Thursday, 20 April 2017

Trump's Twilight

World leaders forget things all the time, David Cameron once forgot his 8 year-old daughter at a pub ... no it wasn't a 3 am bender it was lunch and he thought she was in the car with his wife. Obama forgot he was a Muslim from Kenya and totally forgot to take all the guns and to put people into FEMA camps.

So it's not unusual. Neither is falling, some politicians became more famous for falling down than for their policies such as Gerald Ford and Neil Kinnock.     

Trump has a fear of falling. It was a slight incline that caused him to take little panicked steps and to grab his mommy's Theresa May's hand to steady him. It wasn't sexism or affection though the act itself was embarrassing and repulsive. 

Calling 9/11 7/11, walking out without signing two bills, forgetting to put his hand on his heart for the anthem, forgetting Paul Ryan's name and kept referring to him as Ron, forgetting he has a wife and racing on ahead of her .... what politician hasn't blundered this much huh? .... what all of them?

Not even uber stupid Vice President Dan Quayle who corrected the spelling of a dumb 12 year-old had as many memorable blunders. It's spelled potatoe by the way, spell it like you say it for fucks sake.  

He talked to Xi for hours without an interpreter which explains the fixed glazed look.

People are catching on. I called it months ago but now they are saying it. Trump shows signs of early dementia. Some symptoms include irritability, personality changes, restlessness and a lack of restraint.

He also shows signs of sundowning, otherwise known as late-day confusion. Ever wonder why he seems so active in the morning? 

In one of his books he said that he only gets 3-4 hours of sleep, he could be lying of course or he could be like Napoleon, Thomas Edison, Churchill, Margaret Thatcher and Bill Clinton.

Some people don't need much sleep while others like Churchill saw sleep as a waste of time and tried to do without or train the body to need less. 

Sleep deprivation can lead to obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. Look at him, he plays golf every weekend but has a layer of blubber and undefined muscles. He waddles like someone that is overweight and has the diabeetus.

Chronic sleeplessness could be to blame for his erratic, offensive, and idiotic behavior. His poor judgement and ill-informed opinion the lacking of basic facts about Lincoln or the death status of Frederick Douglas and Martin Luther King jr ... who are both still dead by the way.

Poor sleep also leaves you open to Alzheimer’s ... like Margaret Thatcher.

                                     Look at that ass, my wife Ivanka has a banging hot body.

Old Knudsen's Ma had the Alzheimer’s, the early stages you could pass off as being forgetful or eccentric as she was always one for a little joke or would make light of her mistakes. Old Knudsen's siblings preferred to ignore it and make excuses and so blamed poor Old Knudsen when he tried to get her help as that would mean they had to face up to the truth.
Old Knudsen's evil sister would buy her those horrible tabloids. Pretty soon Ma Knudsen was imaging people out to kill her and seeing pedos everywhere ... no I didn't have me friends round you pass remarkable fuckers.

 Why does Michael J Fox shake so much? ... cos he's a moosalim who wants to kill your children!

Look at Trump, he only watches TV to slag it off or if it's about him. Other than that he watches Fox News, reading Breitbart or listening to Alex Jones. The information the (throws up in mouth) President gets is less  informed and less honesty ... it's a werd and properly used here... believe me.  
My wife is so hot I can't stop kissing her 

Check out his interviews from 30 years ago, he sounds like he has a brain, he's calm and doesn't shout over people. Now he's incoherent when he speaks off script and peppers his vocabulary with basic words not at all elaborate. When he spoke about uranium he kept saying the word 'things' and his sentences stop and start as if he knows what he's saying but can't use his words. 

When a person with dementia is pressed they often get angry and frustrated. Trump also has his narcissism and his type A personality ... A for Asshole. 

 He also has a fear of little German boys

It's difficult to make a diagnosis from what we are seeing on screen but remember, what we are seeing is supposed to be a controlled version. Like how you only tell about yer dinners and have 10 year-old pics as yer social media profiles, they are the best versions of you, yer gnarly ass leak and double chins aren't brought up at all.  

Would any other world leader have cameras on them as they pointed and barked orders at their wife telling her where to sit?   

The people around him should be shielding him but I reckon they are walking on eggshells as Trump could get rid of them on a whim. They are too afraid to hide what he is or to tell him not to do something. 

He isn't the President, he isn't serving the people of the US. He is the Sun King and he demands tribute.  

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