Thursday, 18 May 2017

Poor Trump The Ulitmate Victim


Donald Trump was there to give Coastguard graduates a rousing speech about having courage and determination in the face of adversary but of course made it all about him having courage.

The precious snowflake/history buff took the moment to tell the world what is really going on ... not classified stuff though cos that would be stupid.   

"Look at the way I’ve been treated lately, especially by the media no politician in history and I say this with great surety, has been treated worse or more unfairly you can’t let them get you down I guess that’s why we won."

As usual it's true what he says . The mean evil left have treated Trump far worse than anyone. Not letting them get you down was exactly how they won and it wasn't anything to do with Russia, Wikileaks and Cambridge Analytica.

Everybody hurts .... everybody cries ... even Trump as he spends millions of tax payer dollars  playing golf at locations expensive to police.

You think he enjoys playing golf and living it up like a single guy? There is nothing he'd like more than to play gold plated Transformers with Barron on the floor of his bedroom but duty to the American people comes first .... also Melania has changed the locks to Trump Tower so bummer.   

Cast your mind back to people lynching Obama Trump mannequins from trees. Even White House visitor and famous draft dodger Ted Nugent called for Obama and Hillary Trump to be tried for treason and hung asap ... he said hung, I would have said hanged.

Remember how for years people said that Obama Trump wasn't even born in the US and demanded to see his papers ... then when he showed them he said they were fake?

Or when Hillary supporters chanted 'lock him up' because he was careless with classified material?   

Remember when mean spirited Chuck Schumer mocked Trump for crying when all that Trump wanted to do was ban all Muslims? Fake Tears! tweeted Schumer.

Others have called Trump a fat slob and have suggested that he has blood coming out of his  .... well anal fissures aren't funny so back off!

Trump remembers because it stings.  Especially when you wipe.

Remember when Sirhan Sirhan Oswald Booth Hinkley shot the back of Trump's head off from a book suppository and also again when he went to see his American cousin Hamilton at the theater? 

James A Garfield in 1881, William McKinley in 1901, Harvey Milk in 1978, Ed King in 1986, Tommy Burks in 1998, Derwin Brown in 2000, James E Davis in 2003, John Roll in 2011, Mark Hasse in 2013 and numerous others had it fucken good. 

Remember when the Senate all stabbed Trump? Except Paul Ryan who doesn't have a spine was playing it safe and said he still had confidence in the Emperor President no matter what he does or who he gives secrets to.    

Remember when Charles Bent the Governor of New Mexico in 1847 Trump was shot with arrows and scalped by injuns? People make fun of his hair which is just mean.  

Or when a bomb was placed under his desk by Tom Cruise? It ruined his trousers leaving him a suit jacket without pants ... how fucken cruel! 

Or when Trump and the other Nazis were put on trial and then sodomized with a bayonet and hanged for war crimes?

So many other occasions I've left out cos when Trump gets impeached and has more time on his little hands I don't want him reading this and getting upset, you know how emotional he can be. 

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