Wednesday, 31 May 2017

A Kevlar Stiff Upper Lip

Does getting rid of 20,000 police officers make any difference to the security of the public? The Tories who made those cuts don't think it does.

When Theresa May told police authorities to sack officers she berated them and called them amateurs. To paraphrase her speech 'quit whining and just do the fucken job losers.' 

The initiatives that have been hurt have mostly been community policing. Remember this post about the Japanese Police  they have officers living in little houses because they understand that policing isn't just about making people behave. You have to engage the communities.  

White people go on about immigrant integration into western culture but if western culture won't even take the time to build bridges of trust then you'll never have it. You'll always have them and us.

May's solution was using soldiers since someone fired all the cops and there aren't enough armed police due to Tory budget concerns.
Soldiers are trained to kill. Unless they have a secondary trade such as cook or mechanic they spend most of their time practicing how to kill a similarly armed enemy out in the open face to face.

Urban warfare used to be restricted to riot control but now because of the wars of terror clearing buildings in a urban setting is required though it's still the more elite troops that get most of this training.

Soldiers have not been trained to deal with the public. You go up to a soldier and tell them about your purse getting snatched and they'll tell you to go tell a peeler, ain't their job.

Airport security doesn't stop terrorist attacks, all it does is make someone think twice before bringing a bottle of water or a comb on board a plane.

Intel and follow up stops terrorist attacks. This Intel can start at a community police officer getting a tip but if Theresa May who also cut MI-5, MI-6 and GCHQ as well as the police then there isn't much that can be done expect to get a mop out and say my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000 can stop individuals trying to travel. They can be searched and questioned for 6 hours if needed. Over the past year these searches has dropped.

If anything is found on the person or on their phone etc they can apply for a 14 day extension. Individuals can be put onto no fly lists and have their passports and travel documents confiscated.

Two years ago five people that went off to fight in the Middle East were stripped of their British citizenship for the good of the public.

This is what happens when you have the resources and use them. Since 2010 there have been knife attacks, attempted bombings and car attacks in the UK so the government cuts back on Intel agencies and police. Does that not sound like someone hoping for trouble to use it for their agenda?

No community policing it's promoting a them and us scenario with Muslims being them. 

The enemy knows where we are and is always probing for weakness and opportunity. Sorry Joe Public but cuts are needed, you'll still be safe though, we'll just make the people we have work longer hours.

The British government isn't poor, we're the 5th richest nation in the world but the Tories would tell you that 7 years ago Labour spent all the money, that is a bald faced lie. There wasn't even a need for austerity.   

The day after the Manchester bombing the Tories were promising more attacks if Corbyn got elected and everything remotely anti-war that Labour has said over the past 40 years has come out to be used while the voter is still in shock.

Yes I know what I'm suggesting. Bush did this, Obama tried doing this it isn't a new thing.  
I'm gonna have to take your water but you can buy another for £15 once you are through security
Armed soldiers on the streets are as helpful as the minimum wage worker at the airport that gets paid to touch your junk. They are only there for show to assure everyone that something is being done.

Don't be dazzled by what they are putting in front of you, ask questions like how did we get to this point?

Austerity constantly told us we were poor and cuts needed to happen. Until they needed  £3.6m to bury Thatcher or something then the money appeared.

The Tories are a big threat to the UK. Worse than ISIS because they are us and on the inside. ISIS trained and supplied one bomber on their watch, possibly a network of them. Will the Tories keep us safe? No, they'll batter us with more austerity cuts and tell us to suck it up like British people are expected to.  


Tuesday, 30 May 2017

Don't Tell The Americans

I wanted to give General John Kelly a chance. I didn't look too closely into him but did notice him getting on with his job of deporting hundreds of illegal aliens. It isn't a popular job and many who only wanted a good future for their families have suffered.

To achieve security you do have to know who is in your country. That may sound draconian but it's the reason we all have Social Security and National Insurance numbers that stay with us all our lives and can be used to track us.

John Kelly the head of Homeland Security is a retired 4 star General, a Marine, a jar-head. The kind of soldier that follows orders, you don't join the Marines if you value your individuality and opinion.

He had two sons that also joined the Marines, in 2010 one of them died in Afghanistan when he stepped on a landmine.

Kelly helped organise the swap of five Taliban prisoners for dodgy deserter Sgt Bowe Bergdahl under Obama. His view is that if they go back and fight then they get killed so that's a good thing. 

That 'America is the best killing machine in the world' attitude is quite common with Marines. They are impressive but going into battle thinking you are invincible is a good way to get killed. Even a bad poorly trained enemy can have a good luck day.

Like everyone else in the Trump administration Jared Kushner met with Sergey Kislyak, the Russian ambassador to the US twice in 2016 during the election campaign and he never disclosed those meetings.

The problem comes from not meeting with Russians but not telling people about it. Former CIA Director John Brennan:  "I know what the Russians try to do. They try to suborn individuals, and they try to get individuals, including U.S. persons, to try to act on their behalf, either wittingly or unwittingly."

Kushner seems to want his finger in a lot of pies while at the same time keeping hold of 90% of his business operations. He is open to being compromised in so many ways. A business deal here and there might not look like a bribe but if you follow the money it can often look dodgy as fuck and be used as leverage.

Kushner is being investigated by the FBI and has let it be known that he wanted a back channel communication to the Russians. It's always to the Russians.

Kelly, along with not too bright over stuffed suit HR McMaster have been circling the wagons and saying that back channels are routine and there are many already in place.

Like when McMaster said Trump didn't tell the Russians Intel then Trump announced he did. Kelly and McMaster are just following orders like an SS guard would.
You can't trust what they say as they try to gas light you by saying sharing Intel with Russia ... a rival, one that influenced the election and the elections of other states, one that has invaded two former Soviet states .... is merely routine.

Kushner was a private citizen when he was having secret meetings with the Russians, why does he need private communication with them? Like Trump he is not a diplomat and who knows what info he tells them?

Do rich entitled, pampered people follow protocols that are in place for good reasons? The President doesn't. He gave Intel from an ally to a rival without their permission just to show off what he knew.

The UK had to stop giving the US Intel on the Manchester bombing because the US is not secure with its info.

Angela Merkel is also closing ranks as she can clearly see the US cannot be trusted or relied upon. Duterte, Putin and King Salman of Saudi Arabia don't see any problem though.    

Monday, 29 May 2017

Corbyn Talks To Terrorists

It's nice that a load of English people are feeling outraged on our behalf because Jeremy Corbyn has talked to the likes of Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness. The Sassenachs make sure there is suitable outrage by saying he 'talked to the IRA'.

Sure we know that Gerry and Marty were in the RA or rather running it but to be technical you say Sinn Fein, not the IRA.  Sinn Fein has always been known as the political wing of the IRA but this isn't about them or about how dialogue which was what got us the (terrorism still happens but now we call it crime) peace we have in Northern Ireland. It's about smearing Corbyn in the run up to the election. 

  Martin McGuinness Clark Kent's uncle and Todger Johnston 

Boris Johnston the Tory attack dog wants to make sure you know it isn't cool to talk to terrorists. He was the one on the ones that said if we left the EU £350 million a week could go to the NHS so you can believe whatever he says. Especially if he puts it on the side of a bus. Liars wouldn't go to all that trouble. 

The Troubles, as you know Old Knudsen also talked to terrorists, usually he was shouting "die scum" as he emptied his clip into them. He still has his scalp collection if you'd like to cum round and see it, just don't tell anyone where you are going. 

After centuries of treating Catholics in Ireland like second class citizens the Taigs started to demand things like human rights. The Protestants didn't want Fenian cocksuckers getting educated cos then they'd get all the jobs so the protest marching etc got attacked. The police were mostly Protestant and usually joined in with the attacks. A march by Protestants in DerryLondonDerryDerry was the trigger for a very concerning bout of street violence that had lasted for 3 days.

The  Prime Minister of Ireland (The Irish Republic) called for UN troops to be sent in and for anglo-Irish talks but British PM Harold Wilson said fuck you Ireland stop interfering we're not talking to you so in August of 1969 troops were sent in to Northern Ireland to restore law and order.

When you invade/send in the troops the enemy has someone to fight and gets to rally the people to save the homeland. This is why Bush's wars of terror failed.

The British troops sided with the Protestants, there were atrocities on both sides and no talking was done. Gerry Adams wasn't allowed to be heard on the TV, comically his words were dubbed by an actor. He'd be on screen talking but not with his voice. No talking was being done.

Has anyone else talked to the IRA? Ted Kennedy wasn't very fond of the British even though they gave him an honorary knighthood. Britain gives out knighthoods but only to people that are cunts. 

Nicolae Ceausescu got his knighthood in 1985. Robert Mugabe and Benito Mussolini were given and later stripped of their knighthoods. 

Knighted by the Queen and the Pope

You know that if you do a Google search for Jimmy Savile you'll find him posing with the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Lady Diana and various other people like that vile predator Rolf Harris and that other one Tony Blair.

You know who you'll not see being pals with the UK's most prolific pedo?    

Yep, Jeremy Corbyn. The only link was when he was seen at Savile's holiday home after the national treasure had died. 
Corbyn may have hung out with Sinn Fein but if you look at his voting record he voted against setting up a Jimmy Savile cloning facility.  The Tories wanted to build it onto a children's hospital that was just across the street from a Primary school and an orphanage. They mocked Corbyn and called him a child sympathizer and anti-Jimmy Savile but in hindsight it was the right choice.  

The Tories want to smear Corbyn for talking to Sinn Fein even though that was what was needed for Northern Ireland peace ... I find that reasoning flawed. General Pinochet was a Chilean dictator who arrested and tortured 30,000 and made 3,000 disappear. Thatcher considered him a friend and tried to fight the charges against him .... that is totally sympathizing with terrorists, makes Corbyn's quest for peace seem lame. 

Pinochet outlasted his charges and died while on house arrest but with no convictions against him. He did the pretend to be sick, pretend to have dementia and lasted to the age of 91. 

Others have met with Gerry Adams but it's ok now because he's legit. The Tories are also attacking Labour's Diane Abbot for changing some of her views over the past 30 odd years. It seems that only terrorists are allowed to change. 

 Gerry is the last man standing of this terrorist trio. 

While the Tory smears seem quite weak it's a usual ploy. It distracts from the fact that Theresa May refuses to debate Corbyn and her election promises are pitiful. The Tories refuse to see that by having less police who work with communities that this leaves us open to extremism ... not our fault blame Corbyn, he talked to the IRA and now look ... um yeah there's a lack of bombing. 

People can and do change. McGuinness wanted to kill the Queen at one point. He never swore an oath to her but now he's remembered more fondly as a statesman than an IRA commander. He's still murdering scum when it suits the Tories though. 

Anyone that tries to blow up Margaret Thatcher can't be that bad. 

The worse thing about the Corbyn smears is that they ring hollow as he tends to be right. How long will the west keep bombing in the Middle East before they realise all they are doing is creating new enemies and another generation to hate them?  No one except Corbyn seems to have learned from The Troubles.

The wars were started based on lies so how can wanting to change tack because we aren't winning be a bad thing? Damn his hippy eyes he must be anti-war ... If you are pro-war then that means you've never been to war, idiot!

Support the troops, by bringing them home. 

The Tories gas light reality and tell you what's wrong or unjust. Corbyn bad, Abbot weak and hey we never talk to terrorists ... too much. 

Don't believe their crap.     

Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Trump's Trip Is So Real

Melania was up in Trump Tower, she had just finished breast feeding Barron again when she got the news that she was going on her estranged husband's first foreign visit.

Not happy with the news she had the staffer that delivered the bad tidings thrown out the Moon door or 'made to fly' as Barron likes to say. Melnia doesn't like to leave Trump Tower nor does she like to spend time with Donald.

Mr Trump was very excited that he called a press gaggle on Air Force One to talk about the trip. Fox News, Breitbart News, Stormfront, Nazi News Weekly, Kremlin News and the blog A Busy Mom all waited patiently. 
Other news outlets must have lost their invites or something. 

He said it would be the best trip EVER, better than any other President has done. He'll visit the Middle East AND also Israel . Then he'd go to the Vatican for some decorating tips. No one has ever gone on such a trip.

He gave a teaser of the speech he'll give to all these places, "Islamist Islamic terrorists must be driven out, Iran is bad, nobody likes Iran they fund terrorists and sponsor run runners. Sad! "

He'll make a few changes depending on who he is giving the speech too, ya know, to keep it fresh. 

After his round of applause from the press he added: 

"I bring a new, fresh pair of eyes to these problems. No one has ever suggested that ISIS or Al-Qaeda should be attacked and made to leave ... no one in the history of humanity has ever said this."  

With 50 of his favorite peeps and more following he took to the skies. 

 Is that Comey? What a nut job

Over the Atlanta Trump had some agitation, he went without sleep cos he was too excited and was hopped up on sugar.

"Is anyone else seeing this, the guy outside the window ... no? I took my meds today I took them twice just in case I had forgotten the first time though I never forget anything, where are we going to? ... sit on my lap Ivanka and tell daddy what you want for Christmas."

Upon landing they were presented with bouquets of Kale. Trump was heard asking 'what the fuck is this?' before handing it to a staffer.  The Saudis did a Google search on what white people like and kale was number two, he was also given a nice woolly cardigan which is obviously number one.

Buttons, not zippers! .... this isn't the fucken future for fucks sake, what am I Buck Rodgers?

Later on he gave a speech about how the world would be better if not for crooked dishonest Iran ... lock it up! He was given some bling and named the Lion of the desert.

On condition that Syria, Yemen and possibly Iran get bombed as that is what a true lion would do ... or are you a turtle? A liddle scared turtle that can't bomb anyone.

While Trump was away Yemen did indeed get attacked killing 7 militants ... the military just didn't bother to mention if any civilian causalities died. You can't get upset if you don't know all the facts.

Then the traditional awkward silence while the Saudi First lady was .... um making the tea and kale sandwiches maybe?  To put Saudi women in their place the men always steal the best tea towels. Tillerson won the staring contest he was having by the way.

Melania went and did gurly stuff while the men told pussy jokes and waved swords. She spoke about how Saudi is a great place for empowering its women. Those two in black look empowered as fuck. Totally their choice to be ninjas.

Ivanka got Saudi Arabia to invest $100 million to her female empowerment fund. That will go towards makeup and new shoes for all the empowered ladies.  

The other women nodded and smiled and said, "we are very very happy please tell them we were good."  

Saudi Arabia is becoming very modern and progressive. Nowadays women can have up to 3 independent thoughts (within reason) a day without getting a man's permission. While not allowed to drive they have full freedom to travel with the proper permits and male supervision between certain hours of the day.   

Later Melania was allowed to watch from a respectful distance as Donald touched the orb of Arazeelon and pledged to destroy civilization and usher in a new era of greed and treachery.  

Trump signed a $110 billion arms deal and to get $350 bn over the next 10 years. David Cameron did a  £5.6bn deal in 2016 and Theresa May gave the go ahead for £3.3 billion in military sales at the end of last year but the Saudis say our stuff is shite and they want to look like John Wayne when they fight. 

The introduction of fracking to the world has changed the oil business so I guess weapons and war are the new product as Saudi Arabia doesn't have the hold and power it used to have. Nice to know they intend to be fighting over the next 10 years. 

In my day we expected to destroy the enemy by Christmas and not Christmas in 10 years time. No one fights to win anymore, they fight to supply products. 

Like Monsanto you buy the special seeds then the special feed then the special pesticide. US weapon systems are designed to be used only with US equipment. 

Also since Nam the smaller 5.56mm round have been used and is used now throughout NATO . The more powerful 7.62 rounds that most nations have stopped using may have been more lethal but now you have soldiers able to carry and use twice as many bullets. 
Killing an enemy with one bullet is bad for business, you kill them using lots of bullets or wound them and so have to give expensive medical care ... unless you are a Royal Marine cos then you kill captured wounded fighters.  

In 2011 the US were using so many bullets in Iraq and Afghanistan that they were running out and had to buy them off Israel ... remember that the US gives Israel billions each year in order to survive as a state so it's a big circle of consumerism life/death.      

Touching down in Israel the happy couple almost held hands. Donald saw Benjamin Netanyahu walking beside and holding hands with his wife so he reached behind him (Melania's place is 2 feet behind him) but Melania panicked and must have thought his hand was a tiny flapping mosquito and she swatted it away.

Trump gave his 'Iran is bad' speech and mistaking a conversation he was having in his head with a real one he blurted out that he didn't say Israel to the Russians as reported in the media ... except they didn't report that.

It's like those movies when the suspect says, "how could I have got to the far end of town, strangled her and got back before 10?"   and the cop says, "no one said she had been strangled."

Donald needed a time out and so went to the Western Wall. It's probably the only wall he'll be near to during his short presidency. He made history being the first President to visit the wall, all the others did the rounds as candidates or private citizens.

Being Jewish, in fact he's the most Jewish person ever apart from maybe Hitler he wrote his prayer on the back of his Electoral map making sure to mention the 140 million at his Inauguration.

Melania who was also very Jewish that day said a prayer. She was heard quietly chanting,  'God please make him die, please make him die' it isn't known who she meant, perhaps the leader of ISIS?

Flight risk Jared Kushner has been named as a 'person of interest' by the FBI over the Russia investigation. He refused to comment on this though Ivanka told media that Jared being an interesting person was one of the things she found attractive about him.

As the sun went down an old hag was seen at the wall cackling with glee. We don't know what she was doing there, probably witchcraft.

Some how Trump's prayer was leaked onto the Internet.

'Dear baby Jesus king of these Jews. Flynn is innocent but could you give him a heart attack. Also Melania as it would look bad if I divorced her. Can you make the dishonest media like me and stop asking me questions. Make the American people obey and see that being owned by Russia is good for them if they don't struggle. Thanks for all the money, could always do with more. Terrific! ... almend'   

Thumb war in 3-2-1 

Trump then went to Bethlehem in the West bank to talk with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. He told him Iran was bad and Islamist Islamic terrorists were evil losers, he didn't want to call them 'monsters' as they might like that. They were evil losers LOSERS most bogus losers dude. 

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

RIP Robert Mugabe

 Dead at the age of 90 something

There is a market for those that can predict the future. I don't mean stocks and shares but rather world events.
Bulgarian prophet Baba Vanga who died 20 years ago predicted 9/11, the rise of the Islamic State and the end of Europe by 2016 with no life just an empty wasteland so she was pretty spot on. 

Yeah her predictions only appeared after she had died and her ones for 3797 with the destruction of the Earth and humans living in space will probably be as true as our flying cars for the year 2000.

She did say that Obama would be the last President ... she did not say that what would replace him would be a sex offender reality TV star though.  How could anyone have seen that?

 Certainly not a President

Predicting world events isn't about having visions or cutting open goats to examine their intestines. It can be in the genes though. Some people just see the bigger picture and can know how things will play out. There is no such thing as certainty because there will always be some variables with so many forces at play.   
Some people are super-recognisers and can remember a face from years ago that they only saw once, others can be super-tasters with an enhanced perception of flavour. Others can be super-memorisers who can recall most days of their lives. Then there are the super-douchebags which can be found in droves on Twitter.

Experience and learning can play a part but many so-called political experts do poorly at predicting world events. It's like using your intuition I suppose, if you think too much you'll get a false reading. 

 Old Knudsen used his special abilities to impregnate goats with the power of his mind.

Military intelligence agencies would love to harness this gift and have done loads of research into psychic abilities including remote viewing and mind fucking farm animals. One time Old Knudsen was ordered to locate a Soviet diplomat by using remote viewing. I would have found him if those ladies in yon nearby college hadn't decided to take showers and experiment with their blossoming sexuality at that exact time.  

 A man can only be so strong ya know

World events can be tricky though because the things you'd like to happen usually don't but you don't want to say that or you'd jinx them ... jinxing isn't a real thing so wise up. I wanted Bernie Sanders to win the election but that was never going to happen. I wanted Brexit to fail as I don't support Putin's plans for destroying Europe but that didn't happen either. Will Jeremy Corbyn win the UK election? 

Only if May has a brain fart and decides to debate him while killing dalmatian puppies on live TV.

Apostle Ithiel Firebrand Muzenda from the Glory hole Embassy Worldwide has said he received a holy message that if Robert Mugabe and his wife Grace don't repent they'll be shot like Nicolae CeauČ™escu and his wife were in 1989. 

The millions of Zimbabweans who fled Mugabe's reign will return bringing the glory of the Lord to the nation yadda yadda yadda. 

Oh how things change. Mugabe was Nelson Mandela long before he was him. He was an intellectual and a darling of Western Liberals. Ian Smith the Prime Minister of Rhodesia as Zimbabwe was known then was the hated racist but fact was that the poorest black under his rule was way better off than those under Mugabe. 
Things changed and now the Mugabes live in luxury while many starve and it is thought he has killed up to 200,000 people for political gain. 

I predict that in the next 3 years (possibly sooner) Mugabe will die. He's 93 yet doesn't look like he's slowing down any. His wife Grace who isn't that bright will be left to the mob, she'll probably flee unless caught and killed. She has been becoming more political over the last few years but she isn't leadership material, she prefers to go shopping which earned the First Lady the nickname the First Shopper. 

The Mugabes often think about Gaddafi and Saddam Hussein, they don't want to end up being sodomized with a bayonet or hanged. This is Putin's biggest fear too. The dictators always end up fearing their own people the most. 

 Chillin out with his tunes

The military will try to take control and there will be lots of violence until a strong leader is found who has support of big men with big machetes.    

If you look through Mugabe's life you'll see him posing with Gaddafi, Mandela, Fidel Castro, Margaret Thatcher and of course many times with the Queen. He's seen them all. 

Now anything goes wrong and he blames Britain, the BBC aren't even allowed to report there and both he and his wife have EU travel bans. 

It must be scary for his wife and grown children because when he goes anything goes. Having it all and then to risk losing it all. The assholes deserve it of course.  

Why am I talking about Mugabe? Because he has popped up a couple of times when I have been looking online .... no he's not private messaging me, that cunt stopped talking to Old Knudsen after a failed 2007 coup which I had nothing to do with ... honestly. 

Mugabe up for re-election in 2018 but since he tends to kill off any serious opposition he stands a good chance of winning. Grace might try to be the next leader but no, the Mugabes will soon have their day and it will be rough at first but then good for Zimbabwe.

Monday, 22 May 2017

My Guardian Angel Ate My Hamster

AAsher Liles a 7 year-old boy with Downs Syndrome had his mother's phone to take photos during a flight from Baltimore to Houston. The boy is non-verbal which means there is a lot going on under the surface but he can't figure out how to tell others in a way they'll understand. He mostly points of flaps his arms.

When his mum went through to delete some of the pics she stopped when she saw what looked like a humanoid figure made of cloud. AAsher obviously couldn't explain what it was to her so she leapt to the conclusion it's his guardian angel.

Just saying that if it is his guardian angel they haven't been doing a great job with AAsher ... Hey you were thinking it too.
Perhaps their standard of good job is different than mine. The boy is happy so maybe that is what their aim is.

Being a success in your job, getting married, having children, owning a house, retiring by 55 ... human mundane concepts that higher beings would mock.  We are told to do this or we won't be happy. 

Old Knudsen has a theory that if there are such beings as gods and angels they don't give a crap about you or your cancer or your promotion at KFC anymore than you worry about the welfare of an ant.

We create religion and achievements to fill the void caused by our lack of understanding.

Others have branded shoots they've taken as being guardian angels too. It's like that TV psychic who talks fast. Why would a spirit go to all the trouble to get through on national TV just to tell people they love and appreciate them?

Tell us something better for fucks sake. How do we cure cancer, is there a god a Heaven? In the afterlife can you spy on chicks in the shower? Do we get so enlightened that we are beyond petty hate and desires? .... if there isn't a need for a wank in the afterlife then it can fuck right off.

This figure was seen over LA in 2015 ... it's LA so it could be anything, those people are cray cray.

A balloon caught in the wind, a guardian angel waiting for a plane to pass by or maybe the Illuminati are fucking with your mind and the matrix glitched.  

The human mind actively tries to find shapes and patterns so it can make sense of what it is seeing. I wasn't there to see AAsher take the photo and don't know the chain of evidence or if the parents crave attention and know how to use photoshop.

Old Knudsen does believe there are beings out there that we might happen to see. As like people there are good and bad ones. I also think that people with certain mental issues are more in tune to them and whatever world or dimension they come from.

We grow up, lose our innocence and sense of playing. We think too much about bills and all sorts of clutter. We take selfies in our version of being a budgie tapping a mirror. Our minds are no longer open to possibility and our sense of wonder is jaded.

A beautiful sexy woman or are you thinking why she isn't wearing a seating belt? How does she get bras to fit? or Does she suffer back pain? ... ach just fucken appreciate her baps.  Yes I also wondered if she'd let her daughter go out dressed like that.

Old Knudsen recalls that he mostly sees other worldly beings when he is day dreaming and they fade away when he takes note and his mind comes to. No glowing white cloud blokes though.

This is why I'm open minded about such things though to say they are guardian angels or whatever shows how people try to narrow things down to their level of understanding. Like those Puritans shouting, 'she's a witch!' when they can't figure something out. 

Angels were brutal mindless servants of God used as messengers and warriors.   There are beings out there in other realities I'm sure of this and it's nice to know that some are polite enough to pose for pictures.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Poor Trump The Ulitmate Victim


Donald Trump was there to give Coastguard graduates a rousing speech about having courage and determination in the face of adversary but of course made it all about him having courage.

The precious snowflake/history buff took the moment to tell the world what is really going on ... not classified stuff though cos that would be stupid.   

"Look at the way I’ve been treated lately, especially by the media no politician in history and I say this with great surety, has been treated worse or more unfairly you can’t let them get you down I guess that’s why we won."

As usual it's true what he says . The mean evil left have treated Trump far worse than anyone. Not letting them get you down was exactly how they won and it wasn't anything to do with Russia, Wikileaks and Cambridge Analytica.

Everybody hurts .... everybody cries ... even Trump as he spends millions of tax payer dollars  playing golf at locations expensive to police.

You think he enjoys playing golf and living it up like a single guy? There is nothing he'd like more than to play gold plated Transformers with Barron on the floor of his bedroom but duty to the American people comes first .... also Melania has changed the locks to Trump Tower so bummer.   

Cast your mind back to people lynching Obama Trump mannequins from trees. Even White House visitor and famous draft dodger Ted Nugent called for Obama and Hillary Trump to be tried for treason and hung asap ... he said hung, I would have said hanged.

Remember how for years people said that Obama Trump wasn't even born in the US and demanded to see his papers ... then when he showed them he said they were fake?

Or when Hillary supporters chanted 'lock him up' because he was careless with classified material?   

Remember when mean spirited Chuck Schumer mocked Trump for crying when all that Trump wanted to do was ban all Muslims? Fake Tears! tweeted Schumer.

Others have called Trump a fat slob and have suggested that he has blood coming out of his  .... well anal fissures aren't funny so back off!

Trump remembers because it stings.  Especially when you wipe.

Remember when Sirhan Sirhan Oswald Booth Hinkley shot the back of Trump's head off from a book suppository and also again when he went to see his American cousin Hamilton at the theater? 

James A Garfield in 1881, William McKinley in 1901, Harvey Milk in 1978, Ed King in 1986, Tommy Burks in 1998, Derwin Brown in 2000, James E Davis in 2003, John Roll in 2011, Mark Hasse in 2013 and numerous others had it fucken good. 

Remember when the Senate all stabbed Trump? Except Paul Ryan who doesn't have a spine was playing it safe and said he still had confidence in the Emperor President no matter what he does or who he gives secrets to.    

Remember when Charles Bent the Governor of New Mexico in 1847 Trump was shot with arrows and scalped by injuns? People make fun of his hair which is just mean.  

Or when a bomb was placed under his desk by Tom Cruise? It ruined his trousers leaving him a suit jacket without pants ... how fucken cruel! 

Or when Trump and the other Nazis were put on trial and then sodomized with a bayonet and hanged for war crimes?

So many other occasions I've left out cos when Trump gets impeached and has more time on his little hands I don't want him reading this and getting upset, you know how emotional he can be.