Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Comey Is Honestly Loyal To The People

A lot has been said about the former FBI Director James Comey. Now as a body language expert Old Knudsen will cut through the bull to tell you what he's at.

I tend to pick up on things that go unnoticed. Mirco expressions, involuntary flinching, eye movements a change in posture. Old Knudsen gets so much data that he has to not read people on purpose or he gets flooded with info. A thing about doing it in real life is that subjects talking to you subconsciously notice when you pick up on their 'tells' and get very guarded and almost hostile and they probably don't know why. 

When James Comey first met Trump in the Oval office he tried to blend into the surroundings with his blue suit standing in front of the blue drapes. He stood out of Trump's direct eye line hoping that nothing awkward would happen. A 6 foot 8 inch bloke is hard to hide.

Trump's real audience are all lined up laughing 

Abusers and manipulators have their own special powers too. They can sense weakness or vulnerability. Before the cameras stopped snapping Trump shouted out across the room where's Comey?
What you have in the above picture is someone doing a long walk across the room with every eye on him. Comey doesn't mind the spotlight but only on his terms. His hands clasped together in front of him not just to guard him but to not give away his nervousness. His posture has him momentarily slumping in a resigned oh shit he just did that kind of way.

Comey stands at a distance using his long reach to shake hands but Trump uses his left hand to pull him in so he can whisper something in his ear. We now know he whispered, 'it will be great working with you' .... why would he do that in a noisy public setting?

Abusers with a crowd of people might poke fun at someone that on the surface seems like a harmless jest but it's a put them in their place thing. Trump loves the boys will be boys setting where he can tell dirty jokes, swear and give out classified Intel.

He plays as being the alpha male which is why he shouts instead of talking. Being a loud take charge braggart is often seen as being a strong male figure. It's overcompensating for what you are lacking. 

The males that have actually been put to the test and have seen shit are often quiet and reserved, these are the real alpha males and a real alpha male doesn't feel the need to have a display of his prowess at every occasion.   If they can they try not to waste time with the boastful big mouths because they will eventually call them on their shit.     

And I was like all jazz hands and said what the fuck Mr President?

Comey's internal alarm was raised with Trump so much so that he took down all his conversations in what would be an incident report. He never felt the need to do this with Bush or Obama. When something happens you write it down while it's still fresh in your memory, no opinions or guesses just what you witnessed.

Trump making people leave the room to talk with Comey goes against protocols and Jeff Sessions knew this which was why he was hesitant to leave but when the President tells you to get out you go.

A private dinner alone with the President where he asks for loyalty like a mob boss then uses the 'I hope' you can drop the investigation.  Like a mobster saying "that's a nice family you have, it would be a shame if something happened to them." 

They aren't really concerned about your nice family and a mobster saying 'I hope' means they want and expect ... duh!
Only Republicans can't see this apparently.  Blah blah blah Benghazi blah blah blah e-mails blah blah blah unmasking!

Yeah we caught several Americans working with Russian spies out to destroy our democracy .... you what? you spied on Americans while they were talking to Russians? Disgraceful! 

A personal profile on Comey:  The man is a highly trained lawyer that thinks in legalese. The way he wrote his reports on the conversations so they weren't classified, the fact that he NEVER gives a personal opinion but sticks with the facts.

He plays by rules even if others don't like it. Making a statement about Hillary's e-mails wasn't about swaying the election it was about protecting his baby, the FBI.

Making incident reports on conversations and testifying wasn't a political move, he was protecting his baby, the FBI.

Comey can take a lot of crap. Getting fired via TV while thousands of miles away from DC he can take it but saying the FBI lied and that he was a nutjob who did his job poorly .... too much.

Comey has this complex internal dialogue going on. He likes everyone to know their place and job he is big into order. He is also big into keeping his composure and careful about the words he says.

This is why whenever the President clears the room or asks for loyalty Comey doesn't have a zinger ready. His internal dialogue is trying to process everything. McCain said, ' I'd demand the President explain to me what he meant by we had that thing' as if it was odd not too. Another Senator said that Comey should have told the President that him being alone with him was not acceptable.

Comey is strong and intelligent but how many people stand up to their new boss and tells them their job especially when he runs the country?
I believe Comey is intimidated by Trump, not in a scared way but in a made to feel uncomfortable doesn't like him way. Comey is mentally thrown when things are not how they are supposed to be.

Comey could give his opinion and really give the nation something to grab onto but he is all about the facts. He relies on others to figure out the truth without him spelling it out and breaching classified information.  

Some things you just can't tell the public and he has to inform the public in a way that shows the FBI are transparent and not being used by any one side as a tool.

Why was Sessions, Kushner and the others cleared from the Oval office for Trump to speak to him. Sessions should have been there, what was so bad that Trump didn't want witnesses? 

Why have a private one on one dinner when no other president has done so? 

Comey looks people in the eyes and doesn't show annoyance when he has to repeat himself. He shifted in his seat slightly so his body faced each Senator that was asking him questions. When McCain went batshit crazy and talked about why Hillary wasn't being investigated Comey could have easily pointed out the difference between a target of the Russians and an accomplice but Comey was nervous as he was no doubt embarassed at the stupidity of the line of random ass questioning.

Was there something else as to why Comey was edgy about Trump? Maybe it's something he can't talk about. When it turned out that the NSA was holding information on Americans the shit hit the fan.
The FBI have had files on Charlie Chaplin, John Denver, Rock Hudson, Whitney Houston, Steve Jobs even the rock band Kiss. Someone going to Communist Russia in the 80's would have peaked the interest of the FBI but would they tell you they had a file on Trump?

Boy would that look bad.

The FBI and the other alphabet soup agencies cannot be seen spying on Americans. Look at the whole unmasking thing and that was just routine.   

I don't know how an American businessman who is the very epitome of decadence going to Communist Russia to see about opening up some ultra Capitalist pig hotels makes a jot of sense.

If Trump is sworn in to testify I am 100% sure that he'll lie. Comey wasn't lying he isn't wired that way. He's a patriot and extremely loyal with a sense of fair play and is all about just the facts ma'am.  

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