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Why Assad Would Use Chemical Weapons

Don't all soldiers have a pic of their leader handy? 

I cover the whys and what the fucks on this blog because the werld just doesn't make sense at times or we (the public) are just lied to. There are people asking why the fuck would Bashar al-Assad use chemical weapons at this time in Syria?    

To cope with this irrational action there have been some that just say it's a conspiracy. It was the rebels or jet rockets hit an ammo dump that happened to have Sarin gas in it... weapons "experts" have dismissed this claim as the evidence for it isn't there. 

Remember each weapon or bomb has to have a delivery method and that is what fucks up most attacks. If you light the fuse and run for your life then evidence will show that. If missiles or containers hit the ground in places then this will look a lot different. North Korea could have nukes but they are useless unless they have a missile that can deliver them or subs that get close enough undetected to launch them. 

The Russians have been and are attacking the political systems of many countries. News flash Obama's foreign policy sucked. He was inconsistent and devious. Allies could not count on the US to back them up so rivals like Russia, China and even Iran exploited this weakness.  While the Americans can't see that their number one military isn't the best because it's the biggest the rest of the world can. 
Like a Brexit voter that thinks by leaving the EU that the UK will suddenly become a powerful force in the world like it was 200 years ago .... delusional and the heart rather than the head is thinking. 

    And this is ... well I don't name them or get attached as I might have to kill them.

Some delusional guy on Twitter was saying how Asswad Assad using chemical weapons didn't make sense. He was winning the civil war, the US said he could stay in power so this was madness ... the guy didn't tell me who it was they thought had done it though but hinted that it was a US false flag attack. 

The Russian Twitter bots were busy with #SyriaHoax  as they had been with the Susan Rice hashtag recently. They haven't gone away just because the election is over.    


It all stemmed from my comment as to why he used chemical weapons rather than conventional ones which was asked by a Twitter user. My comment was 'you have to rebuild infrastructure' ... which I thought was fair enough. That is the reason for chemical and biological weapons in the first place, things the army train you on. 

The Twitter guy said have you seen what Syria looks like?  .... So disingenuous. Like Band Aid saying there won't be snow in Africa. Syria is fucken huge and not all of it has been reduced to rubble. 

 Damascus under siege

Khan Sheikhoun was the rebel held town that Assad used chemical weapons on. There are buildings, gardens and every day normal stuff as well as war damaged buildings. If you destroy infrastructure then you have to rebuild and repair or you'll piss off the people even more and outside foreign aid workers will be driving about and foreigners bring in CIA types etc. 

Every world leader wants to know and control who is in their country. 

   Khan Sheikhoun, I've seen more run down places in SoCal.
Fucken civvies that think they know what is going on. Assad waged war against his own people, 
Al-Qaeda groups and ISIS. Also the US stepped in to fight a proxy war by backing the people or the Free Syrian Army ... which was great on paper but didn't last long before the other groups as well as government forces weakened them. 

Assad has been fighting for 6 years, war is a very costly business. If you don't equip the troops they lose. If you don't give them artillery and air support they lose. If you don't feed and pay them they desert or join the FSA or the less crazy Al-Qaeda groups who seem to have plenty of backing from the US and various Saudi billionaires.  

The Russians didn't openly help Syria with their military until 2015. They only got involved because Obama was pretending to fight ISIS but was really trying to weaken Assad. 

Assad used chemical weapons in 2013. The world condemned him (except his allies like Russia) but Obama didn't act. You could say weak, I'd say not his problem he wasn't the president of Syria and really shouldn't have meddled in their politics. 

 Some thought Iraq, Libya and Syria had nothing to do with us and stupid to be there. 

Thanks to Russia, Assad was winning the civil war, it hadn't been a civil war for ages though, more like him against those he just hadn't killed yet. Assad buys ISIS oil so he tolerates them somewhat as they aren't a direct threat to his power, they have other problems right now. 

The US had backed off and said that maybe Assad was necessary to the region ... not like they could remove him anyways. It's like reaching for the last item on a shop shelf but someone gets it before you so you say, 'I didn't want that anyway' .

To the world it may look like a dumb time to use chemical weapons but to him he probably needed something to happen. Russia was starting to wind down their help but the US were increasing soldiers sent there. Assad doesn't want US troops in his country but he can't do much about it right now. 

So he Tested Syrian/Russian alliances and tried to get Russia and the US to start fighting each other. The enemy of my enemy etc. Also Grad and Sakr rockets at about $1,000 each even if Russia gives you the Dictator's discount. 40 unguided Grad rockets can be launched in 20 seconds.

Major amil al-Saleh, a U.S-backed rebel commander in the area that was attacked knows that this will be a turning point in their 6 year war that has killed 400,000 people ... and he's right.  

Fully loaded, AC, alloy rims and cup holders 

A fully loaded Sakr 40 launcher costs $331,000. These fire cluster bombs that contain 98 smaller bombs ... bombception and the US and the world don't have a problem with these but chemical weapons are WRONG! ... we want civilians killed by accident by missiles not gas!

The unguided OFAB-100-120 missiles that are carried by the Su-17 jets cost $25,000 each. Usually 21 civilians are killed each time these are used.    

Chemical weapons are used against people, as Assad would think for 'pest control' and you really think he cares if children are killed? 

 An unfortunate RT video.

You think Trump cares either? The real mystery is why Trump ordered the launch of 59 Tomahawk missiles. I'm sure it has nothing to do with having shares in The Raytheon Company that makes them.

To quote Trump 'Obama was weak' .... on everything apparently. Trump seems to do the opposite of Obama more out of spite than anything. He has shown the world how easy it is to get him to over react. As if we didn't know that this would happen.

Syria is one of the countries Trump put a ban on and stopped the refugee program. Why does he care that Syrians are killing Syrians? ... oh it might endanger US lives. Well get them the fuck out of there. In the army when you see a low flying enemy jet you get your respirators on, they have been trained. 

This attack has put Americans in even more danger from extremist attacks. Syria and Russia have lost face, the last time the US over reached and "accidentally" targeted Syrian troops, Russia accidentally targeted an aid convoy to show them two can play that game. 

Like Omar Mateen, the rent a cop that killed 49 people at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando Trump has self loathing and something to prove. 
He wants to distract from the Russian investigation by proving that he isn't a Russian puppet by attacking a Russian ally. 

    Oh say can you see, the death from above.
While not telling Congress or seeking permission he did contact Russia and give them an hours notice to evacuate. That moment when you have the Kremlin in yer phone contacts but not Congress. 

Russia no doubt told Syria which is why only 8 people were killed (4 were civilians) and 6 Syrian jets destroyed. They were old ones anyways. The base was supposed to be the air field that the chemical attack was launched from.

Of the 59 missiles launched only 23 reached the Syrian base. Why 59, why not 60? Guess one didn't work. 

One hour after the attack Su jets were seen taking off from the not so damaged air field. Like all of Trump's military action to date it has fallen short just like the 23 wasted missiles.  

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