Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Happy Birthday Mister President

JFK had his Marilyn (allegedly) and DJT has his Ivanka (probably) on today which is probably most definitely the best day the world has ever seen. Yes it's Donald Trump's birthday!

Gemini males have been described as quick witted, sociable and always ready for fun, a child and a grown up in the same body. Extremely sexually potent he can be quite the pervert. You can't trust them not because they are liars but because their hearts can change so quickly. Unreliable, acting like a spoiled child who is scared of his emotions. He may seem superficial and shallow but if you are superficial yourself you'll never be able to scratch his surface to see what lies beneath.

 I wish you'd stop doing your own hair dad it's a fucken mullet!

Wait a minute, Old Knudsen is Gemini ... Oh I'm Cancer rising which makes me dependable and not at all a pervert ... believe me.

He's got Leo rising which is full of anger and ego, not to mention that mane .

71 today which shows you that age is no guarantee of wisdom. A fool at 71 is indeed a fool, this fool ain't gonna become presidential any time soon. If he was smarter, more restrained and open to change he could fool people for a short time but we've all seen his true face and it ain't pretty.   

 So it's that kind of family

Lets hope this is his last birthday as Old Knudsen resents the oxygen he is stealing. We have little enough clean air as it is hint hint Paris Agreement.  

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