeda before them are like a cult. There is no seeking peace with them but if you fight them in their territories on their turf you just create more reasons for others to join the cult.

Invading foreign nations tend to swell the ranks of guerrilla forces 10 fold. Those teetering on the edge will join up or give the terrorists local support. Places to hide, store weapons or to be their eyes and ears. 

At the start ISIS was well funded and able to win hearts and minds by giving the locals food, water and protection. Things the foreign nations couldn't give. Hamas does this, the IRA through Sinn Féin did this it's a proven guerilla tactic to earn support for killing. 
Power corrupts and as ISIS got more fighters to feed and more cities to use so their tactics became even more brutal as they had more to control and soon the locals were often seen as the enemy. They also played the long game by using children to create the next generation of fighters that would keep their ideology alive for the future. 

ISIS knowing they are losing do what the Nazis were ordered to do at the concentration camps, they slaughter just before they retreat. Whatever child soldiers they can't use and whatever civilians that might flee the city get slaughtered. 

They try to write their last ditch narrative by saying that hundreds were killed by coalition bombs. There are about 10,000 civilians trapped in Mosul and the UN have found up to 160 civilians killed in one day.  

The Great Mosque of al-Nuri with its leaning cock like minaret was destroyed. This 800 year-old building was where ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi did some of his best DJ work from. ISIS say the coalition destroyed it and they say ISIS did it.

ISIS are the same cunts that destroy 5 thousand year old carvings so chances are they did it, even if they didn't their very existence in the region destroyed it. 

I be tossin, enforcin, my style is awesome. 

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is believed to have been killed. This is the cockroach that survived Gitmo to go on to lead a cult of cunts that shook the world. Until I see a body I think this cunt got out and is living in Qatar or something, he's the bad guy that will keep coming back for sequels. The almost dead guy on the ground that grabs you by the leg in the last 5 minutes of a movie.

What happens when ISIS gets destroyed? They will never be destroyed. Al-Qaeda wasn't destroyed, just made less relevant and unable to carry out international attacks but it's still around. All it would take to grow again would be the US to leave Afghanistan. 

It's all cause and effect. The Mujahideen had the purpose of fighting off the Soviet invaders, the CIA helped them. Al-Qaeda grew out of the Mujahideen. They saw first hand with the CIA the meddling from the West and the propping up and support of Israel. 

They don't hate the freedoms of the West they have a perceived grievance that the west wants to destroy Islam. That's what competing religions do. The Moors ruled Spain for 800 years. Saladin fought the Crusaders as they both vied for Jerusalem, they've always been at it. 

Wars for oil often turn into holy wars.  

 It's God's will that you be raped for the greater good

So Al-Qaeda, ISIS, al-Shabab and whatever are defenders of Islam. It's their own sick and twisted version of it though as like Westboro Baptist Church, the Pentecostals and Mormons have their twisted form of Christianity. 

The Nazis never thought they were the bad guys. Did Obama worry about killing children with drones? .... probably not cos they weren't American and so didn't count. ISIS doesn't think that anyone non-ISIS matters. 

Nature abhors a vacuum. The breaking of promises like the betrayal of the Iraqi people in the first Gulf War helps groups with finding a reason to fill the vacuum. The mind set and the brainwashing has been done over the past 15 years will keep the ISIS ideology continuing. 

Like the IRA there will be some yahoos not ready for peace and will call themselves the Continuity ISIS or the Real ISIS. 

When there aren't any more ragheads in white pick up trucks we'll go back to nations being at each other's throats until the new ISIS get back on their feet again.   

While we meddle in the affairs of other nations, keep backing allies that compromise our own morality for a few billion worth of weapons sales there will always be someone rising up to attack us and the innocent people attacked will always wonder why.   

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