Monday, 22 May 2017

My Guardian Angel Ate My Hamster

AAsher Liles a 7 year-old boy with Downs Syndrome had his mother's phone to take photos during a flight from Baltimore to Houston. The boy is non-verbal which means there is a lot going on under the surface but he can't figure out how to tell others in a way they'll understand. He mostly points of flaps his arms.

When his mum went through to delete some of the pics she stopped when she saw what looked like a humanoid figure made of cloud. AAsher obviously couldn't explain what it was to her so she leapt to the conclusion it's his guardian angel.

Just saying that if it is his guardian angel they haven't been doing a great job with AAsher ... Hey you were thinking it too.
Perhaps their standard of good job is different than mine. The boy is happy so maybe that is what their aim is.

Being a success in your job, getting married, having children, owning a house, retiring by 55 ... human mundane concepts that higher beings would mock.  We are told to do this or we won't be happy. 

Old Knudsen has a theory that if there are such beings as gods and angels they don't give a crap about you or your cancer or your promotion at KFC anymore than you worry about the welfare of an ant.

We create religion and achievements to fill the void caused by our lack of understanding.

Others have branded shoots they've taken as being guardian angels too. It's like that TV psychic who talks fast. Why would a spirit go to all the trouble to get through on national TV just to tell people they love and appreciate them?

Tell us something better for fucks sake. How do we cure cancer, is there a god a Heaven? In the afterlife can you spy on chicks in the shower? Do we get so enlightened that we are beyond petty hate and desires? .... if there isn't a need for a wank in the afterlife then it can fuck right off.

This figure was seen over LA in 2015 ... it's LA so it could be anything, those people are cray cray.

A balloon caught in the wind, a guardian angel waiting for a plane to pass by or maybe the Illuminati are fucking with your mind and the matrix glitched.  

The human mind actively tries to find shapes and patterns so it can make sense of what it is seeing. I wasn't there to see AAsher take the photo and don't know the chain of evidence or if the parents crave attention and know how to use photoshop.

Old Knudsen does believe there are beings out there that we might happen to see. As like people there are good and bad ones. I also think that people with certain mental issues are more in tune to them and whatever world or dimension they come from.

We grow up, lose our innocence and sense of playing. We think too much about bills and all sorts of clutter. We take selfies in our version of being a budgie tapping a mirror. Our minds are no longer open to possibility and our sense of wonder is jaded.

A beautiful sexy woman or are you thinking why she isn't wearing a seating belt? How does she get bras to fit? or Does she suffer back pain? ... ach just fucken appreciate her baps.  Yes I also wondered if she'd let her daughter go out dressed like that.

Old Knudsen recalls that he mostly sees other worldly beings when he is day dreaming and they fade away when he takes note and his mind comes to. No glowing white cloud blokes though.

This is why I'm open minded about such things though to say they are guardian angels or whatever shows how people try to narrow things down to their level of understanding. Like those Puritans shouting, 'she's a witch!' when they can't figure something out. 

Angels were brutal mindless servants of God used as messengers and warriors.   There are beings out there in other realities I'm sure of this and it's nice to know that some are polite enough to pose for pictures.

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