Friday, 12 May 2017

Jeremy Corbyn Sexy Mother Hugger

Back in the day while protesting against Tory genetic experiments on the poor

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn wants to be the next Prime Minister of Used to be Great Britain. Old Knudsen knows the people won't vote him into number 10 because everyone is into Nazis and throwing your vote away protest votes ... also yer fucken stupid and fall for the Conservative shit 9 times out of 10.

I don't know what the fuck is wrong with you people you can't do anything right.

We know that Corbyn may be an idealist but going by his track record we can see he is a good man.

That's not enough for some. Oh woe is me people lie to me and fuck me over ... I had better vote for them then.

Corbyn has defied his own party over 500 times, a true rebel, he's fucken anti-establishment not Farage or Trump.

He's campaigned for human rights worldwide and against austerity in the UK. If something is wrong you protest it you don't say 'well that's just Jew stuff, Refugee stuff, African stuff' ... it's fucken HUMAN stuff.  

He was anti-Apartheid and getting arrested for it, he wanted to bring Margaret Thatcher's friend, Chilean dictator Pinochet to justice, he went against the Tories and voted for LGBT rights, supported the miners when the Tories were setting out to destroy their lives, jobs and communities ... the Tories did have a hit list and a plan to get em, it wasn't a made up conspiracy. 

He spoke out about the UK & other western governments selling weapons to Saddam in the 70's and 80's and protested when he used those weapons to kill loads of Iraqi Kurds.

He supported the Birmingham Six and Guildford Four in wrongful convictions which were were eventually quashed.

He voted against tuition fees, ID cards and dodgy Tory spending plans that would have cost the tax payer 10 billion a year. He has protested against costly and quite obsolete nukes. 

He brought the Fenian cocksuckers of the IRA in to talk out peace before it was a thing and has supported cocksucking Palestine over the years. It takes more bravery to talk peace with your enemies than to fight them. 

He saw through the Bush and Blair bullshit on Afghanistan and Iraq invasions after 9/11. 

 With Ed Sheeran from Simply Red

If constantly being on the right side of history isn't enough then I am here to show the werld the hidden side of Jeremy Corbyn. He has thrown up at more celeb parties than you've had hot dinners ... it doesn't get much more British an patriotic than that.

While he votes against illegal wars, selling arms to the rag heads and bombing shit he isn't a pacifist. He prefers to fuck people up for sport. He currently holds the over 60's cage fighting werld champion belt. He beat 85 year-old Jim Benson in November of last year to win the title. Jim was in a right fucked up state and had to be put down but a win is a win. Corbyn didn't come away unscathed, he sliced a bit of skin from his hand from Jim's wheel chair.

Corbyn is all hood. When his son got mugged by a moped thief in his Islington constituency Corbyn was furious, he beat the hoes and the street snitches until he caught them and said "you come onto my turf and disrespect my blood, I'm gonna make sure you NEVER do this again" he exacted street justice by letting the air out of his moped tyres. Corbyn has been sanctioned 43 times by his own party for flashing gang signs in party conference photos. 

He didn't choose the socialist life  ... it chose him . 

Real fur but the animal died of old age ... word!

Corbyn is a down to earth, real bloke and like the rest of us he has his peeps, his crew. In true socialist style they share everything ... in fact it's fucken disgusting at times. Frankie on the left and Lennon on the right are his gender neutral friends with an attitude. 

An avid Satanist he turned his coven to the vegetarian option for sacrifice and now they only sacrifice the likes of a bunch of Kale. The real winner is the Dark Lord whose blood pressure is way down and his poops are quite firm and regular. Hail Satan!    

Old men in caps have been sexy for some time now. Old Knudsen knows that being a decent bloke with a solid track record for doing the right thing won't matter to many, they fear that because they are used to snobby entitled toffs shitting on them from number 10 with the number twos. A decent bloke makes them look inwards at themselves and their petty shame is revealed. 

It was far easier to kick the vulnerable because, hey, everyone else was doing it. Nazi is not the cool thing right now and never has been. 

The Tories count on you being weak and voting for the familiar abuse because once they win, that Theresa May hag will use that win as 'the will of the people' to inflict whatever they want upon us. 

She uses Brexit as the will of the people but Old Knudsen is a person and he didn't vote for it. Do not mistake majority for truth. It was not the will of many of the people.

To be fair Old Knudsen must give the Tories some blog space too so you can fairly make up yer crack addled mind as to who to vote for and who is bitter better. 



Gary Dobbs/Jack Martin said...

Loving it

Old Knudsen said...

The Sexy edgy side of Socialism.