Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Do We Need The Royals

Chemtrails over the White House

Is it worth having a Royal family? It's quaint and charming on the face of it. What do the Americans have the Trumps?

Like Trump our royals were born into privilege, being a pampered celeb was their job. People think the palace doesn't command any power and are just figure heads but when pics of topless Kate came out none of the tabloids used the pictures at the behest of the palace ... it still has power.

The royals maintain a non-political status though throughout the years though Charles has written letters on various topics hoping to influence people. Would Northern Ireland have a big Loyalist paramilitary problem if the Queen made a statement telling them to wise up? 'My flag you plebs, follow my fucken rules and obey my laws or it's off to the tower.'  

 Who the fuck are all these people?

 Royal lovers use the old 'they earn the money spent on them with tourism' excuse. Brand Finance’s calculations show that tourism revenue connected to the monarchy and its heritage has been valued at £535 million for 2015.

Then you get the Kate effect and the George effect that has people spending more. Anti-monarchy groups say the Royals costs Britain £334 million a year. I'd say that's a very conservative figure as security costs £100 mil alone. The Queens spends £400,000 on alcohol every year too ... I think she only drinks about £100,000 worth herself though. 

  The prince of the undead

The monarchy will be changing. Prince Philip feeding on young runaways will be coming to an end soon enough at the age of 96 and will the Queen continue on without him?

As Prince Harry recently said, no one wants to be King or Queen. Very easy for the 5th in line to say as he'll soon be the 50th in line the way Will and Kate go at it.   

Did he forget about his miserable ol Da? Prince Charles has been eagerly waiting for mother to die for years. Piano wire at the top of the stairs? Must be Harry pulling a prank.

Being told you are better than everyone else merely because of what family you were born into and never having to worry about money or putting the bins out has to do a number on you. The whining about the lack of privacy even though they can vanish on to one of their many Royal estates doesn't win over any fans.
Getting £350 million for palace maintenance and pay increases during austerity while commoners are burning to death because sprinklers cost £1 mil and deemed to be not worth it doesn't look good either.    

There are 13 million people living in poverty in the UK, 913,000 using food banks so fuck yer Royal problems. Have some caviar, sit on a gold chair and shut the fuck up.

  The Royals have taught us to love again

Old Knudsen dislikes a lot about the Royals. The ultimate welfare claiming family that don't have to show they need the money they just deserve the money by birth or marriage. All those other Royals we barely know that do nothing for tourism but are tax payer funded. If they have jobs those jobs are more like hobbies to them. 

The reason why Charles, William and Anne rides horses during the Queen's birthday celebrations are because they are Colonels of military regiments. Anne heads the Royal Signals but has probably never turned on a radio in her life. Prince Edward is also a Colonel and has never even passed basic training. 

Their titles and honours are given to them without having to earn them. Not all soldiers like Harry that serve for 10 years get a medal and a title when they leave the military. A Royal serving for 10 years is not non-stop they do lots of other non-military stuff too and leave isn't just 3 weeks a year. 

  Elephant tipping is a fun Royal past time. 

Prince Harry talked about how he thought about leaving the Royal family, not sure how you do that though. He then said how he stayed to do some good and that the Royals do what they do for the greater good. 
 This guy has problems

Bullshit! The Royals no doubt whine about how they are prisoners in gilded cages and how their lives are not their own so how about making them live on a council estate in a low paying dead end job that has no chance for advancement but every chance of getting fired cos your boss is a cunt. A job and a life that just repeats every fucken day and wears you down with stress. 

The Royals do more fun and adventurous living in a year than most people do in their lives. They then get called wonderful for just mentioning terrorist attacks and fires just before they attend 3 big elitist parties that always have free bars. 

Harry was right about the monarchy having to change and it will. Social media, selfies and tons of baby pics ::::yawn::::: the younger Royals understand the patronizing 'common touch' better than the older ones.

The Queen may be trying to outlive Charles as no one wants him to be King but when Philip gets a bad infection from the maid and fully carks it she might just give up. 

The ultimate scenario would be for William and Harry to arrange for Charles to have a high speed car trip to Paris. Gog save King William!    

The UK is better off with the Royals but seriously, thin the herd and take them down a peg or two.

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