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Trump Builds Corners In The Oval Office To Hide In

Lieutenant General Micheal T Flynn worked for Obama as the Director of the National Intelligence Agency from July 2012. On April 2014 he announced he was resigning though he mentions in his book that he was made to resign.

Often called 'brash' for his outspoken ways the man is an Islamophobe with a superiority complex that the top brass people very often have. Like a surgeon's god complex.

His disdain for the civvies in the Obama administration was what got him fired. He didn't like how they were doing things and thought he knew better. 

Flynn is a hater, he hates Muslims and will flip flop over what he believes in for pay. He was perfect for the Trump administration. If Obama fired him then obviously he must be one of the good guys going by Trump's logic. 

Obama warned Trump about Flynn, in Trump's eyes that was a glowing recommendation. 

Like 'Alternative Facts' Flynn had what his staff called 'Flynn Facts' and he didn't listen to anyone. No surprise that he was often abusive toward his staff. 

From 2014 on he had to get other jobs. He guest spoke on Fox and also Russia Today. His consulting company (run by his son) even worked for a group connected to the Foreign Economic Relations Board of Turkey. Flynn very soon joined Team Erdo─čan, Muslim or not. He had nothing but praise for him.

He has said that he thinks the US should work closely with Russia and has met Putin at an RT dinner and has had secret meetings he lied about to Mike Pence with Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

Did he get backhanders for Moscow trips he didn't declare on paper? It seems that he didn't declare a lot of his income and who he was getting it from.

 The T in Micnael T Flynn is for Tyrannosaurus 

The Trump admin backed Flynn to the hilt and said he had done not wrong, even just hours before he resigned. 

Just to think, Flynn was a potential hopeful for the VP job ... scary huh?

Trump is panicking. Trump even blamed Obama saying that Flynn had top level clearance from Obama so how was he supposed to know if anything was wrong? .... it was Obama! 

Top level clearance is handled by the Defense Department and they probably didn't know anything about Flynn's extracurricular activities. It's not like a list is handed to Obama and he signs whatever he is given in front of a load of cameras .... who does that?

Trump signs for two crates of Roma tomatoes that were delivered to the kitchen. 

When someone becomes a new National security adviser they are required to get NEW White House clearance, it just doesn't roll over like minutes on a phone. It's security protocol ... you just don't assume they are ok the job is too important to be slack. 

General Mattis a former 4 Star General went through rigorous vetting for the Secretary of defense job, in fact he seemed a little put out that he had to have it done. 

Flynn a mere a retired Lieutenant General who was fired from the previous admin, who had not only the former President but the former acting Attorney General Sally Yates warn Trump about didn't have any checks. 

Now why is that?  ...  The only reason I can think of is plausible deniability.

Oh the fun a foreign agent can have with 18 days in the White House. 

      Bald and not too bright looking dude took over the job

The Border Agency vets border guards more thoroughly than the Trump admin. 6 White House staffers were fired after failing FBI background checks. 

In theory everyone gets a background check as rival spy agencies will use the leverage of  blackmail on anyone at any level. They look for vices or debt to exploit and set you up further. 

Sally Yates looked at the intel and saw that Flynn was a risk and could be easily compromised by Russia. He was already not mentioning trips to Russia and not declaring expenses so she was obviously right.

If someone likes hookers, drugs, drink, gambling or have money problems ... in steps a Savior at your time of need, oh and there are a few little things you have to do for them. 

Like if a businessman dealing in realty couldn't get a loan due to a recession then a foreign bank might step in and help.  It would be perfect if that businessman went on to run for office a few years later wouldn't it?      

Will the people be happy with Flynn as a sacrifice? To quote Lee Harvey Oswald "I'm just a patsy"

Can you blame Obama for other things that happened on Trump's watch such as secret Russian meetings with Jared Kushner, Erik Prince, Carter Page ... not even mentioning Paul Manafort? 

Hillary's campaign met with Russians .... but they didn't try to hide it or lie about it. All done in the open and declared. They didn't speak about sanctions and how things will change for Russia when they are elected.


Trump recently freaked out and changed his Twitter banner only to change it back hours later. Say it loud and bold enough and people will repeat it.

There is a problem though because Clapper says he didn't see any evidence of collusion because he didn't look. He was leaving his job and deferred to the FBI on those matters anyways. They were the ones running the investigation of Russian involvement.

Clapper mentioned the 'unmasking' of Flynn in intelligence reports. This isn't a devious singling out by the Obama admin as Trump would have you believe it's standard.

When say a Russian spy or diplomat is under surveillance the people they talk to if US citizens will have their name redacted in reports unless requested to be unmasked.

Sometimes if that spy is talking to a US citizen of interest like someone tipped to be the new National Security Adviser then it's important for names to be used. Why the fuck are they speaking to them?

It isn't known what hero who leaked the Flynn meetings to the press though.  

Clapper said this:

 "Russia did, without doubt and with little consequence, deploy resources and tactics to disrupt America's presidential election -- to undermine Hillary Clinton, and to help Trump's campaign."

No wonder Trump stopped using his name on his Twitter banner.

"The Russians used cyber operations against both political parties, including hacking into servers used by the Democratic National Committee and releasing stolen data to WikiLeaks and other media outlets. Russia also collected on certain Republican Party-affiliated targets, but did not release any Republican-related data."

 These aren't conspiracy rantings, these are facts. 

1. Russia influenced the US election, also others in Europe including the recent French election. They use bots and fake stories as well as hacked information.  

2. Russia used Wikileaks to release information but only against specific sides beneficial to their agenda.

3. Trump's people have numerous business and personal ties to Russia. Some contacts being personal friends of Putin and connections to state run banks.

 I love you Rex

Trump tries to distance himself from Putin by talking about US/Georgia relations as well as bombing pre-warned Syrian air fields. It all seems very contrived and half arsed.

He speaks warmly of China at every possible moment, he praises Kim jong-un and he speaks highly of  Duterte.

Any other anti-US dictators and rival nations? He never has such praise for his allies. Does Trump even like America? He seems to always have something negative to say and his praise seems very insincere.

Moving forward we still have the FBI investigation to come out. Trump is using the old tactic of attack being the best defense and has chosen now to fire FBI head James Comey.

You attack their credibility so whatever they say there will be a slight doubt. Gaslighting I believe it's called. 
Old Knudsen wondered about Comey after he worked against Clinton, it didn't make sense for him to get the goods on Trump .... and he hasn't. 

What we now need to know is who knows what, who is compromised and just how dirty is Trump?

Doesn't look like a witch hunt this looks like a fight for survival. Like those spy movies with everything spiraling out of control as the spy catchers move in. 


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