Monday, 29 May 2017

Corbyn Talks To Terrorists

It's nice that a load of English people are feeling outraged on our behalf because Jeremy Corbyn has talked to the likes of Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness. The Sassenachs make sure there is suitable outrage by saying he 'talked to the IRA'.

Sure we know that Gerry and Marty were in the RA or rather running it but to be technical you say Sinn Fein, not the IRA.  Sinn Fein has always been known as the political wing of the IRA but this isn't about them or about how dialogue which was what got us the (terrorism still happens but now we call it crime) peace we have in Northern Ireland. It's about smearing Corbyn in the run up to the election. 

  Martin McGuinness Clark Kent's uncle and Todger Johnston 

Boris Johnston the Tory attack dog wants to make sure you know it isn't cool to talk to terrorists. He was the one on the ones that said if we left the EU £350 million a week could go to the NHS so you can believe whatever he says. Especially if he puts it on the side of a bus. Liars wouldn't go to all that trouble. 

The Troubles, as you know Old Knudsen also talked to terrorists, usually he was shouting "die scum" as he emptied his clip into them. He still has his scalp collection if you'd like to cum round and see it, just don't tell anyone where you are going. 

After centuries of treating Catholics in Ireland like second class citizens the Taigs started to demand things like human rights. The Protestants didn't want Fenian cocksuckers getting educated cos then they'd get all the jobs so the protest marching etc got attacked. The police were mostly Protestant and usually joined in with the attacks. A march by Protestants in DerryLondonDerryDerry was the trigger for a very concerning bout of street violence that had lasted for 3 days.

The  Prime Minister of Ireland (The Irish Republic) called for UN troops to be sent in and for anglo-Irish talks but British PM Harold Wilson said fuck you Ireland stop interfering we're not talking to you so in August of 1969 troops were sent in to Northern Ireland to restore law and order.

When you invade/send in the troops the enemy has someone to fight and gets to rally the people to save the homeland. This is why Bush's wars of terror failed.

The British troops sided with the Protestants, there were atrocities on both sides and no talking was done. Gerry Adams wasn't allowed to be heard on the TV, comically his words were dubbed by an actor. He'd be on screen talking but not with his voice. No talking was being done.

Has anyone else talked to the IRA? Ted Kennedy wasn't very fond of the British even though they gave him an honorary knighthood. Britain gives out knighthoods but only to people that are cunts. 

Nicolae Ceausescu got his knighthood in 1985. Robert Mugabe and Benito Mussolini were given and later stripped of their knighthoods. 

Knighted by the Queen and the Pope

You know that if you do a Google search for Jimmy Savile you'll find him posing with the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Lady Diana and various other people like that vile predator Rolf Harris and that other one Tony Blair.

You know who you'll not see being pals with the UK's most prolific pedo?    

Yep, Jeremy Corbyn. The only link was when he was seen at Savile's holiday home after the national treasure had died. 
Corbyn may have hung out with Sinn Fein but if you look at his voting record he voted against setting up a Jimmy Savile cloning facility.  The Tories wanted to build it onto a children's hospital that was just across the street from a Primary school and an orphanage. They mocked Corbyn and called him a child sympathizer and anti-Jimmy Savile but in hindsight it was the right choice.  

The Tories want to smear Corbyn for talking to Sinn Fein even though that was what was needed for Northern Ireland peace ... I find that reasoning flawed. General Pinochet was a Chilean dictator who arrested and tortured 30,000 and made 3,000 disappear. Thatcher considered him a friend and tried to fight the charges against him .... that is totally sympathizing with terrorists, makes Corbyn's quest for peace seem lame. 

Pinochet outlasted his charges and died while on house arrest but with no convictions against him. He did the pretend to be sick, pretend to have dementia and lasted to the age of 91. 

Others have met with Gerry Adams but it's ok now because he's legit. The Tories are also attacking Labour's Diane Abbot for changing some of her views over the past 30 odd years. It seems that only terrorists are allowed to change. 

 Gerry is the last man standing of this terrorist trio. 

While the Tory smears seem quite weak it's a usual ploy. It distracts from the fact that Theresa May refuses to debate Corbyn and her election promises are pitiful. The Tories refuse to see that by having less police who work with communities that this leaves us open to extremism ... not our fault blame Corbyn, he talked to the IRA and now look ... um yeah there's a lack of bombing. 

People can and do change. McGuinness wanted to kill the Queen at one point. He never swore an oath to her but now he's remembered more fondly as a statesman than an IRA commander. He's still murdering scum when it suits the Tories though. 

Anyone that tries to blow up Margaret Thatcher can't be that bad. 

The worse thing about the Corbyn smears is that they ring hollow as he tends to be right. How long will the west keep bombing in the Middle East before they realise all they are doing is creating new enemies and another generation to hate them?  No one except Corbyn seems to have learned from The Troubles.

The wars were started based on lies so how can wanting to change tack because we aren't winning be a bad thing? Damn his hippy eyes he must be anti-war ... If you are pro-war then that means you've never been to war, idiot!

Support the troops, by bringing them home. 

The Tories gas light reality and tell you what's wrong or unjust. Corbyn bad, Abbot weak and hey we never talk to terrorists ... too much. 

Don't believe their crap.     

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