Thursday, 11 May 2017

Dragged Back To The 1970's

I walked past the papers on sale and was amazed by the usual biased negativity from the Daily Fail. FAKE NEWS!!!!!

Remember in the 1930's when Lord Rothermere who owned the Daily Mail used his paper to praise the accomplishments of his personal friends Hitler and Mussolini and protested against accepting refugees? (Jews) ... ah good times. Nothing much has changed just the flavor of the people involved.

The Daily Mail was recently sued by Melania Trump when it said she worked as an Escort. Stoopid Daily Mail, she was just a fucken slapper and what she got were expensive gifts not payments.

Check out the Theresa May story at the top.  She and her husband Philip were on The One Show. They were talking about the division of household chores.

 With that face you can keep those girl jobs

Phillip said he takes the bins out, with the Prime Minister added: "There's boy jobs and girl jobs you see."

Why do the likes of the Tories, Ukip, the US Republicans etc all want to return to the 1950's?  I can understand the US ones as they had a boom then in building and technology (having the best Nazi scientists paid off)

In the UK we were fucken poor after WWII and still had rationing. We stayed as the 'sick man of Europe' until we joined the EU then we became like number 3 or something .... if only I did a lot someone had made that connection before the Brexit vote.   

It is funny however that it's only white people (mostly male) that want a return to the 1950's. Probably the same people that don't find Confederate monuments, blackface on the telly and weemen barefoot and pregnant with the dinner ready in any way offensive ... oh you are just too sensitive there is nothing wrong with racism and sexism, we're just blokes having a laugh.

 So I fixed this

I don't see how an extra £8bn on social care, no false promises on immigration, increasing unions and rights, banning 'zero hour' contracts, 5% tax on the wealthy, extra £6bn for the NHS, build at least 100,000 council houses a year, 4,000 of those homes for the homeless .... is the 1970's. 

Now if they enforced the wearing of tight white trousers, got rid of the Internet, showed new US movies in the cinema many months after their release, put a pint of beer at 14p and made the average wage £28.70 a week then yes, that is the 1970's. 

Many people have fond memories of the 70's. Old Knudsen got to wipe out entire villages of probable enemies in Nam, it was awesome! Second hand smoking and asbestos didn't give you cancer and drunk driving wasn't as frowned upon as it is now ... fucken Liberals huh.

Sure we had terrorism from the IRA and even the Palestinians but it's always some cunt. The 80's were worse for fucks sake, the Iranians and Libyans joined in.  

Dog shit was white, every day was sunny with a dark golden hint to it. There were no pedos and serial killers were hardly a thing. Police officers could cuff you round the ear and that would be considered deserved punishment. Soldiers out of uniform could drive the streets of Belfast killing Catholics and blaming it on Loyalists. No autism and mental health (like sex) just wasn't talked about.

Ah yes ignorance was bliss. 

So Daily Mail, shove yer Nazi slanted crap up yer hole and if you are going to complain about being dragged back into 70's don't have a 1950's attitude at the top. 

Brexit could quite possibly bring us back to the 70's before joining the EU, didn't see you mentioning that.  

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