Wednesday, 31 May 2017

A Kevlar Stiff Upper Lip

Does getting rid of 20,000 police officers make any difference to the security of the public? The Tories who made those cuts don't think it does.

When Theresa May told police authorities to sack officers she berated them and called them amateurs. To paraphrase her speech 'quit whining and just do the fucken job losers.' 

The initiatives that have been hurt have mostly been community policing. Remember this post about the Japanese Police  they have officers living in little houses because they understand that policing isn't just about making people behave. You have to engage the communities.  

White people go on about immigrant integration into western culture but if western culture won't even take the time to build bridges of trust then you'll never have it. You'll always have them and us.

May's solution was using soldiers since someone fired all the cops and there aren't enough armed police due to Tory budget concerns.
Soldiers are trained to kill. Unless they have a secondary trade such as cook or mechanic they spend most of their time practicing how to kill a similarly armed enemy out in the open face to face.

Urban warfare used to be restricted to riot control but now because of the wars of terror clearing buildings in a urban setting is required though it's still the more elite troops that get most of this training.

Soldiers have not been trained to deal with the public. You go up to a soldier and tell them about your purse getting snatched and they'll tell you to go tell a peeler, ain't their job.

Airport security doesn't stop terrorist attacks, all it does is make someone think twice before bringing a bottle of water or a comb on board a plane.

Intel and follow up stops terrorist attacks. This Intel can start at a community police officer getting a tip but if Theresa May who also cut MI-5, MI-6 and GCHQ as well as the police then there isn't much that can be done expect to get a mop out and say my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000 can stop individuals trying to travel. They can be searched and questioned for 6 hours if needed. Over the past year these searches has dropped.

If anything is found on the person or on their phone etc they can apply for a 14 day extension. Individuals can be put onto no fly lists and have their passports and travel documents confiscated.

Two years ago five people that went off to fight in the Middle East were stripped of their British citizenship for the good of the public.

This is what happens when you have the resources and use them. Since 2010 there have been knife attacks, attempted bombings and car attacks in the UK so the government cuts back on Intel agencies and police. Does that not sound like someone hoping for trouble to use it for their agenda?

No community policing it's promoting a them and us scenario with Muslims being them. 

The enemy knows where we are and is always probing for weakness and opportunity. Sorry Joe Public but cuts are needed, you'll still be safe though, we'll just make the people we have work longer hours.

The British government isn't poor, we're the 5th richest nation in the world but the Tories would tell you that 7 years ago Labour spent all the money, that is a bald faced lie. There wasn't even a need for austerity.   

The day after the Manchester bombing the Tories were promising more attacks if Corbyn got elected and everything remotely anti-war that Labour has said over the past 40 years has come out to be used while the voter is still in shock.

Yes I know what I'm suggesting. Bush did this, Obama tried doing this it isn't a new thing.  
I'm gonna have to take your water but you can buy another for £15 once you are through security
Armed soldiers on the streets are as helpful as the minimum wage worker at the airport that gets paid to touch your junk. They are only there for show to assure everyone that something is being done.

Don't be dazzled by what they are putting in front of you, ask questions like how did we get to this point?

Austerity constantly told us we were poor and cuts needed to happen. Until they needed  £3.6m to bury Thatcher or something then the money appeared.

The Tories are a big threat to the UK. Worse than ISIS because they are us and on the inside. ISIS trained and supplied one bomber on their watch, possibly a network of them. Will the Tories keep us safe? No, they'll batter us with more austerity cuts and tell us to suck it up like British people are expected to.  


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