Tuesday, 23 May 2017

RIP Robert Mugabe

 Dead at the age of 90 something

There is a market for those that can predict the future. I don't mean stocks and shares but rather world events.
Bulgarian prophet Baba Vanga who died 20 years ago predicted 9/11, the rise of the Islamic State and the end of Europe by 2016 with no life just an empty wasteland so she was pretty spot on. 

Yeah her predictions only appeared after she had died and her ones for 3797 with the destruction of the Earth and humans living in space will probably be as true as our flying cars for the year 2000.

She did say that Obama would be the last President ... she did not say that what would replace him would be a sex offender reality TV star though.  How could anyone have seen that?

 Certainly not a President

Predicting world events isn't about having visions or cutting open goats to examine their intestines. It can be in the genes though. Some people just see the bigger picture and can know how things will play out. There is no such thing as certainty because there will always be some variables with so many forces at play.   
Some people are super-recognisers and can remember a face from years ago that they only saw once, others can be super-tasters with an enhanced perception of flavour. Others can be super-memorisers who can recall most days of their lives. Then there are the super-douchebags which can be found in droves on Twitter.

Experience and learning can play a part but many so-called political experts do poorly at predicting world events. It's like using your intuition I suppose, if you think too much you'll get a false reading. 

 Old Knudsen used his special abilities to impregnate goats with the power of his mind.

Military intelligence agencies would love to harness this gift and have done loads of research into psychic abilities including remote viewing and mind fucking farm animals. One time Old Knudsen was ordered to locate a Soviet diplomat by using remote viewing. I would have found him if those ladies in yon nearby college hadn't decided to take showers and experiment with their blossoming sexuality at that exact time.  

 A man can only be so strong ya know

World events can be tricky though because the things you'd like to happen usually don't but you don't want to say that or you'd jinx them ... jinxing isn't a real thing so wise up. I wanted Bernie Sanders to win the election but that was never going to happen. I wanted Brexit to fail as I don't support Putin's plans for destroying Europe but that didn't happen either. Will Jeremy Corbyn win the UK election? 

Only if May has a brain fart and decides to debate him while killing dalmatian puppies on live TV.

Apostle Ithiel Firebrand Muzenda from the Glory hole Embassy Worldwide has said he received a holy message that if Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace don't repent they'll be shot like Nicolae Ceaușescu and his wife were in 1989. 

The millions of Zimbabweans who fled Mugabe's reign will return bringing the glory of the Lord to the nation yadda yadda yadda. 

Oh how things change. Mugabe was Nelson Mandela long before he was him. He was an intellectual and a darling of Western Liberals. Ian Smith the Prime Minister of Rhodesia as Zimbabwe was known then was the hated racist but fact was that the poorest black under his rule was way better off than those under Mugabe. 
Things changed and now the Mugabes live in luxury while many starve and it is thought he has killed up to 200,000 people for political gain. 

I predict that in the next 3 years (possibly sooner) Mugabe will die. He's 93 yet doesn't look like he's slowing down any. His wife Grace who isn't that bright will be left to the mob, she'll probably flee unless caught and killed. She has been becoming more political over the last few years but she isn't leadership material, she prefers to go shopping which earned the First Lady the nickname the First Shopper. 

The Mugabes often think about Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein, they don't want to end up being sodomized with a bayonet or hanged. This is Putin's biggest fear too. The dictators always end up fearing their own people the most. 

 Chillin out with his tunes

The military will try to take control and there will be lots of violence until a strong leader is found who has support of big men with big machetes.    

If you look through Mugabe's life you'll see him posing with Gaddafi, Mandela, Fidel Castro, Margaret Thatcher and of course many times with the Queen. He's seen them all. 

Now anything goes wrong and he blames Britain, the BBC aren't even allowed to report there and both he and his wife have EU travel bans. 

It must be scary for his wife and grown children because when he goes anything goes. Having it all and then to risk losing it all. The assholes deserve it of course.  

Why am I talking about Mugabe? Because he has popped up a couple of times when I have been looking online .... no he's not private messaging me, that cunt stopped talking to Old Knudsen after a failed 2007 coup which I had nothing to do with ... honestly. 

Mugabe up for re-election in 2018 but since he tends to kill off any serious opposition he stands a good chance of winning. Grace might try to be the next leader but no, the Mugabes will soon have their day and it will be rough at first but then good for Zimbabwe.

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