Monday, 26 June 2017

ISIS Aren't Done Yet

Brave Iraqi soldiers fending off radicalized attack pigeons 

The Monday morning quarter backs are starting to question the wars of terror after like 15 years of it. 'What we are doing isn't working' ... well duh!   

So it's Monday morning (unless it isn't) so Old Knudsen who is usually known as a wide receiver will be the star quarter back and tell you what the score is. Not the official line or the social media scuttlebutt. With the use of experience, black mirrors, bowls of water and prescription medication I will tell you the * truth* cos I respect you an shit.  

 Yeah but they are going to be big bombs right? 

Mosul which is possibly in Iraq ... you know, that place we freed the shit out of. It's the last ISIS stronghold and is of great tactical importance and IS are losing it. 

You have people cheering at the defeat of the Caliphate, those people still think in terms of large armies facing each other and decisive victories. Americans in general just don't get terrorism either. 

During the Cold War the NSA/CIA could find the enemy anywhere in the world no problem as troop and tank battalions are hard to hide but they couldn't kill them for numerous reasons like starting WWIII. Now the NSA/CIA can't find the enemy but when they can they are quite easy to kill.
Terrorists use civilian populations as cover and don't have a big carbon foot print. They prefer their pick up trucks to be white as that gets covered in dirt and easier to camouflage. They have put thought into this and understand the terrain. 

If you look at the news covfefe coverage of Mosul you'll see Iraqi forces in tanks, on the streets and giving vodka to small children ... I just assume it's vodka, kids love that stuff. 

It's almost as if the media outlets which have to have their covefe coverage and pictures approved are trying to put out a message. Trying to write the narrative. 

 M-16's are still being found on IS fighters that they got from the fleeing Iraqi military.

Coalition forces and the US are giving air and ground support. They have people there, you can't leave something so important to the Iraqis but it's Iraqi troops always shown. 
The Iraqis are taking control of their cuntry, they are stepping up and fighting. No need to join ISIS to fight the invaders, maybe the US can actually leave ... that's the narrative. 

But they'll never fully leave. The US still have bases in Japan and Germany after WWII, they never leave. 

US soldier on the right.
We know the western invaders are still there, they just put on Iraqi uniforms now. Most uniforms used are US in nature anyways. 

ISIS and Al-Qaeda before them are like a cult. There is no seeking peace with them but if you fight them in their territories on their turf you just create more reasons for others to join the cult.

Invading foreign nations tend to swell the ranks of guerrilla forces 10 fold. Those teetering on the edge will join up or give the terrorists local support. Places to hide, store weapons or to be their eyes and ears. 

At the start ISIS was well funded and able to win hearts and minds by giving the locals food, water and protection. Things the foreign nations couldn't give. Hamas does this, the IRA through Sinn Féin did this it's a proven guerilla tactic to earn support for killing. 
Power corrupts and as ISIS got more fighters to feed and more cities to use so their tactics became even more brutal as they had more to control and soon the locals were often seen as the enemy. They also played the long game by using children to create the next generation of fighters that would keep their ideology alive for the future. 

ISIS knowing they are losing do what the Nazis were ordered to do at the concentration camps, they slaughter just before they retreat. Whatever child soldiers they can't use and whatever civilians that might flee the city get slaughtered. 

They try to write their last ditch narrative by saying that hundreds were killed by coalition bombs. There are about 10,000 civilians trapped in Mosul and the UN have found up to 160 civilians killed in one day.  

The Great Mosque of al-Nuri with its leaning cock like minaret was destroyed. This 800 year-old building was where ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi did some of his best DJ work from. ISIS say the coalition destroyed it and they say ISIS did it.

ISIS are the same cunts that destroy 5 thousand year old carvings so chances are they did it, even if they didn't their very existence in the region destroyed it. 

I be tossin, enforcin, my style is awesome. 

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is believed to have been killed. This is the cockroach that survived Gitmo to go on to lead a cult of cunts that shook the world. Until I see a body I think this cunt got out and is living in Qatar or something, he's the bad guy that will keep coming back for sequels. The almost dead guy on the ground that grabs you by the leg in the last 5 minutes of a movie.

What happens when ISIS gets destroyed? They will never be destroyed. Al-Qaeda wasn't destroyed, just made less relevant and unable to carry out international attacks but it's still around. All it would take to grow again would be the US to leave Afghanistan. 

It's all cause and effect. The Mujahideen had the purpose of fighting off the Soviet invaders, the CIA helped them. Al-Qaeda grew out of the Mujahideen. They saw first hand with the CIA the meddling from the West and the propping up and support of Israel. 

They don't hate the freedoms of the West they have a perceived grievance that the west wants to destroy Islam. That's what competing religions do. The Moors ruled Spain for 800 years. Saladin fought the Crusaders as they both vied for Jerusalem, they've always been at it. 

Wars for oil often turn into holy wars.  

 It's God's will that you be raped for the greater good

So Al-Qaeda, ISIS, al-Shabab and whatever are defenders of Islam. It's their own sick and twisted version of it though as like Westboro Baptist Church, the Pentecostals and Mormons have their twisted form of Christianity. 

The Nazis never thought they were the bad guys. Did Obama worry about killing children with drones? .... probably not cos they weren't American and so didn't count. ISIS doesn't think that anyone non-ISIS matters. 

Nature abhors a vacuum. The breaking of promises like the betrayal of the Iraqi people in the first Gulf War helps groups with finding a reason to fill the vacuum. The mind set and the brainwashing has been done over the past 15 years will keep the ISIS ideology continuing. 

Like the IRA there will be some yahoos not ready for peace and will call themselves the Continuity ISIS or the Real ISIS. 

When there aren't any more ragheads in white pick up trucks we'll go back to nations being at each other's throats until the new ISIS get back on their feet again.   

While we meddle in the affairs of other nations, keep backing allies that compromise our own morality for a few billion worth of weapons sales there will always be someone rising up to attack us and the innocent people attacked will always wonder why.   

Thursday, 22 June 2017

Lone She-Wolf

I am Sanne Alexandra Andersson from Sweden, I am a model, fashion designer and blogger. I enjoy a healthy lifestyle with meditation and yoga, I love to take long walks on the beach and kill peelers ... Fuck the police! 

The weird story of Christine Connor who used fake profiles and photos "borrowed" from a Swedish model to lure men into her own personal war against the police.

As you can see the Republican dissident from North Belfast could very easily pass for being a Swedish model .... or two.

Two men that had no terrorist leanings were manipulated into helping her to try to kill police officers, they were caught and both committed suicide. One of the men was an American that had sent her cheques and had written to her. The FBI raided his home, he was arrested when he visited her in prison.

You talk to this woman online, you've got blue balls just thinking about her so yeah, you agree to join her armed struggle for a united Ireland cos yer gagging for it and your mom won't let you have friends in your room ... not that you have any friends.

Blue balls soon turns into erectile dysfunction when you visit your Swedish goddess in prison. No wonder those blokes killed themselves .... seriously dude, yuck!

31 year-old Connor was sentenced to 16 years in prison for attempting to kill PSNI officers with hand grenades. She admitted the attacks which happened in 2013. She lured police to a house with a fake 999 call and she and one of the blokes that killed himself threw grenades/pipe bombs injuring one officer.

 Tiocfaidh ár lá I'll blow ya if ya help me kill some peelers mate!
It's like those Nigeria scams and Trump University scams, if it's too good to be true or promises you amazing things then it's probably bullshit.

Sure there is the chance you might have a rich long lost relative that died in a plane crash and didn't know anyone else but made sure a banker had your e-mail addy .... Sure that after you spend thousands learning how to get rich like Donald Trump you may also get a small loan of a million bucks from yer da too.

Sure there might also be a hot blonde Swedish model that wants to rim strangers online and is well into having a united Ireland.

Even if she said she was from Belfast ... seriously people, don't be silly.

Like Trump's marriage to Melania a honey pot trap is so obvious. Her Face Book group United Struggle had only one member for fucks sake, her.

Old Knudsen gets hot chicks that only have a handful of friends on their newly created page send him Face Book requests out of the blue all the time. They are probably just really hot chicks that want my cock though ... but Old Knudsen ain't that fucken easy.


Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Experts Are Pretty Sure This Time

"You can run but you can't hide, the future isn't safe cos the leaders lied
the oceans will rise and the cities subside yeah" 

Or why a younger Old Knudsen gave up writing songs. Tired and cliched now but back then no one was talking about the environment much. The experts were telling us to expect another ice-age. That was back when we blindly believed experts, we even believed what Doctors told us too and that not all politicians lied and that the BBC was in no way fake news. 

Is it any wonder that so many don't believe in Climate Change, gravity or the dangers of excessive wanking? 

These days experts use social media, memes and peer pressure to make you believe ... oh you don't have to believe cos 99% of experts are positive they are right this time and it's science so it's true whether you believe it or not.  

Reminds me of the Christian passive aggressive expression 'Jesus loves you whether you like it or not.'

Kinda creepy. 

So Younger Knudsen was ahead of his time. If he had continued to write songs would there be one about tiny pocket computers that hypnotize you and make you their slave? 

"Touch me, look at me, you are scrolling down gonna hit rock bottom. You need a fix, a notification of gratification."

Thank Gog for the Interweb and its ton of free porn. Old Knudsen could have been a Bob Dylan or Randy Newman instead of whatever he is today.

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

The Great American War Machine

Old Knudsen tries not to watch war movies cos he doesn't want flashbacks to Hamburger Hill ... the movie, not the battle, it was shite! 

I wanted some Netflix and chill so I typed 'watch free online' cos who the fuck pays for Netflix? but I was all out of chill so I watched the latest Brad Pitt movie War Machine with pirated Netflix and luke warm.  

Fuck yer FBI warning and yes I would steal a car so obviously I'll steal a movie. The money I've spent to be disappointed by Hollywood over the years I've finally caught on.     

The film starts with the great line, "Men are imperfect creatures, left to their own devices, all they really wanna do is play with their dicks and eat chicken."

The movie was loosely based around the firing of General Stanley McChrystal. If you recall he sort of resigned/fired because for some reason he did a Rolling Stone interview while in charge of the Afghanistan war and was pretty free with his words. 

He had to apologize to the then President Obama and VP Biden for smack talking about them. I'm surprised that Trump hasn't offered him a job. If Obama fired him then he must be good. 

General Pulver in the movie was loosely based on General Michael Flynn. A not too talented angry person that rode on McChrystal's or rather Pitt's character General Glen McMahon's coattails. 

This movie was based on the book The operators by Michael Hastings who was the actual Rolling Stone reporter that covered McChrystal. 

Ben Kingsley was born to play Hamid Karzai
Hamid Karzai the President of Afghanistan is shown as a figure of fun. This guy who is propped up by the West to lead Afghanistan had to give permission for a military raid but he knew that he didn't really have a say in it. He was hard to get a hold of so Brad Pitt's character McMahon told him to behave like a leader, he replied he was, he was being unavailable just like President Obama.  

Meg Tilly came out of retirement to act as McMahon's wife.That woman has always had a direct line to Old Knudsen's boner and seeing her older didn't matter. 

The one that got away

While the movie had some funny parts it also had a message. All that the US is doing is creating more enemies. McMahon said if you have 10 insurgents and you kill 2, how many do you have left? The answer is 20 cos those two killed had friends and family on the cusp of taking up arms and when you kill the 2 they had their minds made up for them. 

The figure is that for every civilian killed by the west 40 new insurgents are created. The movie saw a young boy killed by a grenade that was targeting insurgents on the roof of his house. The boy's father was given a couple of thousand dollars and told sorry. McMahon could clearly see the hate in the eyes of the young brother of the dead boy, another enemy created. 

You can't win the hearts and minds of the people when you are killing them. Afghanistan can partially be won but it can never be held. Alexander the Great, the British, the Soviets, history has been there and done that and failed. 

Obama had no appetite for this war, now with General Mattis in charge and an easy to manipulate president in his pocket there are more troops being sent there but no one really cares about the place. 

They grow heroin poppies because the US doesn't let them grow cotton as that would interfere with their own product being sold... you can't fight a war tied up and your certainly can't win it like that. 

If you bring the troops home you then condemn the population to Taliban rule and insurgents will grow in strength with free reign to plan more US attacks. It's a fucked up situation.    

General Petraeus or Bob as he was called in War Machine was McMahon's replacement. Just another war loving General with a chest full of medals, same old routine. 

Petraeus resigned when a NATO helicopter killed 9 Afghan boys out getting firewood. Not a career killing event just meh ... er I mean very regrettable. He became the CIA director until an affair with the author of his biography and the mishandling of classified info made him resign from that.

Scandals come and go and the great American War Machine grinds on creating dead bodies, 65 million refugees and more enemies. America has been at war 93% of its time since its creation in 1776, it's the natural state of the cuntry.

Monday, 19 June 2017

Undercover Special Forces Day Drinkers

MP7 cunningly concealed in his bag

If you see a homeless man on the streets of London don't give him money. I'm not being heartless they'll just use the money to buy drink. No I'm not being judgemental it's just that according to some newspapers there are special forces soldiers posing as hobos. 

The fucken SAS will use that money for drink, I know those elitist cunts. It's all true about the SAS living on the streets. In a bid to prevent terrorist attacks they send them out to be undercover day drinkers. 

Old Knudsen was too dangerous for the SAS, he was in the SNAF the Special Needs Assault Force. If there was a job that had a special need for violence then that was who the SAS called when they were too ascared. 

I was living on the streets at one time but I'm a fucken professional, a method actor. I had a fake divorce, fake nervous breakdown, fake restraining orders, lost my house and my fake cover job at the bus depot after a fake drunk driving incident and lived on the streets to prevent terrorism ... my real assignment. 

I took my legal highs and drank my litre of cider followed by a 6 pack of extra strong brew ... just to fit in. I even took my turn at Fat Jenny when she passed out .... just to fit in. She usually charges so I was being frugal like a hobo would be. 

I jumped up to bother nice people for 20p. I shouted "God bless you" in a passive aggressive tone when they didn't give me anything.          

SAS Captain Rodney "Rodders" Wilkinson and his attack dog Fang 

I may be exposing some special forces personel working undercover but Old Knudsen is more fucken special than they are!

I've seen them sitting there with their regulation hair cuts and shiny Nike shoes as they shit into bags they carry with them to avoid detection. If they were serious hobos like Old Knudsen they would be throwing that shit.

 Sgt Charlie "chucky" Robinson ready to attack Al Qaeda 

Their SAS colleagues pretend to be members of the public and give these fake hobos food and drinks in order to keep up pretenses.   

If you see a civvie giving a hobo a bag from McDonald's and a coffee, pay attention for they might say, "it's rather chilly today old chap, you should wrap up"  and the hobo would reply, "the wind is from the east today and may bring rain later around noon" .... obviously it's code. I can't tell you for what as that may put lives in danger. 

Major Tom "Tom Tom" Billingston and Colonel Jim "Jimmy Jam" Mustard

People go on about immigrants stealing jobs but what about SAS members stealing turf? A good British or Romanian hobo could use that money to buy crack or have a go at Fat Jenny but those SAS cunts are no doubt wasting it at the pub while laughing about being paid to sit around in a blanket. 

This leads to a question, are there really homeless vets on the streets or are they all undercover? 

This explains the Tory "sorry we can't fund helping homeless veterans as that is a matter of national security" .... it makes so much sense now.  At least they didn't say, 'we hate those fucken veterans and refuse to help them' like they have done with nurses, doctors and the police etc. 

So if you see a hobo shouting obscenities and trying to fight people just leave them to it as they are probably highly trained professionals keeping you safe from terrorists. 


Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Happy Birthday Mister President

JFK had his Marilyn (allegedly) and DJT has his Ivanka (probably) on today which is probably most definitely the best day the world has ever seen. Yes it's Donald Trump's birthday!

Gemini males have been described as quick witted, sociable and always ready for fun, a child and a grown up in the same body. Extremely sexually potent he can be quite the pervert. You can't trust them not because they are liars but because their hearts can change so quickly. Unreliable, acting like a spoiled child who is scared of his emotions. He may seem superficial and shallow but if you are superficial yourself you'll never be able to scratch his surface to see what lies beneath.

 I wish you'd stop doing your own hair dad it's a fucken mullet!

Wait a minute, Old Knudsen is Gemini ... Oh I'm Cancer rising which makes me dependable and not at all a pervert ... believe me.

He's got Leo rising which is full of anger and ego, not to mention that mane .

71 today which shows you that age is no guarantee of wisdom. A fool at 71 is indeed a fool, this fool ain't gonna become presidential any time soon. If he was smarter, more restrained and open to change he could fool people for a short time but we've all seen his true face and it ain't pretty.   

 So it's that kind of family

Lets hope this is his last birthday as Old Knudsen resents the oxygen he is stealing. We have little enough clean air as it is hint hint Paris Agreement.  

Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Trump's Circle Jerk

Trump got his cabinet together to give him a good report of how things were going or how they thought he'd want them to be going. In his boring halting monotone voice he read from his notes the words, millions, trillions, great, very good and of course he complained about the Democrats for being obstructionists even though he hasn't even nominated very many people for them to obstruct.

Everything else had to be good news. Even his remarks about how many jobs created was good despite the figures being lower than they have been for months. He mentioned vague apprenticeships in which he'd have people trained to do manual work as that was very important so he has heard.

Perhaps Ivanka mentioned how hard the children in her Chinese clothes factories work.     

Instead of just getting reports he went round the table for each person to awkwardly gush about him and to tell him how great everything was.

Nope, sorry Donald # 2 but something else grabbed his attention, he probably missed that whole thing.

Operation Covfefe was a sucess ... as you all know it wasn't a late night typo it was obviously a code for people in the know. No, not the Russians but yeah I bet they know ALL about it. 

Betsy helping to shape the Trump voter of the future.

Dominant males and those who have received medals from Putin and yet haven't been considered a compromise risk like Tillerson just has to say the basic shit. 

Former Marines who don't take shit like General Mattis also don't have to gush about the President. Army General McMaster is so expendable that Mattis makes him sit behind him at an open window so he'd be the one to get shot by a sniper .... because he can and because he thinks it's funny.

Yeah, what the Asian MILF said, so good looking it hurts my eyes.

John Kelly may be a former US Marine but he is certainly no Mad Dog, more like an HR. He just follows his orders like a good little soldier.  

Hope Hicks standing in the background gave a great review of Trump recently. "He has a magnetic personality and exudes positive energy, which is infectious to those around him. 

He has an unparalleled ability to communicate with people, whether he is speaking to a room of three or an arena of 30,000. 

 I 'hope' you will tell me more in private Hope

He has built great relationships throughout his life and treats everyone with respect. 

He is brilliant with a great sense of humor . . . and an amazing ability to make people feel special and aspire to be more than even they thought possible."

Her statement has led to calls for random drug testing in the White House. I wonder what hidden talents the former model with no PR skills has to have landed this job.  

Carson whose motto for the operating theater is 'leave them wanting more' took time to dazzle the crowd with his wit.

Kellyanne smiling and nodding in resentment at the back

No time to run around the country for validation rallies Trump has had to get his 3 kids to do interviews on Fox and to have this meeting to remind people how great he is. 

I don't remember Obama or even Bush having to do this. 

Despite protest rallies and his travel ban getting defeated in court once again the president wants you to know that everything is going great and ahead of schedule, so great they didn't even bother with a schedule that would only slow things down. 

The wall fence partition border barrier is almost complete ... or rather the setting up for a meeting potentially in the near future to discuss it is almost complete.  And ahead of schedule!

A new coal mine was just opened in Pennsylvania and will be shipping coal to American homes whether they want it or not .... as Europe and India that buys US coal steadily moves to renewable sources of energy and or gas. Coal exports have been down 30% with many coal burning plants being closed. China has stopped buying North Korean coal at the moment but that isn't enough to save the US coal industry. 

There is nothing more American than living in denial, black lung and air pollution. Tremendous!  

Comey Is Honestly Loyal To The People

A lot has been said about the former FBI Director James Comey. Now as a body language expert Old Knudsen will cut through the bull to tell you what he's at.

I tend to pick up on things that go unnoticed. Mirco expressions, involuntary flinching, eye movements a change in posture. Old Knudsen gets so much data that he has to not read people on purpose or he gets flooded with info. A thing about doing it in real life is that subjects talking to you subconsciously notice when you pick up on their 'tells' and get very guarded and almost hostile and they probably don't know why. 

When James Comey first met Trump in the Oval office he tried to blend into the surroundings with his blue suit standing in front of the blue drapes. He stood out of Trump's direct eye line hoping that nothing awkward would happen. A 6 foot 8 inch bloke is hard to hide.

Trump's real audience are all lined up laughing 

Abusers and manipulators have their own special powers too. They can sense weakness or vulnerability. Before the cameras stopped snapping Trump shouted out across the room where's Comey?
What you have in the above picture is someone doing a long walk across the room with every eye on him. Comey doesn't mind the spotlight but only on his terms. His hands clasped together in front of him not just to guard him but to not give away his nervousness. His posture has him momentarily slumping in a resigned oh shit he just did that kind of way.

Comey stands at a distance using his long reach to shake hands but Trump uses his left hand to pull him in so he can whisper something in his ear. We now know he whispered, 'it will be great working with you' .... why would he do that in a noisy public setting?

Abusers with a crowd of people might poke fun at someone that on the surface seems like a harmless jest but it's a put them in their place thing. Trump loves the boys will be boys setting where he can tell dirty jokes, swear and give out classified Intel.

He plays as being the alpha male which is why he shouts instead of talking. Being a loud take charge braggart is often seen as being a strong male figure. It's overcompensating for what you are lacking. 

The males that have actually been put to the test and have seen shit are often quiet and reserved, these are the real alpha males and a real alpha male doesn't feel the need to have a display of his prowess at every occasion.   If they can they try not to waste time with the boastful big mouths because they will eventually call them on their shit.     

And I was like all jazz hands and said what the fuck Mr President?

Comey's internal alarm was raised with Trump so much so that he took down all his conversations in what would be an incident report. He never felt the need to do this with Bush or Obama. When something happens you write it down while it's still fresh in your memory, no opinions or guesses just what you witnessed.

Trump making people leave the room to talk with Comey goes against protocols and Jeff Sessions knew this which was why he was hesitant to leave but when the President tells you to get out you go.

A private dinner alone with the President where he asks for loyalty like a mob boss then uses the 'I hope' you can drop the investigation.  Like a mobster saying "that's a nice family you have, it would be a shame if something happened to them." 

They aren't really concerned about your nice family and a mobster saying 'I hope' means they want and expect ... duh!
Only Republicans can't see this apparently.  Blah blah blah Benghazi blah blah blah e-mails blah blah blah unmasking!

Yeah we caught several Americans working with Russian spies out to destroy our democracy .... you what? you spied on Americans while they were talking to Russians? Disgraceful! 

A personal profile on Comey:  The man is a highly trained lawyer that thinks in legalese. The way he wrote his reports on the conversations so they weren't classified, the fact that he NEVER gives a personal opinion but sticks with the facts.

He plays by rules even if others don't like it. Making a statement about Hillary's e-mails wasn't about swaying the election it was about protecting his baby, the FBI.

Making incident reports on conversations and testifying wasn't a political move, he was protecting his baby, the FBI.

Comey can take a lot of crap. Getting fired via TV while thousands of miles away from DC he can take it but saying the FBI lied and that he was a nutjob who did his job poorly .... too much.

Comey has this complex internal dialogue going on. He likes everyone to know their place and job he is big into order. He is also big into keeping his composure and careful about the words he says.

This is why whenever the President clears the room or asks for loyalty Comey doesn't have a zinger ready. His internal dialogue is trying to process everything. McCain said, ' I'd demand the President explain to me what he meant by we had that thing' as if it was odd not too. Another Senator said that Comey should have told the President that him being alone with him was not acceptable.

Comey is strong and intelligent but how many people stand up to their new boss and tells them their job especially when he runs the country?
I believe Comey is intimidated by Trump, not in a scared way but in a made to feel uncomfortable doesn't like him way. Comey is mentally thrown when things are not how they are supposed to be.

Comey could give his opinion and really give the nation something to grab onto but he is all about the facts. He relies on others to figure out the truth without him spelling it out and breaching classified information.  

Some things you just can't tell the public and he has to inform the public in a way that shows the FBI are transparent and not being used by any one side as a tool.

Why was Sessions, Kushner and the others cleared from the Oval office for Trump to speak to him. Sessions should have been there, what was so bad that Trump didn't want witnesses? 

Why have a private one on one dinner when no other president has done so? 

Comey looks people in the eyes and doesn't show annoyance when he has to repeat himself. He shifted in his seat slightly so his body faced each Senator that was asking him questions. When McCain went batshit crazy and talked about why Hillary wasn't being investigated Comey could have easily pointed out the difference between a target of the Russians and an accomplice but Comey was nervous as he was no doubt embarassed at the stupidity of the line of random ass questioning.

Was there something else as to why Comey was edgy about Trump? Maybe it's something he can't talk about. When it turned out that the NSA was holding information on Americans the shit hit the fan.
The FBI have had files on Charlie Chaplin, John Denver, Rock Hudson, Whitney Houston, Steve Jobs even the rock band Kiss. Someone going to Communist Russia in the 80's would have peaked the interest of the FBI but would they tell you they had a file on Trump?

Boy would that look bad.

The FBI and the other alphabet soup agencies cannot be seen spying on Americans. Look at the whole unmasking thing and that was just routine.   

I don't know how an American businessman who is the very epitome of decadence going to Communist Russia to see about opening up some ultra Capitalist pig hotels makes a jot of sense.

If Trump is sworn in to testify I am 100% sure that he'll lie. Comey wasn't lying he isn't wired that way. He's a patriot and extremely loyal with a sense of fair play and is all about just the facts ma'am.