Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Trump Has The Right

So many libtards complaining that Donald Trump sharing classified information with the Russians is wrong, they should see it from his side.

Your head is spinning because everyone didn't cheer when you fired the head of the FBI ... What the fuck? The Democrats hated him and now he's looking into Trump's Russian collusion so the Republicans must obviously must hate him too so what gives?

Yeah Comey was an asshat but he was currently actually doing his job when he was fired for something he did last year.  Old Knudsen isn't a labour law specialist but if you let someone continue to work then you've given up your right to fire them for that event. He should have suspended him and looked into it rather than dismissing him for something when he wasn't even in charge then.

He totally didn't fire him because he was investigating him ...  oh no.

After all that you get a call from the boss. Putin says "Hey Donald, I want to send someone over to inspect productivity." 

Shit the supervisor is coming, look busy!

He gets out his biggest smiles and pals around with the Russians. It's a bro-fest ... well in Trump's mind.

To make sure it doesn't backfire and look bad the US media are not allowed in, just the Russian Foreign Office media. They promised not to release the pictures and make Trump look bad.

Why are the Russians giggling? 

Trump felt comfortable enough to blurt out some classified Intel he received from Israeli Intelligence. It was just a routine sharing of information about ISIS planning to put bombs into electronics and onto planes.

Sure isn't Russia in Five Eyes? The Intelligence sharing alliance. That's US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand and um Russia makes 5.

What? no that's not right. At the start of this year an Israeli newspaper published a story saying that US counterparts to Israeli Intelligence officials warned them not to share Intelligence with Trump.

There is no 'routine sharing of Intel' with Russia as per the White House excuse, that just isn't done. 

Israel has cordial relations with Russia but are afraid that any Intel will get shared with Iran so that's a no no.

It's like someone telling you a secret and you blurting it out to someone they know but aren't friends with.

 It was a bad day for Donald to quit sniffing glue.  

HR McMaster denied it happened then Trump tweeted about doing it ... awkward! To quote HR, "The President did not sniff glue, I was in the room it didn't happen."

And another White House spokesperson's credibility goes down in flames. 

Even if it was top secret BAM! ... a US President can make it un-top secret.  As Trump tweeted, 'he has that right.'

Fuck the assets on the ground it's the bragging rights that count. To quote Barney, "sharing is caring."

Meanwhile in the Russian media they are laughing their arse off. All other media outlets have to buy pictures from them. The only American photographer was the White House photographer and their official pics were released much later. 

It shows you what disdain the Russians have and how brazen they have become. America is a joke to them. Pwned!

Like Assad using gas on civilians, shooting down an airliner, poisoning a former spy in London, killing journalists, invading Ukraine .... Russia denies everything.

We bukkake all over him then we make him eat it lol!  

While Russia is a rival nation, Turkey is an ally .... a dodgy as fuck one. They keep hinting at kicking the US out of their Air Base at Incirlik. It's of strategic importance for the US to be there so the west often turns a blind eye to things going on. 

The US has started to arm and work with the Kurds in Syria. The Kurds in Syria (YPG) are seen by Turkey to be an extension of the Turkish-Kurds (PKK) who have carried out terrorist attacks in Turkey. They want their region to be independent but Turkey isn't having it. 

Turkey have been known to shell the YPG in northern Syria ... Turkey are cunts it's as simple as that. Also with the recent coup and most likely rigged referendum Erdogan is seeming to be more like a dictator than an elected official. 
Sort of how Putin somehow keeps getting elected over the past 17 years, not even Winston Churchill was that popular with the voters after the war and he saved Britain for fucks sake. 

Not someone a President under fire needs to meet with just after having the Russians over ... DOH! There he goes, shit whose idea was that?

Erdogan did use his time in Washington to treat the US like a bitch and denounce the Kurds. He probably applied some pressure to get his nemesis Muhammed Fethullah Gülen extradited to Turkey. Gülen lives in the US in exile and Erdogan still blames him for all his woes. He's like his version of Obama.

Trump said, "terrific guy I love turkey in fact here at the White House we get a great turducken served to us I love it with ketchup. Tremendous!"

Then to lighten the mood he met with Bashar al-Assad who still denies he used gas on anyone but Trump being the great negotiator and deal maker that he is got him to promise that if he was to ever think about using gas on little children ... not that he did but if he was to consider it to not do it. 

He then declared the beginning of a great friendship between the US and Syria. They signed a $50 million arms deal and hugged it out.   

Such a busy day, he then met with Robert Mugabe who was Prime Minister of  Zimbabwe from 1980 - 87 and then became its President since 1987 ... amazing, they must really love him there. 

Trump jokingly asked for tips for a long political career and was informed about the fun African custom of placing burning tyres around people's necks ... Trump seemed intrigued.  

Kim Jong-un sent his apologies that he couldn't make it for the Oppressor's conference. Soon Trump will go and meet another dictator famous world leader King Abdullah Ibn Abdul Aziz Al Saud when he travels to Saudi Arabia this weekend for a summit. Omar Al-Bashir of The Sudan has also been invited but will probably want assurances he won't be arrested for war crimes which nearly happened when he visited South Africa. 

Trump should fit right in with this group but lets hope no one gives him any valuable classified Intel beforehand. 

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