Monday, 15 May 2017

18 Days Of The Condom

Totally not putting a listening device under the ledge of the Resolute desk

What we know from the Trump campaign investigation of Russian collusion. General Michael Flynn was allowed to come and go freely and have access to classified material without a new security clearance for 18 days.    

He had been flagged by Obama and Sally Yates as a subject that could be turned by a rival nation but Trump ignored all warnings for some reason. To *quote* Trump, "It's just National security it isn't that important, relax I've got this, he's a terrific guy."

What could Flynn have done in those 18 days of freedom? 

 Rudy Giuliani briefing Trump on cyber security

Giuliani: "with computers you have to be smart, don't click on any odd links or open any suspect e-mails for instance ones with the title 'I want to pee on you' ... an obvious malware trap. Change your password often. Don't use birth dates or titles of books that sit on your desk, they always get hacked in the movies.  I use easy to remember words that I use often in real life. Since this is a classified meeting I can tell you that my passwords are 'fuckyou123' or 'fuckyou456' I change them about all the time and if they ever got hacked the fucker would get access but also get insulted ... lol! ... fuck em ... can I have my $100,000 consultation fee now?"   

He would be in on top secret meetings like this one.  Code named The Condom because he was safe and in like Flynn fucking up America.

Get Mr Vlad a water, coffee, would you like a White Russian Mr Vlad?

Flynn would know who came to visit the White House.  He would no doubt go to the Red Room in the White House which is the secret command center. He'd leave a few USB drives around and unsuspecting people using them would be infecting the White House computers without knowing it. 

With the Kremlin in their system he might bug places where people meet. Trump has a phone scrambler in the Lincoln bedroom that disrupts words spoken to anyone eavesdropping on the calls, these would probably not be disabled as Trump doesn't make sense at the best of times anyways. 

  Trump with a totally innocent Russian nesting doll gift in the background 
Trump is in on the joke as he calls it but with spycraft no one asset ever knows the full picture so they can't give up vital information to bring down the whole operation. They all have their various jobs and often don't even know who else is in on it. Like Fight Club. Trump being told to hire Flynn without a security check no doubt gave him a clue though.

Surprise bitches! My ears were burning what are you kids talking about in here? 

As well as spying there is a psychological aspect too. For instance Trump's 80 inch wide screen TV talks to him with the voice of his long dead father. It's really a Russian putting on a voice, 'what about Sweden Donald ... terrible wasn't it?'  ... 'Comey is out to get you, fire him and it will all go away' ... 'I don't know what tweets are cos I'm your old father but you should tweet about it.'

Sean Spicer has been having 'episodes' recently. Whenever Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Conway or McMaster stand in and take a White House briefing it isn't because Spicer is off with the Navy Reserve, he's crying in a corner with a bottle of vodka. 

Spicer has been known to hide from reporters in hedges. Flynn has put devices in the hedges that say, 'Sean this is your conscience, what you are saying is lies'   ... having him say things unconvincingly is part of the plan. Nothing clues people in more than real self-doubt.

Remember, The Russians play the long game. They never just do a hit and run. Look how long Melania has been with Trump for fucks sake, she even has a child, well played that's 18 years of attachment right there unless they upgrade his wife again. 

The 10 Russian spies caught in New York in 2010 were there for years and succeeding at their tasks according to the FBI.  

So how was Flynn compromised by the Russians? 

 I hope I wasn't too rough on you last night Mikhail

Flynn was fired by Obama in 2014. In 2015 he became a semi-regular analyst on Russia Today and was paid $40,000 to attend a gala dinner in Moscow. Flynn is bitter towards how Obama treated him and how he also fired his friend General McChrystal. He needs money and his ego massaged so he was ripe to be manipulated. 

As like Trump he thinks he knows best and can handle rival governments and their plans. Others warn him but he's Michael T Fucken Flynn, he 'allegedly' leapt off a 40 foot cliff to rescue 2 US soldiers being swept out to sea off the coast of Cuba.  

 My soldiers are so loyal I can shoot random ones and they never stop singing.

Flynn thinks he's a tough guy, but he always feels like he has something to prove as he always has someone not worthy over him giving him orders. Trump also has a similar personalty but is a soft civvie coward. The validation and acceptance of tough guys like Putin is a very 'boys own' club thing, it's a tough guy macho bromance and their judgement gets clouded by it. 

The only thing Putin needs is power. He thinks only HE can rule Russia and needs no one but knows how to use underlings or remove them. While the likes of Flynn and Trump are wracked by insecurities and limited thinking, Putin's only fear is a revolution by the people but after 17 years he's got a pretty good hold on things, he sees leaders and security advisers come and go but there is always Putin ... the long game. 

 Complimentary White House file with every 10 visits

In the middle of a Trump/Russia collusion investigation Trump fires the main investigator then mentions how Comey said he wasn't investigating Trump. To top that off he has Russian diplomats to the White House and only lets the Russian media take photos .... Yes RT was releasing photos and the US media didn't have any ... how fucked up is that? 

Flynn would have copied files, downloaded malware and back doors into the security system. He would have given Russia the procedures and White House protocols. Being a military expert he wold have been able to find whatever weaknesses there are to exploit. 

The details of all agents and other White House personnel would be of use to the Kremlin. So many people to turn, a constant household staff of 100 people.        

Someday the White House missile system might malfunction and shoot down an airliner. Flynn would call that a Black Swan, an event impossible to predict.

  Put it there dummy ... I suppose

HR McMaster or as Trump calls him 'Plan B' is Flynn's replacement. The 3 Star General that was passed over for promotion twice in 2006 and 2007 is thought of as being one of the most celebrated soldiers of the Iraq War. Lets hope he's more intelligent than he looks. 

Yeah he did ride a horse into work on his first day .... never a good idea in any job. Doing that got me fired from my shelf stocker job at Tesco. I was really looking forward to stealing shit too. 

  Even glasses fail to make him look intelligent

Trump hasn't been too impressed by his new Yes-Man and McMaster has been seen doing White House press briefings like monkey boy Spicer and dead eyes Sarah. 

Comey was on the other side of the cuntry and heard he was fired from the TV.  McMaster is refusing to travel or look at news channels just in case. Recently his desk was moved to the basement though.

Whatever Flynn did in his 18 days of total access the question is will anyone actually try to retrace his steps or will they be too busy blaming Obama and the Media? 


*It's in quotation marks so does it really count as the truth?*

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