Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Dystopian Futures Begin So Insidiously That You Don't Even Notice

The more elitist and arrogant politicians are the more they will lie to and manipulate the people in order to get total control. After years of being at the top of the food chain they lose the whole 'working for the people' idea and replace that with 'national interest' making what they work for a nationalistic idea rather than a collection of people each with their own stories and set of problems.

If you don't work or are disabled you are judged as being lazy.  One size fits all solutions that make qualifying for benefits harder and stressful are used to nudge these lazy blighters back to work as it's for their own good and the good of the national interest.

They hire agencies to assess you and points systems to deny you anything you qualify to get. The hope is that you give up trying to apply or die before you are successful, either way it saves money.

There is always an angle. Follow the money.  Money, power and sex, the biggest motivators that most historical events can be tied to.

But we NEVER get the full story of what is really happening or the full agenda.

Isn't it odd that a politician who votes to remain in the EU becomes Prime Minister when Brexit vote wins ????? The opposition leader timidly supports to remain too but we know he didn't really mean it.

Something doesn't smell right.

In 2010 at the time of recession HSBC gave a massive loan to IPLG a financial services investment fund, they then in turn funneled  $5 million to the Tories via Swiss bank accounts to help with their election. Shit that people just forget to declare.

This story isn't a massive scandal much like how when the DUP in Northern Ireland were caught using a scheme to pay out thousands to those that signed up for it and operating at a loss. It cost the tax payer £490 million .... no one was held accountable and while the government of Northern Ireland is kinda non-existent right now no one really lost their jobs, they are still getting paid to argue.

Corbyn's Beach bod ready for June

The opposition party (Labour) is pretty half arsed at going after Tory scandals, most outrage comes from the Scottish SNP.

You know what else isn't a big news story too? Russian influence in the Brexit vote. You could claim it was mere circumstantial evidence that splitting from the EU is in Putin's favor much like how a candidate like Trump is also a boon but where is the proof?

How can you show the thousands of bots that originated from Russia and the various fake sites that drown out the real news to people? Who believes the experts anyways .... obviously butt hurt libtard sore losers.
The melt down of the government registering to vote site for the Brexit referendum, yeah lets explain that away as being a glitch that just happened to look like an attack.   No one would dare use computery against the British!

The Wikileaks hacks and releases that was beyond their capabilities ... dismiss that too cos na na na I refuse to believe it. Oh they did it again against the left wing candidate in the French election na na na still not listening.  

This conspiracy is looking more like a plan now.  Set up right wing leaders and who is going to complain about Ukraine or Chechen authorities arresting hundreds of gays? .... Not news worthy much is it? 

 Do you like being lied to and played?

Ukip the right wing group led by Trump buddy Nigel Farage that fractured the British vote has had its day. It is no longer of use and has simply faded into the ranks of the Tories again. The Tories got those votes back by being more Nazi like, a return to their hateful ways of the 80's when you could shoot protesters and torture prisoners. 

It's sad when the only people that stand up to Nazis these days are chicks in Birmingham and girl scouts. 
Liberal women are more intuitive than most men and can sense a rising tide of bigotry. Women will be one of the groups told to behave and get into line, this is a fight for the future and they can feel it.  

The more we tolerate now and the more we let slide and don't question the more we'll be fucked later on. Those people that vote Trump, Brexit or Tory Conservative are like the people that do nothing as the bully beats up someone smaller and weaker. Better go along with it in case they turn on me ... appeasing, they'll get to you eventually.

Joss Whedon  writing those strong female characters has figured out that Captain America is more likely to be female because most guys are driven by the wrong emotions. 

Obviously not every woman is a paragon of justice, there are plenty of female assholes on the wrong side of history. Who commits the most rapes and murders, men or women? ... that right there proves my point.

The Tories in the UK have a silent choke hold on the media. Their friends own newspapers that whip the lowbrow public into a frenzy. When Kate Middleton got her saggy unimpressive baps out the palace strongly suggested that those pics would not appear in the media in the UK and they didn't. Europe and the US had them but we didn't.

And that's just the allegedly non-political palace. The Tories don't need to shout 'fake news' fucken Yank amateurs huh. Massive austerity protest outside the BBC building ... not mentioned in the news.

You say pedo the BBC says national treasure

The NHS has been at breaking point for years. Poor funding means fewer services. Emergency departments are closing and those left open are struggling with the huge volume of patients. You'd better not have a psychotic break down because there ain't any beds for that so suck it up.

The Secretary of State for Health Jeremy Hunt says that emergency room visits need to get down to 4 hours yet totally denies that some nurses need to go to food banks if they want to eat. The Tories just refuse to accept reality and will tell you their reality. Everything is fine, if not then lets blame some foreigners.  

Why isn't this big news? The hospital horror stories come out and the Tories defend the low wages and long hours and it goes away. We are being conditioned to accept this as the norm ... nothing we can do about huh.

Don't worry I'm sure there will be some stubborn nasty woman who refuses to let an overwhelming well funded force bully everyone, she will persist and inspire others to join the struggle.

The British government is sneaky and does everything that Trump does but in a quiet understated way. No Muslim ban we'll just take a minuscule amount of refugees and you'll be fucken grateful.

We'll keep plugging away with Christian values because we do have a state sanctioned religion taught in schools, a national day of prayer would be done in a church away from cameras ... oh those Americans and their photo ops.

  Not the best the female gender has to offer.

Theresa May is terrible at photo ops. She is also bad at debates which is why the Tories have decided to just not have them. If there was a chance of Labour winning the June election it would be because May repeating the phrase 'Strong and stable' would show the public that they don't have a clue and if there is a plan it won't be good for you.   

Strong and stable, strong and stable, pieces of eight, Polly wants a cracker ... malfunction malfunction!

While liberals in the US are still waiting for those check and balances to kick in we in the UK don't even have that naive hope, we are fucked. The people are too divided to make a difference or too biased and institutionalized. The lack of hopeful leaders and voices of dissent will ensure the status quo is maintained.

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