Monday, 1 May 2017

Guess Who's Not Coming To Dinner

While the White House Correspondents dinner was taking place the guest of honor snubbed it and went to an ego validation rally instead. Trump was in Pennsylvania slagging off CNN and MSNBC denouncing them as FAKE NEWS! ... he said everyone is using that term and where did you hear it first?

Such a great contribution to society. Almost as good as Old Knudsen's Cuntpop which is music by a country singer that's really pop music, the stuff Shania Twain does or did ... is she still a thing? 

Trump has a thin skin, not literally cos he's a blubber beast. He doesn't like jokes at his expense and it was obvious it would have happened. The Correspondents dinner is like a less funny Comedy Central roast. Obama used these occasions to highlight his skill with the media and the next day the news was all about him killing it ... Trump bombs naturally and not just in Afghanistan. 

Reagan was the last to snub the Correspondents Dinner, he arranged to get shot so he'd have a good excuse not to go. Trump's excuse not to attend was 'bone spurs' in one of his feet, he couldn't recall which foot. 

He told his sycophantic crowd he was happy to be with them rather than with the dishonest journalists and Hollywood celebs because poorly educated inbred racist white folk that are on his side are better people. I'm paraphrasing here.  

The White House Correspondents Dinner is to celebrate the first amendment, that's an America thing that gives people the right to free speech. In the UK we don't have that right we just assume we can say shit but the Americans have to have everything fucken well spelled out for them .... yet they constantly fuck up what the 2nd amendment says. Old fat civvies with assault rifles is not a well regulated militia for fucks sake! 

After the boring journalists had their speeches which included the blokes that broke Watergate which led to Nixon resigning before they impeached him. A correspondent from the Daily Show which is FAKE NEWS got up to speak ... that is so meta! 

Hasan Minhaj a Muslim from immigrant parents was the comedy relief. The fact a minority could stand there and make fun of the President was proof of the 1st Amendment. He was told to lay off the Trump jokes but seriously how could you? He said lets talk about the elephant that's not in the room. There was another elephant but Donald jr killed it and cut off its tail. 

He said the leader of the country couldn't be here, it's a long flight from Moscow and it's a Saturday.

          Not too amused. 

I love the cuts to the audience, there is always someone not laughing or looking at their phone and when they notice the camera they smile or when they see others laughing they laugh because they know it's safe. 
The hot chick with the 'say something funny' look on her face looks familiar to me, I think she's and actress or one of Old Knudsen's many drunken one night stands. I should keep a record of them.

Nicki Minaj did not speak at the Correspondents Dinner

Hasan Minhaj predicted that Trump will be tweeting about how bad Nicki Minaj did at the
Correspondents Dinner in a 3am tweet ... that's business hours in Russia. 

He pointed out that Trump doesn't drink. All those statements and tweets were done sober ... wow! Sober tweets at 3am, who the fuck does that? 

One of the best lines was that he did not see Steve Bannon there ... nope nat see Steve Bannon, Nazi Steve Bannon, Nazi Steve Bannon.   

He slagged of the many media outlets present, Fox News got off pretty lightly. He said that CNN was like watching CNN watch the news and they were too hyped up with their panels of experts and countdown clocks. Wolf Blitzer from CNN didn't look too happy to be name checked, he gave a polite smile now and then but did not look pleased. 

Who wants to be told about integrity by a guy that pretends to be a journalist on a comedy show?   

 Standing ovation, probably not from Fox though

Hasan said the media were like honorary minorities and got the condescending 'you're one of the good ones'  ...  you have to say "thank you" then? That sucks huh. He said like minorities they have to work harder and get it right or when one fails all the rest get condemned too ... like brown people, like Muslims. 

It was an awesome speech which is why I'm blogging about it. It also tells a lot about Trump. He did a rally so no one could make the joke he was sitting angrily watching the dinner or playing golf.

He  did a rally to passive aggressively slag off the dinner and get cheers for it. One week he's telling protesters the election is over, the next he's doing more rallies and handing out maps of his election win to journalists. 
He knows he's not a valid president and knows that he shouldn't be there in the White House ... the subconscious things he does is very telling.  If he keeps telling everyone how great he is then maybe they'll believe it and maybe he'll believe it himself. For a narcissist he is riddled with doubt and fear.  

It shows what a coward he is and if he doesn't like something he'll avoid it rather than suck it up. You can tell he's not used to having to do his job and that he thinks he's in charge of the people than being their servant. 

We have that in the UK with Theresa May calling an election and refusing to have any debates. You tell the people what is going to happen and leave nothing to chance, that is a play from the dictator's hand book. 


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